Bathroom Decor – Create Glamor And Comfort Inexpensively

There are many ways to brighten up a room with new bathroom decorating ideas while making it a pleasant and improved place to be. The bathroom oftentimes requires more creative focus due to the smaller-than-average room size but once the ideas start flowing there are many different themes that will work. Before getting started it is important to have a budget limit and a theme for the decor and once these are known the project can begin.

With just a few minor changes it is possible to completely alter the atmosphere of the bathroom with a little time and effort. Details such as wall color or a change in wallpaper are examples of this. The following ideas may be found useful:

Coordinating the shower curtain, toilet seat & tank cover, rug, towels, and any other accessories to compliment each other and the color or wallpaper of the room is a great place to start. The colors and the theme will basically set the stage for the rest of the project.

Adding a healthy and thriving houseplant or two can bring more life to any bathroom. Changing the light fixtures or light covers, or using colored light bulbs can “throw a new light” on the bathroom and reflect the type of atmosphere being sought after. The use of heat lamps may be a good choice but would depend on personal preference. They may be found to be a good investment if condensation or high humidity is a concern since heat lamps help to dry the excess moisture in the air quicker and more efficiently.

Adding new or moving current shelves to a more convenient and useful place can create a new and unique look, especially with selected decor such as knickknacks and/or plant life that can beautify and personalize the project. If the bathroom is small and there is room on the wall for it, putting up an appropriately sized mirror can make the room feel bigger and less confining. A decorated or engraved mirror will brighten up most any bathroom!

Artwork and/or plaques of personal choice that compliment the intended theme can be a wonderful personalizing touch when upgrading your bathroom decor. If painting was a part of the decor upgrade project, the use of stencils and sponges along with a huge palate of colors can produce a very tasteful option to a standard paint job.

Seashells, climbing plants, and fish are common bathroom themes that can become unique themes with rare variations of seashells, climbing plants and fish being used. A mural painted on a percentage of (or all) the wall with unique and beautiful ocean plant life could turn your bathroom into the most popular room in the neighborhood!