How to clean grout

The tiler has done a fantastic job on your Modern tiled floor .  You picked a limestone polished porcelain tiles and a sandstone  grout to match.  However , to your intense dismay, over time (even a matter of weeks ), you discover that the grout has  started to lose its brightness and has begun to go grey.  If left for long enough without professional  attention, the grout will eventually  turn completely black and you would need to declare a bathroom renovation.

Hope is at hand!

How to clean grout:

If it’s grout cleaning tips you need, you came to the right post .  Discoloured grout is a a common concern, stains caused by mainly by limescale, mould and soap scum.  There are alternative ways to cleaning grout to the one we advocate , but if you don’t envision getting on your hands and knees, or stretching to reach spots high over the bath, while scrubbing at  mouldy grout joints with an old toothbrush, then read on!

We are so  astounded by the reviving properties of the Rubi Net grout cleaner, that we have to tell everybody about it.  Basically, this product will  practically restore the original colour of your grout to new!  The added bonus is that it should only take 3 minutes to get rid of the grime and takes very little elbow grease too.

The only thing you have to do is take the grout cleaner bottle and position the nose at the grout line, moving quickly on as the product seeps into the grout joints.  Encourage it a bit with a rubber gloved finger.  You will observe the dirt being lifted as it bubbles slightly!  This method works equally well on wall and floor tiles.

Wait for 3 minutes then wipe off with a damp sponge , the grout cleaner will have done its job already and you can marvel at the contrast between the old grout and the new!

We would strongly suggest that you seal the grout after cleaning with a recommended sealer such as Lithofin FZ Protective Impregnator, (available from the same online store as the Rubi Net grout cleaner) just to give your freshly cleaned grout more life .