Some guidelines to cleaning a fibreglass one piece shower unit

A fiberglass one piece shower enclosure tends to get very dirty over the years if not properly maintained. Soap scum can build up and look terrible over time. Cleaning a fiberglass one piece shower enclosure has been the subject of issues for many individuals over the years.

Many owners just give up at a certain point because they have no idea how you can clean it properly. Whereas it might not be common knowledge, there are just a few methods that you’d have the option to clean a fiberglass one piece shower enclosure effectively that does not necessarily need a bathroom makeover.

Here are just a few suggestions for cleaning a fiberglass one piece shower unit the proper way.

The first step that it’s important to take to stop a buildup of soap scum in your bath or shower is to make use of heat water to rinse the tiles and bathtub after every shower. By doing this you’re preventing the soap scum and calcium deposits from building up. After rinsing the soap residue off, use a dry cloth or other soft fabric, to wipe glass doors, shower wall, and shower curtains.

Commercial Cleaners

There are a selection of commercial cleaners on the market that can do the job. One of the most standard cleaners for the sort of job is the Scrubbing Bubbles brand. Many people like to use this product as it will possibly effectively eat away the soap scum that builds up. Another popular model is Krud Klutter. These 2 products are readily available and inexpensive if you’d like something that’s easy to use.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Should you take pleasure in using products that you possibly can be already have around your private home, baking soda and vinegar form a strong team if you wish to clean a fiberglass tub. Clean the fiberglass with a bit of baking soda mixture and it’ll help eliminate the stubborn soap scum that covers it. Once you are finished with the baking soda, try cleansing the shower with a bit of vinegar. The vinegar will bubble a little bit and enable you to to get to the grime. This will usually result in a glowing clean shower.


Another home remedy for cleaning fiberglass showers is to use pure alcohol on it. This works particularly well when you’ve got stained areas on the tub. Just pour some alcohol directly onto the fiberglass and the stain will normally be gone in no time. This makes it extraordinarily easy and inexpensive to clean the fiberglass shower.

Oven Cleaner and Magic Eraser

Another unorthodox approach to clean the fiberglass enclosure is to use oven cleaner. Oven cleaner has some highly effective ingredients in it that’s designed to loosen some pretty nasty grime. The dirtiness on the inside of your oven is normally loads tougher to scrub than a bathtub. Due to this fact, the cleaner often works wonders on getting even essentially the most stubborn stains out.

Once you have let the oven cleaner soak into the soap scum and dirt for a while, take a Magic Eraser to the area and remove anything that remains. This combination will usually end in an unbelievably clear fiberglass enclosure that looks like it did when it was new. This mix has worked on some very soiled fiberglass shower units and it should work for you as well.