Caution: Don’t Skimp on Space in Your New Bathroom

Weighing the possibility of a new bathroom? The one you have now too space-challenged and cramped? That’s a fairly typical gripe of homeowners. Well, if you do go ahead with a bathroom renovation project, here are a few things to keep in mind.

There are at least a couple of rooms in your home where you must never skimp, depending, of course, on what is important to you.

A certain number of people decide to go big when it comes to entertainment, for instance, so they invest in a home theater simply because they spend a great deal of time watching TV and movies.

Others, such as me, truly take pleasure in good meals, so we poured considerably more finances and planning into the kitchen.

But there are two locations in your home that are not up for debate: the bathroom and the bedroom.

Mirrored bathroom cabinets can seriously improve the look and feel of your new bathroom. And not simply mirrored vanities. You’ll spend a considerable percentage of every day in your bathroom. And the one issue that is inclined to be at a premium in any bathroom is space, i.e., the lack thereof.

It’s not clear why home developers put so little thought into a room that will see much more traffic than almost any other room in the house. Ponder it, everybody in your house is going to be in your new bathroom approximately five times a day (or a lot more for the clean freak). You might spend more time watching tv in your living room than you do in the bathroom, but that doesn’t indicate that decorating and furnishing (to say nothing about design) ought to be an afterthought.

And due to the fact, as I said, no one appears to put adequate space in most bath areas, you have to devise clever tricks to use the space you have.

Also, bathrooms tend to clutter. This problem stems in part from the whole lack-of-adequate-space issue. The other aspect is that you do a extensive variety of things in the bathroom, each with its own list of essential items. You bathe, which involves a few types of soap and razors and sponges and the like. You do your hair, needing brushes and sprays and gels and combs. You brush your teeth – one more set of paraphernalia. And for women, makeup and skincare items galore. The question becomes, exactly where do you put all this stuff? We’ll answer that and more in a subsequent article.

And oh yes, the bedroom. That, of course, deserves its own article. But let me simply say that, well, you’ll spend more time slumbering than any other single thing you do in your life. So you must always get the  finest mattress you can afford, and then double it and figure out a way to afford it. A great night’s sleep cannot be replaced; put off buying the big plasma screen until next year and get yourself a good bed.

Meanwhile, enjoy your new bathroom.