Create an In-Home Spa with Egyptian Bath Towels

Is your bath a little worn out or dated? Are you longing for a place you can relax, unwind and luxuriate, as you do at your favorite spa? We’ve gathered some tips from top bathroom designers to help you recreate a spa experience at home. With ideas for everything from toiletry containers to Egyptian bathroom towels  to lighting, these bathroom design tips will help you create your own zen-luscious space.

Before you start making changes, recall what it was like for you the last time you went to a spa. You may remember bathing in earth tones and dim lights. Also, you would probably never forget the warmth of thick Egyptian bath towels. Remembering your best spa experience is the best way to recreate it.

#1- Get rid of all the mess.

An old bath can quickly and understandably accumulate countless bottles and bath items. Avoid stuffing your counter or shelves with everything bath related. If you have so many different shampoo bottles in display for example, you can just tuck the four or five brands that you don’t really use everyday. As much as possible, have only essential items on display such as cotton buds, soap bars, conditioner and the like. Add a few Egyptian bath towels in a rack to complete your bath’s new, cleaner look.

#2- Reduce lighting.

Bright task lighting in bathrooms are good for shaving or applying makeup. If all your lights are bright however, you may never find your bath relaxing. Get rid of some of your glaring lights and install some frosted or low light bulbs. Pick decorative fixtures in steel or iron for a stylish look.

Can’t afford to replace the fixtures? Add a dimmer switch so you can at least tone it down a little bit. Soft lighting is the key to a spa-like experience in your own home.

#3- Be generous with your Egyptian bath towels.

Nothing can beat the comforting experience of getting wrapped up in thick, soft, spongy towels. The best ones use only the finest Egyptian cotton. You’ll most likely find samples of these excellent Egyptian bath towels in classy spas. There’s nothing stopping you though from replicating the same experience in your home bath. Don’t worry about the cost. The feeling of having these towels around you can more than make up for the price.

#4- Add candles for soft light and scents.

For that true spa look, sprinkle the bathroom area with tea lights in tiny glass holders, or use votives in a wrought iron candle holder on the wall. Place a few near your stack of Egyptian bath towels to make them easy to grab when you step out of the tub. Choose scented candles in warm spice, lavender or sandalwood. Avoid fruity scents or heavy floral, as these will excite the senses instead of mellowing your mind.

#5- Add a warm earth tone to the walls.

The best white Egyptian bath towels always go best with earth tones. The best way to add these ideal colors to your bath is to repaint your walls. Again, most spas incorporate earth tones because of their naturally relaxing effect. Avoid pastel or bold colors.

These are all the tips you’ll ever need to make your home bath the perfect personal spa. Make sure you don’t leave out Egyptian bathroom towels for a perfect experience.