Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets Offer Storage Solution

I made a short reference to mirrored bathroom cabinets in a previous article, and I’d like to revisit that topic.

First, we ought to note that it’s not unusual to see vanities with a lot of drawers simply crammed full of stuff. I’m talking things. Part of it may not even belong in the bathroom, but there it is. You’re probably thinking of some examples of that kind of stuff in your own bathroom right now, aren’t you?

Anyway, when you think about all the soap and razors and sponges and the like, the brushes and sprays and gels and combs, the toothbrushes and all the paraphernalia that goes with them, the make-up and skin care products ad infinitum, it starts to add up.

And we didn’t even include nail care, prescription drugs, and all the ancillary bits that tend to gather over the, what, years? It’s not unusual to find that a lot of the more frequently used things end up finding a home on the countertop next to the sink. Oh yes, you’ve viewed those pretty modern bathrooms with a sink simply attached to the wall, and you possibly wondered, “But where would I put my toothbrush?”

And therein lies a rant.

Your toothbrush shouldn’t even be in sight in your bathroom. Even if you use it 4 times a day, a toothbrush on the vanity is bad form for two good reasons:

  • First, there is the fact that toilets are simply gross. You may not even know how gross. But let’s simply say that you really don’t want to store your toothbrush anywhere within sight of the toilet.
  • Second, a toothbrush also is simply sort of gross. It scrubs all the gunk and funk out of your mouth. It’s a little like having the toilet brush in plain sight.

And that’s where mirrored bathroom cabinets come in. To the rescue!

Mirrored bathroom cabinets let you have all your stuff and cover it too. Instead of simply a mirror on the wall, a good bathroom cabinet can give you a place to put all those things that should be put away, but that you need to have easy access to. Mirrored bathroom cabinets come in a practically unlimited array of styles (even though they are all essentially the same) to fit any bathroom decorating idea, even if you don’t have a lot decor in your bath area.

There are two basic kinds of mirrored bathroom cabinets: wall mount and recessed. In function, both sorts are identical, they just a differ a bit in installation. A wall mount mirrored cabinet merely attaches to the wall, sticking out away from the wall a bit; how much they stick out  depends on the cabinet.

If you would rather have something sleeker, a recessed mirrored cabinet is just the thing, though it will probably require professional installation. Recessed mirrored bathroom cabinets require cutting a hole in the wall so that the majority of the cabinet itself is in the wall instead of on the wall, as in the wall mount types~kinds}. They have a lower profile than wall mount mirrored bathroom cabinets, but have a tendency to be a bit shallower inside. There isn’t all that much room inside a wall – an estimated 4 inches.

But even a mere 4 inches gives you a lot of room for a plethora of all those little tems that are lying scattered around your sink. Toothpaste tubes, small containers of lotions and creams and potions, the toothbrush (put it away, folks!) and whatever else} you feel like you have to have without digging around in the top drawer to find.

Mirrored bathroom cabinets can give you more storage, a much tidier bathroom, and you can keep your mirror.