Excellent Bathrooms Start with Egyptian Bathroom Towels

In the past, towels almost always belonged in storage cabinets. Now, they can actually add to the beautiful and comforting appearance of your bathroom design. With the right set of towels, you never have to spend for expensive remodeling projects. This is specifically true if you buy genuine Egyptian bathroom towels.

Decorative Colors Abound

The beauty of quality towels is that they are available in a vast range of colors, from subtle pastels to vibrant colors. Changing your bathroom accessories to suit the seasons is an easy way of adding a designer touch to your home. When your Egyptian bathroom towels are teamed with hand towels, face washers and mats, the result is pure class.

If you want to send out the message of simple elegance, towels in white and dark colors are best. If you are more of a lively type of person, you can show your exuberance with bright reds, oranges and yellows.

Color Coded Combos

If you share a common bathroom, you can make it look fabulous by assigning colors to family members. Aside from improving the general appearance of your bathroom, you also get to eliminate the confusion of who owns which towel.

The ‘blue for boys’, ‘pink for girls’ thing is long gone however. Bright yellows, bold blues and vibrant purples are the colors for kids, while teenagers may opt for blacks and reds whatever color phase they are going through. The message is that combos make a kids bathroom come to life! There is no doubt though that classic white is popular with parents and is often the choice for guest towels. The good news is that because Egyptian bathroom towels come in such a wide range of colors the whole family is covered.

House Decorations

If you are about to sell your home, there are a number of affordable ways to present it in its best light. Often one of the main rooms that prospective buyers will remember is the bathroom. Because cleanliness features so highly in the ‘first impression’ stakes, presenting your bathroom in its best possible light could make a big difference in the price you receive for your home. Consider having your Egyptian bathroom towels creatively arranged in your bathroom stacked, rolled or draped over rails in creative color combinations. One towel folded on the end of your tub with a gardenia placed on top spells simplicity and elegance.

You don’t have to renovate to make a great impression. By using your Egyptian bathroom towels as fashion accessories, your revamp will be done in an affordable yet creative way in a matter of minutes.