Tips On Renovating Your Bathroom

Home Remodeling your bathroom can be fun, but it can also be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. One thing we will tell you is it’s not a good idea to “wing” this or “fly by the seat of your pants.” You have to plan in advance the steps you’re going to take in order to come out with a great looking bathroom. The first area to consider is the color of your Bathroom Paint. This should be done before anything else so you don’t end up purchasing fixtures that don’t match. It’s a crucial part to your overall success and your initial priority.

Another thing that you will want to look into bathroom renovations is the flooring, as certain areas of the floor get a lot of wear and tear. One thing to consider is that the floor must stand up against potential water damage, since bathroom floors are always getting wet. An increasing number of people are now investing in heated tiles for their bathrooms, which are very nice on the feet on a cold winter’s day. Make sure that you look into each type of tile and make the selection that is right for you. You will also want to choose a Bathroom Paint Colors that matches the flooring that you choose, since failing to do so would lessen the visual appeal of your bathroom.

It’s definitely the most used area in the household since everyone needs to stay clean and relieve themselves. So when you think about this it’s a good idea to go with a neutral color. Choosing something that everyone will love is a lot different from bright colors that can drive the rest of the family insane. Remember; this isn’t like your bedroom, because only you and your spouse really see it. Here you even have guests coming over and noticing your bathroom theme, which means the best option is to stay neutral with your Bathroom Paint Ideas.

When everything is in place you can start working on the plumbing…if you have the experience. If this isn’t your best area of expertise then we recommend hiring a professional. You will get the job done quicker, and the chance of something going wrong will be minimized. Now, if you’re dead-set on doing this yourself it’s a good idea to make sure the water main is off before your start. There is no sense dealing with flood damage when you could have alleviated the situation all together. Oh, and this should be done before you do the flooring in case a mistake is made.

You will find that remodeling a bathroom can be an entertaining experience, but only if you are organized in your approach. Just by considering everything we mentioned above as well as sinks, tubs, mirrors, pictures, towel racks and everything else, the end result will be a magnificent looking bathroom for you and your family.

American Standard Bath Faucets: A Review of the American Standard Reliant three Centerset Faucet

Having a bathroom fixture malfunction or commence leaking is really a great worry and annoyance within the home and the finest thing to do about it is to locate a ideal fixture to withstand years of constant use. The American Standard Reliant 3 Centerset Bathroom Faucet is one model that’s engineered precisely for that purpose. This model is like the ultimate of all American Standard bath faucets – it’s exceptional in each single way. Here is an in-depth review to inform all of the folks out there who are in search for a bathroom faucet in a bathroom design and explain why this is the one they ought to acquire.

General Description

The Reliant 3 faucet has a really elegant and classy appearance. The metal faucet also has a metal lever deal with which are both really nice and attractive. You just can’t take your eyes off it. The washerless ceramic disc valve of the lever deal with makes it very simple to make use of and manipulate, and it also promises a lifetime of leak-free and maintenance-free use. I believe that it’ll last for several more years.

The waterway of the faucet is made of extremely durable and resilient cast brass. There are also braided flexible supply hoses inside the faucet which make certain that the water supply is supported by the hose, and even heavy water flow will not damage it. This guarantees a lengthy life with the strong and durable material of the faucet’s interior, and there will practically be no leak issues whatsoever. There’s also a 20” flexible stainless steel drain cable which is preassembled to the faucet body. This ensures efficient water consumption savings along with a lot less waste. American Standard bath faucets are surely very efficient and are created to be in all of its aspects.

Product Features

The faucet has an adjustable hot limit safety stop which limits the quantity of hot water mixed with the cold. This prevents the occurrence of accidental burns or the flow of really hot water to ensure the safety of the users. The model also has really low lead content as a form of compliance to the standard guidelines of the National Sanitation Foundation. The Exclusive Speed Connect metal drain is a trademark of American Standard which enables plumbers or even the homeowners themselves to install the drain quite effortlessly and quickly. There are fewer parts to the drain as compared to other brands and you’ll find no adjustments required. Primary installation can last for as long as the faucet functions.

Other Features

The faucet has two options of finish – polished chrome and satin nickel. The satin nickel finish looks less smooth than the polished chrome, but it has a nice touch to it that matches darker interiors. If your bathroom has no touches of glossy silver or aluminum, the satin nickel finish will blend perfectly in, no matter what color of bathroom you’ve. The faucet is also quite effortless to install due to the fact it drops in from the top and also the quick spin nuts secure the faucet in location, allowing even you alone to install it.


I have seen the outstanding features of the model, and just like what 1 expects from American Standard bath faucets, the American Standard Reliant three Centerset Bathroom Faucet can be a really good model which can definitely offer long-lasting advantages to any user. There’s no doubt that I am confident to highly recommend this model for men and women out there who are building new homes, renovating their bathrooms, or wants to replace their old faucets. With American Standard, you will not worry about replacing your fixtures for a lengthy time.

American Standard Toilet Seats: A Review of the American Standard Laurel Elongated Toilet Seat

Our house has been installed with American Standard toilets, and what much better brand of toilet seats to use with these models than American Standard toilet seats also. Since toilet seats receive more contact and are far more continuously abused, it’s likely that they’re the initial ones to get damaged. And that’s precisely what happened with our toilet seats. So I browsed the net and I saw the American Standard Laurel Elongated Toilet Seat with Cover online, and it was a perfect match with our toilets that have elongated seats. Now I’m writing this review to share with the world every thing I know and have to say about this model, and also as an advice to other people who are in search of high quality fixtures for their residence bathroom designs.

General Description

This toilet seat is different than most other toilet seats since this is a wooden model. Although most models are plastic, I feel wooden models are better for use. I may be contradicting myself when I say that wood isn’t good with water and moisture can destroy the material, but American Standard toilet seats are quite high-quality and so far, after numerous months of use, the seat is still fine, perfectly in excellent condition, and intact. There are no signs of damage whatsoever. The finish is quite nice and glossy, and the surface is smooth and comfortable to sit on. It’s really a excellent get and for the price, there’s absolutely nothing to regret with getting this model.

Product Features

The high-gloss molded wood seat has a size that’s quite tough to find so obtaining this model will certainly make your search a lot simpler. It’s a standard size for elongated toilets so even if your toilets aren’t American Standard, the seat will still perfectly fit your fixtures. The package also consists of the complete set for installing the seat. You can find bolts and dual-faced adhesive washers with the model so you won’t have any difficulties setting it up. It is possible to use it instantly after obtaining it.

Other Features

The unit comes in a variety of colors such as white that has a clean and perfectly sharp look; linen for an off-white or light cream shade; bone for a much more fleshy hue; and black for that eye-catching and long-lasting color. The white one is what I employed for my property bathrooms because it’s a stunning match for my green ceramic tiles and toilet. That’s also what’s excellent about the white color – any other color blends and matches with it beautifully and it also produces a extremely clean appearance.


I don’t generally make such a big deal out of fixtures, and to take into consideration it, what is there to say? But after everything that I’ve already said, I finally found out that American Standard toilet seats are something worth talking about. And after getting the American Standard Laurel Elongated Toilet Seat with Cover, I’ve completely made up my mind and I’m certainly sticking with the brand. I hope you’ve decided also and my whole recommendation is with this brand and model.