Bathroom Paint Ideas And Bathroom Painting Tips

You’ve probably got some great bathroom paint ideas if you are remodeling your bathroom. Painting the bathroom can be a bit of a task because of all the extra corners and edges that a bathroom may have. Here are a few bathroom paint ideas as well as some tips and hints to painting the bathroom that might make the task a bit easier.

Bathroom Painting Tips

It is important to know what type of paint you will use to paint your bathroom. Many homeowners don’t even know that there are different types of paint out there. Since your are dealing with an area of the house that can be dampened due to things such as the shower steam you want to ensure that there are no damp areas before you paint. If there are, be sure to let these areas dry before painting. Also, check all areas of the bathroom for mold before you begin. If there is mold, you may want to consider calling a professional to come and remove it. Once all the preparation is done you want to get a paint that is mold and mildew resistant. This type of paint can save you a lot of headaches in the future. As stated before, the bathroom can be an area of your home that can get humid and steamy. Protect your bathroom with this mold and mildew resistant paint.

What Colors Will You Use

Just as important as what type of paint you will use is what color paint you will use in your bathroom makeovers. The trend now a days in paint colors are very soft and inviting colors for your bathroom. Today, homeowners prefer soft pastel colors that give you a calm feeling while you are in the bathroom. This is not to say that if you paint your bathroom fire engine red that you are wrong. This can definitely be viewed as different stokes for different folks (pun intended). The point is that the color of your bathroom is a very subjective thing. Some people prefer a soft colored bathroom while other prefer a louder bathroom. Some people prefer their bathroom to be an extension of the master bedroom so they make the colors very similar while others prefer the bathroom to be a totally separate room so they make the color totally different. Whatever you choose, just make sure that it works for your design concept.

If you have a small bathroom, and you want to feel as though the space is bigger than it really is, make sure that you use light colored paint instead of a darker color. Using lighter colored paint will make it look as though the room is larger and that you have more space. Darker colored paint will give the appearance that the room is smaller than it really is. If your bathroom is already large than you can go with either lighter or darker paint.

Hint #2 Making Your Painting Job Easier

Here is one great tip that may save you a few headaches when painting. It may take a little extra time to set up but it may be worth it to you. When painting your bathroom, remove the toilet in order to paint the wall behind it. Now you may be saying, “Why not just leave the toilet and paint around it?” Once again this can be left up to personal preference but if you remove the toilet you may just spare your back from having to twist and contort to get around that toilet. This isn’t mandatory, but you may thank yourself for this later.

Hopefully, these bathroom paint ideas and painting tips and hints have helped you make a few decisions that will make your bathroom renovation project go much smoother.