Modern Bathroom Design Ideas – Creativity Meets Functionality

The modern bathroom of today allows home owners to escape from the worries of the day in a relaxing, stress free retreat. The amenities it offers were once only included in those of the upper echelon of society. A sleek contemporary look, coupled with a clean vibe is the hallmark of these rooms. To keep the modern bathroom updated for years to come, focus on natural materials and straight lines. Whether you need a simple makeover or a complete remodel this is the look for you. This article will show you the ingredients you need to put together a modern bathroom retreat in your home.

The key to modern bathroom design is the ability to combine natural elements with an industrial touch. For example, choose a vanity with a granite or even stainless steel top. Mixing this countertop with an antique cabinet can give you a one of a kind look that can’t be duplicated.

When it comes to tile selection, search for unusual shapes and sizes. You can find marble in oversized tiles or search out miniature glass mosaic tile. You can even simulate river rocks or pebbles through your choice of unique tile. If you’re worried about cold floors don’t hesitate to add throw rugs, or even heat.

You have host of options when it comes to color choices for the modern bathroom. If you want a contemplative look, choose neutral tones like shades of brown and green to mimic nature. Or go bright and bold with a retro blue and orange look, highlighted with pop art.

But when it comes to choosing colors for expensive components like fixtures and tile concentrate on neutral color options. To ensure your bathroom design has long lasting staying power nothing beats black, brown white or grey.

A modern bathroom offers many amenities, making it feel like a trip to the spa. You should look for ways to incorporate extras like towel warmers, soap dispensers and even TV’s. Many have separate bath and shower enclosures. And the showers offer multiple spray jets and heads, some even offer steam. Toilets are different as well, new ones are one piece and streamlined.

A sculptural element should be introduced through your vanity basins and faucets. Treat them as the sparkling jewels in your bathroom design. Look for basins that are wall mounted or sit on top of your vanity. Another accessory you won’t want to neglect is the lighting. Look for beautiful sconces that mimic vines or flowers, and consider utilizing a small chandelier. Highlight the bathing area with curvaceous track lighting or focus a single drop of light on a piece of artwork through small, recessed spotlights.