Cleaning Bathroom Granite Countertops

Granite is a beautiful surface and really works well when it is used for countertops in the bathroom area. But how do you maintain such a beautiful surface with the bathroom being such a highly used area? Here are a few tips and hints for cleaning bathroom granite countertops.

Up Keep

Before we discuss cleaning bathroom granite countertops, let’s first begin with the up keep of the countertops. For maximum look for your granite countertops you want to ensure that you are taking proper care of the them throughout the years. This means that once a year you should be putting some sort of sealant on the granite countertops to preserve their beauty. For the best type of penetrating sealant to use, you may want to consult the supplier of your granite countertops. They should really know which product will work best with their product.

Items to Avoid

The bathroom is an area that is often used and therefore the countertops may be subject to have many objects on them at any given time. When you are dealing with bathroom granite countertops in your bathroom makeovers, you want to ensure that your finish is not in danger of being hurt. You want to avoid setting things such as lemon juice and sodas on your granite countertops for long amounts of time because they could etch the surface of the countertop. You may be thinking, “Well why would anyone have lemon juice in the bathroom?” Well, some people do tend to take there morning coffee and tea into the bathroom as they prepare for work and may dress these products with lemon juice. This could be bad news for the finish and shine of your countertops.

Also, make sure that chemicals are not allowed to sit on granite countertops for any period of time. This could include items such as makeup or fingernail polish remover. This could have an adverse effect on the surface of the granite countertops.


Your granite countertops should always be cleaned with special stone cleaners. For a list of these special stone cleaners be sure to consult the companies that sold you or installed the countertops. They should really know what works best. Under no circumstances should you attempt to clean your granite countertops with acidic cleaners, with ingredients such as lemon or lime. This may end up damaging the finish of the countertops. In some cases the penetrating sealant that was discussed earlier in this article will not even protect the granite from products such as these.

If you have granite countertops in your bathroom, then it is especially important that you protect this type of surface as best you can. Make sure that you are applying some sort of sealant to the surface every year. Be sure to avoid items such as soda staying on the surface for prolonged amounts of time and make sure that you use special stone cleaner in order to clean the surface and never use acidic cleaners. Cleaning your bathroom granite countertops in this way will preserve the surface for years to come.