Oil Rubbed Bronze Bath

Are you ready to talk about something private : your bathroom. While what goes on in your bathroom is certainly private, how you decorate and design your bathroom walls themselves may be a public subject . Consider how many ‘guests ‘ have encountered your bathroom, both members of the household as well as guests and relatives . Whether your existing bathroom may be neat and tidy with a few attractive elements , or your bathroom needs a complete renovation , creating a luxurious bathroom can be done with just a couple minor changes and the right bathroom accessories.

Step #1: Build a Comfortable Bathroom
Since you’re going to be spending time in your bathroom, why not make it as relaxed and pleasing to the eye as possible? For very restricted budgets, you can simply stencil or hand-paint an attention-grabbing bathroom design or pattern on the top of your toilet seat. If you can afford to spend a few dollars, invest in a cushioned toilet seat pad. Some lid sets come with both cushioned seats and lids-providing comfort for your behind and your back simultaneously .

Step #2: Shower (or bathe) in Style
Whether you have got a small shower tub, or a spacious jetted bath tub, each could most likely use some luxury-inspired upgrades. For shower stalls, replace old , low volume or leaky shower heads with new fixtures. Consider changing the finish of the shower head and faucet handles-instead of a glossy satin, opt for a dark, oil rubbed bronze finish. The dark colors give off an expensive feeling, especially compared to customary bright and white shower stalls. Bath tubs can always be upgraded to include jets; the water propulsion feels like a miniature massage you can get pleasure from each and every day!

Step #3: Treat Your Towels Better
Have you ever thought about how you treat your towels? Do you throw them in a hamper in the corner, do you hang them on a hook, or do you drape them over the corner of your door ? Merge decorating with necessity when it comes to your towels. By installing many towel bars in a diagonal formation on your wall, you will not only be able to properly store towels, you’ll also be able to decorate with interesting towel patterns. Instead of picking the same color for each towel, try to mix and match two patterns with one basic color. Rich green, brown, black and blue hues are ideal to accent both light and dark finishes throughout the bathroom and give the room a “spa” feeling.

Step #4: Don’t Forget to Smell Good
Like any memorable experience, your bathroom should appeal to all your senses. While the lavish jetted tubs and soft towels are great to the touch, consider the scent of your bathroom. If it’s the main bathroom for your entire household, chances are, the scent is not all too pleasant . Be sure to have a light air freshener or wickless candle on hand at all times. Trying to hide smells with too strong or sweet a smell results in two bad smells instead of one; when deciding what scent, find something refreshing, not overwhelming such as eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile or citrus.

Step #5: Accessorize!
After adding a few ornamental essentials to your bathroom, it’s time to make sure you have the necessary toiletries, as well as a few extras to make your bathroom more lavious . Essentials include toilet paper holders, tissue boxes and toothbrush holders. Instead of basic models, choose stand-alone or sensor toilet paper holders. A self-cleaning stainless steel toothbrush holder will not only look sleek in any bathroom but also can wipe out germs on your bathroom sink. Other additional accessories include a television on a swivel fixture so you can enjoy your shows while soaking in the tub, or a fog-free mirror so you’ll no longer have to wait to apply makeup or shave your beard immediately after you shower.