Large bathroom tiles to show off your space

Picking your way through the range of large bathroom tiles available is easy, provided you have the right size and layout of room to accommodate them.  They can look gorgeous in an medium size bathroom as long as there is enough space to avoid too many awkward cuts.  If you have a nice large wall opposite the door for more visual impact as you enter the room, so much the better.  Some tilers will say that if you can see the main unobstructed wall from the loo , then that is the perfect place to keep pipes and cupboards to a minimum.  This will  emphasise the striking effect of large tiles, as to be frank , sitting on the loo looking outwards is where one spends most of their time in the bathroom.

However , a small bathroom can look wonderful with small tiles – 100x100mm tiles, but they can also make the room look very busy and the many grout lines will tend to draw the walls inwards.  You may also find yourself getting through a fair bit of grout cleaner!  Most people go for something in the middle, a 200x250mm used to be all the rage a in days gone by and they are still popular in bathrooms low in the space department.  advanced bathroom design has revealed that a 250x400mm tile will look good in a confined area with various bathroom furniture, fixtures and fittings to work around.  These fairly large bathroom tiles will allow you the benefit of fewer grout lines to keep clean and free from mildew and lime deposits and they will open out the walls more than small tiles.

If you do however have the luxury of a large bathroom, then you can really go to town with the 60x30mm tiles, they are very popular with many  interior decorators in this day and age  and will help a lot to update your home and make a big splash in the bathroom.