Replacing bathroom sink faucet difficulties

Okay so you want to be changing your bathroom sink because it’s possibly broken, cracked, you’re doing a bathroom renovation or just merely outdated. So the first thing you have to do before heading out and getting a bathroom sink is you should get to know something about its various parts. It consists of a few parts. On current day  bathroom sinks and faucets the faucet consists of three parts, a spout in the center and to handle that are attached to the actual valves that manage the   hot or cold water. The hot or cold water goes through the valves controlled by the amount the valve is opened.

One more important part to this faucet is the mixing chamber where the hot and the cold waters combine before arriving up through the spout where you wash your hands and face.

Immediately after you get rid of the old faucet, measure from center to center on the two ouside holes (these are the tap holes).If that distance is 6 inches or more , you will be able to install a wide-spread faucet and you will have to manually connect your mixing tee in this case.But if you are working with a 4 inch spread between the holes you have to acquire a centerspread or a mini wide spread faucet.

So now that you’re acquainted with the faucet and its parts and you have your plumbing equipment which mostly is composed of an adjustable wrench or two and a pair of channel lock pliers some allen wrenches. Step one remove the old tap  . Make sure to turn off the hot and cold water coming to the tap.

Read the guidelines on the packaging and follow them closely. lower the bottom of the spout through the hole in the middle and looking from underneath keeping the faucet , one hand place the washer they gave you in the package along with the nut And just finger tighten everything up. Now attach the three way spout “T”. Try to line up the openings on both ends of the T. with the hot and cold water amounts. This will make the connection easier to hook up . It’s time to tighten everything up with one of your tools. Don’t over tighten anything, especially where your spout attaches to the sink you can break the porcelain.

Generally what I use is braided lines attaching the “T” to the hot and cold valves. If your bread lines are little too long no problem just make a loop in it.