Modern Bathroom Designs – Organizing A New, Modern Look

If modern bathroom designs are swirling around in your head, then it’s time to make those thoughts a reality.  When organizing your thoughts for a new, more current look it can be a bit overwhelming, but also easily accomplished by sorting through all the various ideas you have, what’s important to you, and determining what you can afford and what you can’t right now.

Many things are usually needed for new, modern bathroom designs, depending on the level of remodel you are looking to accomplish.  Needs such as new vanity cabinets, a vanity, paint, tile, and possibly even updating the sink or installing equipment designed to save water.

There are questions you should ask yourself before beginning a bathroom remodel, starting with a list of what you think needs changed. How “crowded” is your bathroom? How can you create more space if your answer was yes to the previous question? Could your lighting be improved? Is there a fan? If not, what kind would you like to have? Do you have laminate flooring or tile?  Would it be worth it to upgrade if you don’t have tile?

Many modern bathroom designs can include a skylight that brings more natural light into the area and can be a big money saver with reduced energy bills. These are usually as simple as installing a small tube  through the roof that allows natural sunlight to be reflected into the interior of your bathroom for a softer more natural appearance. These skylights even come in kits, so they can also be used for installing in dark closets to save on electricity while allowing you to use natural lighting. Any small or large home center will carry these small skylight kits that are relatively simple to install, closet or anywhere you want or need more natural lighting.

Vanities are another important aspect of modern bathroom designs and an area that consumes a good portion of the room and, thus, can really be a focal point. You have many choices here: finished, unfinished, drawers, doors, height and even painted vanities. The base of the vanity is just the first step. When installing any vanity the counter top should compliment the look of the vanity and create a flowing, comfortable feeling, and selecting the right faucet accessory is the finishing touch. If space allows, you may also want to consider installing a dual vanity sink. The bathroom in most master bedrooms offers a his and her sink with a large lighted mirror, a separate shower and a garden tub.

With bathroom flooring it is now more common for tiles or laminate to be used instead of carpet because of cleaning and replacement costs, and the frequency needed for both.  As a space saver, corner showers can be installed instead of a tub or traditional shower. The tub and shower are often found in separate areas of the bathroom in regards to the master bedroom but still function together in a second bathroom. Exhaust fans can help control odors and humidity, so be sure to include them in your plans.

Using the “make a list” approach to modern bathroom designs is a quick way to save a lot of time with the process of remodeling your bathroom. Check out magazines and displays at different home centers and even online, while making a list of what items you would like to have remodeled. Take measurements to make sure that the changes you want to make will fit in your bathroom before purchasing.