Small Bathroom Ideas For Quick Improvement

Small bathroom ideas are usually flowing from a homeowner like water from a faucet, and for those that do not have many or want more they can easily be found with a quick search on the Internet or at your local home center. If you are going to do the work on your bathroom remodeling project yourself, be warned that it can be a nightmare if the right precautions aren’t taken.

Your small bathroom ideas need to become reality. Why? Because they are YOUR ideas.

Bathroom remodeling can be an experience that you may never forget but the end result is always worth the wait. It doesn’t matter if you are replacing a bathroom vanity, installing a new faucets or installing a new toilet, having the right tools for the job makes your bathroom remodeling go a lot smoother. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a remodeling project and discovering that you are short a tool needed to do the install of hardware, wiring or plumbing work.

As you begin work on implementing your small bathroom ideas, you’ll find that a tool belt pouch is fine, but if you don’t like the bulk and extra weight around your waist then buying a good quality tool box is essential. Stocking your toolbox with the basics first is a step in the right direction. A straight and Phillip’s screwdriver, a pry bar, a level, plumbing tape, electrical tape, hammer, pipe wrench, vise grips and clamps are perfect starter tools. When considering screwdrivers, a magnetic screwdriver set can save you time from chasing after run away screws. Are you now seeing how important the right tools can be to making your bathroom designs ideas a reality?

Installing a toilet is a simple part of many bathroom designs ideas and may sound like a simple enough job but it can turn into a nightmare if you are not prepared for the installation. For example, if you plan to replace an old toilet with a newer or different model, be sure to take the proper measurements to be certain the new one you get will actually work in your bathroom. For example, measure the distance from the tank to the wall on the old toilet, then do the same on the new one. Also, you need to know where your water lines come in. If you try to force square peg into a round hole, or in this case a new toilet where it just won’t fit, then you’re setting yourself for leaks and constant problems.

The one tool that is essential is a small hack saw because if you ever run into a rusty bolt that just wont come off you can at least cut it off. If you are comfortable with air tools they can save you time when finishing up projects like laying down a new sub floor in your bathroom design project. Why torture your knees if a finishing brad nailer can help you lay that new bathroom floor instead of using a manual hammer? In bathroom remodeling projects we all have our favorite tools and it is up to you if they are hand tools, air tools or a combination of the two.

Do your research, study as many different websites, books, and home centers that you can in order to find the right small bathroom ideas that match what you are envisioning, then make certain you have all the right tools to do the job efficiently and well or it could turn into a real nightmare.