Unforgettable Copper Spas Add Luxury

Copper and water have long been together in one form or another. For hundreds of years, copper has been used as the primary plumbing material of choice for various bathroom design ideas because of its durability and malleability. Copper is also antibacterial and is known for its healthy attributes  . Copper has been an artistic delight, especially in sculpture, because of its warm patina, its ease in shaping and its longevity.   Artists and artisans have always liked using copper in new and creative ways, so why should new swim spa designs be any different? Using copper spas as a focal point for an outdoor or indoor swim and relaxation area is a natural.

Artisans have long preferred copper for plumbing and pipe work . Since copper is known as a safe method of carrying water, that’s always been a strong plus. But being able to make copper piping bend in ways that didn’t burst the pipe always gave plumbers a real way to get water to hard to reach areas . And copper, while not an inexpensive metal, since even the U.S. government has shifted away from using them as pennies, is still relatively inexpensive for plumbing uses.

With copper being a great metal to work with is one reason artist love to work with it . Relatively easy to melt and flow, copper makes for an easy metal to cast. Being somewhat soft, for a metal, copper is also easy to hammer and shape . This has enabled everyone from pot-makers to sculptors to create truly fine artwork. Some functional, some for form only, some with both form and function carefully attended to.

Today, the creativity of the sculptors melds with the functionality of the plumbers to bring copper tubs and spas to life . Bringing all that warmth of the copper patina with the usability of a custom swim spa in an artistic fusion of both form and function is a true pinnacle of artistry. Why settle for a standard tub or spa from fiberglass or some other material that doesn’t have the durability of copper, or its artistic quality?

The answer is, you don’t. No matter what it’s use, be it an indoor spa with an amazing view of the horizon or an outdoor setting overlooking the mountains , a copper swim spa is going to give you artistic satisfaction beyond compare.

Diamond Spas encompasses a new world when it comes to custom spa design and spa forms. Copper and stainless steel have become an unbeatable artistic and functional standard when it comes to tubs, sinks and spas.