Small Bathrooms Remodeling Ideas For An Even Smaller Budget

Generally people looking for remodeling ideas for small bathrooms are also on a small budget. Well we’re here to help! This article is dedicated to helping you find the right remodeling tips to restructure your tiny bathroom. Hopefully by the time you’re finished reading this, you’ll have enough ideas on things like lighting and space utilization to remodel like a pro. Of course, without having to pay for a pro!

The quickest and cheapest way to impact your small bathrooms project is with lighting. Natural light is best if you can get it. This could be as quick and easy as changing your window panes. Many bathrooms come stock with tiny non opening windows. Even moving up one size can shed plenty of light and open a bathroom up. Brighter lighting will make the room look and feel larger than it actually is.

If this isn’t feasible, or if you don’t even HAVE a window, then candles are another way to go. Many people use candles and intimate lighting to create a more relaxing atmosphere in their bathrooms. Embrace the smallness! For this effect, you can mount wall sconces and high shelving for candles. Nowadays you can even get safe flameless candles. You can also try getting dimmer switches installed. That way you can have space or intimacy at the slide of a dimmer switch.

If you’re really going for the illusion of space with your small bathrooms remodeling, then another place to look is the floor. Find ways to let the eye drift across the entire floor and the bathroom will feel larger. You can opt for a claw foot tub, which would also add elegance. Some antiques are less expensive than you would think. Also reducing or eliminating the cabinetry under the sink would draw the eye down to sweep the floor. You can compensate for the lost space by adding more shelving inside the linen closet or a space saver rack inside the shower itself. Both of these can be done by any amateur handyman and cost very little.

Another simple way to spruce up your small bathroom on a budget is color. Warm inviting colors on the side walls have a calming effect on someone as they enter the bathroom. Pair that with the brighter colors on the farthest wall from the door and the eye once again is drawn off to the distance. Another key to color balance. Don’t just bathe the entire bathroom in one color. Pick 3 colors and spread them equally throughout the bathroom. If your warm wall color is a brown, then have brown accents around the sink. And if your bright shower color is yellow, then have specs of yellow mixed into the paint on the far wall. As long as the eye is drawn to the uniformity of the colors, it will tie the entire room together as one piece.

One last feature to be careful of is scale. No, I don’t mean the dreaded bathroom scale. Scaling things such as tile size and shape can be very effective. A small bathroom shouldn’t have large looming tiles eating up the entire floor in one gulp. It’s better to see a lot of smaller tiles chasing each other across the vast space of your bathroom, preferably right under that claw foot tub.

Remember, if you’re ready to start your small bathrooms remodeling project, there are 3 important areas to concern yourself with. Pay attention to your lighting. Try to keep as much of the floor visible as possible. Use colors that convey the message you’re trying to send. I think these tips will be enough to get your creative juices flowing.