How to replace tiles safely

From time to time I get asked the questions  “how do I replace  tiles” and “is it easy ?”

If you are anything like me  you will know the  fantastic  feeling of getting well stuck into DIY bathroom makeovers. You won’t actually need very many tools as it’s really all in the technique. Once you know how to do it , it really is very easy and you will feel very  pleased with yourself !

The added bonus is that you could potentially save yourself the cost of paying a tiler to do the work for you, which may even  equate to the cost of the replcement tiles !

There are really 2 steps to removing tiles, it may seem a intimidating task to begin with but you will get into the swing in no time. I  believe you can do it!

Tools you will need to remove your tiles: 

These are the most basic requirements for a tile removing project, you will find them well-situated in any DIY/Hardware store .

  1.  Stanley  knife
  2. Chisel
  3. Hammer
  4. Safety  Goggles
  5. Dust Sheet

Step One:

I would definitely cover everything within striking distance that might get scratched by a bit of flying tile.

You need to score the grout between each tile and really try to get as much of it out as you can,  will definitely help to raise your chances of having that tile  come out as a whole instead of breaking up into tiny bits of mosaic.

Step Two:

Right, now you have scored through and removed as much grout as possible, you then need to get your chisel out and then gently tap away with your hammer until the tile comes off.

Some  tilers avoid Step One and smash the tile in the middle, remove the chippings and then slide the chisel underneath the remaining tile to find a way in. I personally find this can get you out of hot water, where the adhesive material used is industrial strength!

But I wouldn’t normally recommend  it as it can be quite destructive on the wall or floor, potentially giving you remediate work to carry out before re-tiling can take place.