How To Choose Bathroom Wall Panels

Installing bathroom wall panels may tweak the glimpse of your personal bathroom. If you are finding uninterested with the old colour of the bathroom walls, or you need something new to fit the bathroom design, you can design the way the bathroom walls based on your liking.

Therefore, a variety of texture painted on the bathroom wall panels are available now, such as woodgrain effect, mosaic effect, marble effect, and also if you prefer simplicity you can choose plain colors.

A lot bathroom wall panels are water resistant panels. The basic material of this wall panels is thermoplastic or usually known as UPVC. In addition to, MDF or Medite Exterior Fibreboard is also another sort of panels sold in the market.

Accordingly, UPVC bathroom wall panels are built with two outer walls – front and back – and a honeycombed inside with the function to hold the panel flat and stay rigid. In applying the walls panels, you should see the style of panels firstly prior to you join them with each other using a tongue and groove system. This joint can be securely tightened by making use of a bead of silicon to adapt with the high pressure shower.

On top of that, the MDF board is installed to cover the outer face of the wall utilizing a high pressure laminate. The balancing laminate is afterwards applied to the back to prevent the panel from distortion. Moreover, it also can increase the quality of the water-proof of the bathroom wall panels.

The much more details in installing both UPVC and MDF are by making use of the set up through screw fixed, glue, and self adhesive. You can also ask someone who can perform the far better result if you are not capable to get it done by yourselves.

Commonly, most bathroom wall panels are watertight and hygienic. Those two sorts of panels permit you to achieve most advantages since they are not too very difficult to be cleaned, and in fact they are resistant to quite a few chemical cleaners such as lighten product. Apart from, you can adjust the basic look of your bathroom wall into more typical one. Much more vitally, the bathroom wall panels may avert the development of particular fungi on the tiles.