Chic Bathroom Style Ideas: Monochrome

You might possibly think that it’s the least important room in the house. But in actual fact, the bathroom is really important to get right. When you are slowly sitting back in the bath, reading your favourite book, you want to be surrounded by a luxourius and enticing room. You don’t want to be surrounded bysomething that will make you feeluncomfortable and make you want toget out of the tub as quickly as you’ve got in.

So that’s why it’s important to genuinely think about how you want your bathroom to look.Decide upon the sort of bathroom that you want and stick to a theme.

For example, you could choose to have a country bathroom with floral wallpaper and vintage accessories. Or there is the option of a sophisticated bathroom design, featuring down lights to highlight the most contemporary fittings.

But no matter which design you opt for, you ought to usually consider the flooring as this is a really critical facet of any bathroom. The flooring needs to be appropriate for the moist environment of a bathroom and it also should be straightforward to care for and keep clean. A kind of flooring that answers all of these demands is flooring tiles. And with the proper floor tiles and decoration, you can actually create a relaxing bathroom to savor.

Style Concepts: Monochrome Bathrooms

As considerably as you may possibly want the layout of the relaxation of your household to be comfortable and at ease, the bathroom is an area that demands clean, crisp lines and contemporary design. A monochrome colour scheme could be just the ticket, keeping your bathroom new and fresh with just the slightest hint of old-fashioned glamour.


Forget old carpets, flooring tiles and ceramic tiles are the only way to get a really contemporary, cutting-edge bathroom. When choosing tiles for your new monochrome wet room: bear the following in mind:

  • Avoid the black and white colored chequered design unless it’s on little locations or in the kitchen
  • Keep partitions easy in pristine, glossy brilliant white. If you maintain these areas neutral, your furnishings and accessories will appeal to the eyefar more and the overall look is far more subtle
  • Dark marble floor tiles – The inclusion of pure materials, especially types as luxurious as this – can quit your stylised rest room seeming too austere
  • Characteristic parts – You can break the simplicity with additional intricately designedfocal areas or partitions (consider mosaic tiles)


In addition to gleaming brilliant white freestanding baths, toilets, sinks and showers, don’t be afraid to carry on the concept with your fittings. Bathe curtains, mirrors, and storage options can be in tones of dark, greyish and white, whilst you can introduce an fascinating splash of colour in plants, a flower bouquet or artwork.

Create a luxuriousbathroom to enjoy

There’s absolutely nothing much better right after a long challenging day at work than to fill up your bath with hot bubbly water and appreciate a prolonged hot soak.
This can be incredibly delightful. But that’s only if you have a deluxe wet room. If you have an old, tatty wet room with broken and discoloured tiles, then you may feel it extremely hard to relax.

Most folks believe that it’s virtually impossible to get a luxurious looking bathroom when you’re on a small budget. But this is basically not the case. In truth, you only need to have to alter a few items to produce your incredibly luxurious spa in your home.

For a start, if you currently have a carpet in your bathroom, then it may possibly be time to update to flooring tiles. Although carpets and rugs happened to be the norm, it is now recognised that floor tiles are much more hygienic simply because they are easily washed and they don’t soak up moisture as floor coverings do.

You then will need to make a conclusion about the colour scheme in your wet room and buy the proper ceramic tiles according to it. There are masses of distinct alternatives so you could decide on a cheerful blue, elegant beige or a moody and subtle dark. The alternatives are limitless but with the appropriate ceramic tiles, you could be making the most of a bathtub in a luxury rest room in no time.