American Standard Toilet Seats: A Review of the American Standard Laurel Elongated Toilet Seat

Our house has been installed with American Standard toilets, and what much better brand of toilet seats to use with these models than American Standard toilet seats also. Since toilet seats receive more contact and are far more continuously abused, it’s likely that they’re the initial ones to get damaged. And that’s precisely what happened with our toilet seats. So I browsed the net and I saw the American Standard Laurel Elongated Toilet Seat with Cover online, and it was a perfect match with our toilets that have elongated seats. Now I’m writing this review to share with the world every thing I know and have to say about this model, and also as an advice to other people who are in search of high quality fixtures for their residence bathroom designs.

General Description

This toilet seat is different than most other toilet seats since this is a wooden model. Although most models are plastic, I feel wooden models are better for use. I may be contradicting myself when I say that wood isn’t good with water and moisture can destroy the material, but American Standard toilet seats are quite high-quality and so far, after numerous months of use, the seat is still fine, perfectly in excellent condition, and intact. There are no signs of damage whatsoever. The finish is quite nice and glossy, and the surface is smooth and comfortable to sit on. It’s really a excellent get and for the price, there’s absolutely nothing to regret with getting this model.

Product Features

The high-gloss molded wood seat has a size that’s quite tough to find so obtaining this model will certainly make your search a lot simpler. It’s a standard size for elongated toilets so even if your toilets aren’t American Standard, the seat will still perfectly fit your fixtures. The package also consists of the complete set for installing the seat. You can find bolts and dual-faced adhesive washers with the model so you won’t have any difficulties setting it up. It is possible to use it instantly after obtaining it.

Other Features

The unit comes in a variety of colors such as white that has a clean and perfectly sharp look; linen for an off-white or light cream shade; bone for a much more fleshy hue; and black for that eye-catching and long-lasting color. The white one is what I employed for my property bathrooms because it’s a stunning match for my green ceramic tiles and toilet. That’s also what’s excellent about the white color – any other color blends and matches with it beautifully and it also produces a extremely clean appearance.


I don’t generally make such a big deal out of fixtures, and to take into consideration it, what is there to say? But after everything that I’ve already said, I finally found out that American Standard toilet seats are something worth talking about. And after getting the American Standard Laurel Elongated Toilet Seat with Cover, I’ve completely made up my mind and I’m certainly sticking with the brand. I hope you’ve decided also and my whole recommendation is with this brand and model.

How To Choose Bathroom Towel Racks

How To Opt for Bathroom Accessories And Towel Racks

Deciding on towel racks as rest room accessories is a bit more complicated these days, because technology has made a vast array of products. towel racks consist of the Visitor INOXS, Hotel Racks, which includes the solitary and double. You will also find a broad variety of Key collections, ONDA, Studio, and many others, as properly as the swinging racks.  How do I come across the swinging racks? On-line you will find a selection of swinging racks. The racks involve the pure brass racks. The racks are idea for saving items. In inclusion, you have convenience, since you can fold the racks flat, which allows you to fit the racks in snug areas on your structure.  How is the brass produced?  The racks are created of brass and guarded by a coated finish. Few kinds are built of Brass Polish, or Chrome.  How considerably do the racks cost? It is dependent on wherever you shop. At some retailers on the web you can come across the racks for around $63, yet if you continue on looking you may uncover much better deals. Preserve in mind you are acquiring pure brass, rather than solid materials.  What concerning the Recording studio racks? What can make them special?  The Recording studio racks contain the chrome polish, consistency highlight and chrome, and the wash chrome. The racks are manufactured for up to date baths, yet you can set up it in a lot bathrooms, since it has a Eu class. The racks are brushed and polished with transparent coats of epoxy finishes. The end can make the racks shine.  How do I opt for width, top and depth?  It is dependent on what you want, nevertheless you may like the depth of 7 and three-quarter in. deep, with the width of 11 and 7/8 inches and height of 7 three-quarter in..

How do I pick other bathroom design accessories to match up the rack?  When deciding on other rest room equipment you may desire to take into account soap dishes, mirrors shelf vanities, bathtub muscle holders, robe hooks, towel bands/watering holes, and so forth. You can additionally choose goblet holders, considering that brass normally appears to be like excellent with glass. Chrome also seems good with goblet.  How do the Key sequence glance?  You have a option of stainless steel, which is polished, or you can select the stainless steel built of Satin consistency. The Key series are up to date, which is good for installing in master baths, guest baths, up to date baths, and so on. Victorian baths and Country baths, you may want to look at other sequence. Nevertheless, you can possibly make it work.

How do I choose structure mounts to match up the contemporary?  You have the decision of red, wooden, and pink rosette fence mounts. You may desire to compare the colour of your bathe walls, or rest room wall structure before producing a decision.

The shades seem to do effectively with purplish backgrounds, yet other types may not let you to mix the colours.  How are the towel racks mounted?  To mnt you rack, you wish to look at what you mt it to. You wish to glance for the sturdiest studs in the wall to screw into the spot to mnt. If not that, you can decide on drywall. You drill a hole in the walls, making use of an core to stick an anchor lck in and then put in your screw, which propagates out the heart lock, obtaining it to the wall structure. You can additionally use a T-Bolt. It depends on how large the rack is. To use a T-Bolt, you drill a gap depending on the size of the T-Bolt. Once you drill the gap, you push the T-Bolt in, which ear will pop out. You are unable to drag the T-Bolt again out at this point.

Choosing the Perfect Modern Bathroom Vanities

Working on your bathroom interior and equipping it with the suitable bathroom vanities are both essential. If you follow this simple reminder while beautifying and updating the look of your bathroom design, you will surely feel satisfied and happy with the outcome. It would be an effortless endeavor to add and set up the original and classic beauty of your bathroom if you opt for modern bathroom vanities as they comply full functionalities and they are user-friendly.

Bathroom medicine cabinets for instance can be a part of your bathroom as its existence exemplifies owner’s taste towards managing things in good way. Placing and stocking up medicines, makeup accessories, soaps, shampoo bottles, and other bathroom essentials inside the medicine closet is a stimulating thing that can be accomplished if they placed in a modern and first-class medicine closet. An organized medicine closet doesn’t only maximize a limited space; it also gives peace of mind and sense of serenity and resourcefulness to every user. It is recommended that you install your medicine cabinet to an accessible area inside your bathroom but see to it that medicines are placed on the upper shelves so that children cannot pick them up.

Designs for your medicine cabinet should be in harmony with the interior of your bathroom to get a new and sophisticated look at once. There are two kinds of medicine cabinets that will perfectly suit your requirements, one is the recessed type and the second one is in the surface mounted style. Both styles are available in diverse designs and sizes and you can always go for the type that exceeds your expectations.

If you are going to update and modify your bathroom yet you seem to be in a tight budget, there is no need for sulking. There are discount bathroom vanities in the market, especially from online retailers. Discounted bathroom vanities don’t mean that they are made of low quality material though. In fact: there lots of discounted bathroom vanities that are made of first-class materials but are still available at economical prices. The most common materials used in bathroom vanities are glass, steel, ceramic tiles, and plastics. Whichever you prefer most but keep in mind its functionality, durability, style, and its impact in giving your bathroom a modern look. Other discounted vanities that you may find essential inside your bathroom besides the medicine cabinet are shelves, washbasins, looking-glass, faucets, and other complementary accessories.

As a conclusion, while purchasing, buy the high quality and best bathroom vanities and fixtures by surfing on internet and buying from trusted online stores.

Should You Go for Sliding Shower Doors or Simple Shower Curtains?

Bathrooms used to be the most neglected part of the house. This is not so today, as more and more people are realizing the value of investing on modern and full-featured bathrooms. In fact, bathroom designs of today are becoming more stylish, sleek and up-to-the-minute in trendy designs. As a result, homeowners are becoming more conscious of not just the functionality but the appearance of their bathrooms as well.

Keeping the Bathroom Neat

During the bathroom decoration process, remember that sealing the shower area has its benefits. As a result, shower doors have become an essential part of the bathroom as more and more people want a tidier, cleaner and even sexier look to their bathrooms. Shower doors are installed to prevent spraying water to the whole bathroom. This protective layer allows you to have a relatively dry toilet area even while you are taking your shower or bath. If you have a tub, you can choose to seal from the tub’s rim up. Meanwhile, using frameless glass shower doors would make your bathroom look neater and a provide a more modern appeal.

Convenient and Solid Covering

While shower curtains are also used in some bathrooms, using shower doors allows you to have a worry-free shower. This is due to the fact that unlike the shower curtains, shower doors don’t flap and flutter back and forth while you are in the shower. Similarly, unlike shower curtains, you don’t need to remove the shower doors when cleaning them. All you have to do is get a soft rag and glass cleaner, and then start scrubbing the dirt off. This convenient cleaning process makes using shower doors a truly hassle-free option.

What’s more, shower doors are typically durable and long-lasting. It would look clean and shiny with just a simple cleaning. These shower doors generally look timeless so you don’t need to replace them even if you decide to remodel the bathroom later on. For example, a sliding shower door would still look great and be of service years from now. Even if a few minor repairs would be required, you only have to fix the shower door parts that need replacement and they would be functioning well and look great once more. Quality shower doors really are worth the investment to up the ante in the look of your home.

Which Toilet Paper Dispenser Should You Use

Substantial changes on paper towel dispensers has literally spoilt us for choice. There are umpteen variety of dispensers and variants that you could buy and selecting the right one is, in itself, a job. Listed here are couple of factors why you need to go in for a particular sort of  toilet paper dispenser for your bathroom design.

The easiest of the paper dispensers were the ones where you pulled the paper roll in order to remove the towel. The paper roll had been attached in a openly rotatable manner to a roller mounted on the wall. Next arrived plastic material and also wood encasements that placed the paper towel clear of the environment. These days there are lots of styles like the one where you touch some control and out shoots a paper towel or like the automatic or touchless where one just waves your hands below the dispenser for you to get the paper.

Of all these, the last one is most effective to use in bathrooms and washrooms owing to its health concerns. Individuals frequently are put down by the push-type because they just do not desire to feel the dispenser. The pull-type in which one draws the paper roll is usually not so widely used due to the fact  often times, often a lot of paper rolls show up, or at times, the paper roll will get crammed and obtaining a paper towel will become difficult.

In terms of the automated toilet paper dispenser, all these challenges usually are fixed. Firstly, it can be solely sensor based therefore as soon as one waves a hand below it, the paper roll instantly comes out. This keeps any person from reaching the dispenser. Second of all, because of this, huge value is offered to free rotation of the paper towel roll through the making of the dispenser. This assures the roll doesn’t get crammed or even mashed in any way as a result facilitating free utilization always, for the benefit of the people.

If you want to select from a hundred types and varieties to acquire your best toilet paper dispenser, you need to take your search on the internet, without delay!