Add Storage Space And A New Look With Bathroom Linen Cabinets

Bathroom linen cabinets can add a lot of storage space to your bathroom in no time at all. Adding these cabinets to your bathroom provides you always valuable storage space, make the perfect place to keep towels, linens and other items while being very attractive. A great looking linen cabinet is always a welcome addition which can turn a drab bathroom into a whole new room. Today there are dozens of cabinet choices available and most styles come in a wide variety of colors and materials.

First Things First: Size and Shape

Size and shape are important when trying to pick out bathroom linen cabinets. You want to be certain that you are selecting a unit that work well in your existing bath space. Always think carefully about size and shape when shopping for a linen cabinet.

Measure Once, Measure Twice

Measure your available floor area and keep these figures close at hand when you are getting ready to select a large shelving unit for your towels and bath cloths. Measure as many times as necessary; you want to be sure that this cabinet will fit into your bathroom and just as importantly, not be in your way. If there are doors on the cabinet, you must be able to open and close them without hitting another item in the bathroom. No matter how great a cabinet looks, it will not serve any purpose if it cannot be used.

Choose Your Materials Carefully

The material used to make the bathroom cabinets you’re considering matters a great deal. Remember that these cabinets will be exposed to moisture almost constantly, so look for materials which can last under these conditions. Some materials which are especially well suited for building bathroom linen cabinets are wicker, bamboo, chrome, brass, aluminum, polished nickel and glass.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Linen Cabinets

We can all agree that freestanding linen cabinets look great; but there is some dispute on whether they’re worth the space they take up in a smaller bathroom. Meet the wall mounted linen cabinet: these take up less space, something which is usually at a premium in this room.

If you have a small bathroom, then you might need more than one of these cabinets to make room for the towels, linens and other items you need to store. Wall mounted cabinets are available in both closed and open front styles. Today many people are opting for the open front cabinets, which give them the opportunity to showcase their bath linens in a casually elegant manner.

Built-In Linen Cabinets: An Affordable Luxury

Built-in bathroom linen cabinets are something seen in a lot of older homes. These small, narrow closets are perfect for storing all of the linens and towels. Some even include drawers for extra storage. If you have the space for one, you may be able to have a contractor build one for you, if this is possible. Make your measurements and give a contractor your specifications.

Improve Your Home with Bathroom Linen Cabinets

It is easy and fun to add extra appeal and aesthetic beauty to your home bath with a number of different bathroom linen cabinets. Think of the look you’re going for and decide on a style and color which suits you and the room – and make sure to know how much space you have to work with. Measure twice and buy a bathroom linen cabinet once, to paraphrase an old saw.

Make your small bathroom feel bigger by choosing wisely

Having a small bathroom can become a challenge. Especially in a crowded house, it can be hard to keep the small space organised. Bathroom should be a room for relaxation rather than clutter, and with these simple tips you can create space in you bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, it is imperative you think about the design beforehand, in order to maximise the space you have. It is quite easy to make your bathroom look larger than what it really is. En-suite bathrooms are generally smaller than regular bathrooms, and a lot of people with en-suite bathrooms want to make them as spacious-looking as possible.

The best and simplest way of making small bathroom suites look bigger is to use light colours of paint on the walls . softer colours reflect light and give an impression of openness and space. Colours close to white work well, but you can choose a pale blue or green too and still get a good effect.

You should make sure you don’t have clutter in your bathroom. Don’t have things lying around, and make sure you have good storage systems. There is a lot of bathroom storage available especially designed for smaller bathrooms. The furniture can be fitted under the toilet or bath and can be used to store your essentials. Additionally, wall cabinets are a must.

You might also want to consider having a smaller bath or even getting rid of the bath altogether. This will further take away from the cluttered feel and will make the room feel larger as a result.

Lastly, clever placement of mirrors can really make your bathroom feel bigger. Putting two mirrors opposite each another gives an illusion of large space, so as long as the mirrors won’t look out of place of awkward, this is a very easy way to make your bathroom feel bigger.

Large bathroom tiles to show off your space

Picking your way through the range of large bathroom tiles available is easy, provided you have the right size and layout of room to accommodate them.  They can look gorgeous in an medium size bathroom as long as there is enough space to avoid too many awkward cuts.  If you have a nice large wall opposite the door for more visual impact as you enter the room, so much the better.  Some tilers will say that if you can see the main unobstructed wall from the loo , then that is the perfect place to keep pipes and cupboards to a minimum.  This will  emphasise the striking effect of large tiles, as to be frank , sitting on the loo looking outwards is where one spends most of their time in the bathroom.

However , a small bathroom can look wonderful with small tiles – 100x100mm tiles, but they can also make the room look very busy and the many grout lines will tend to draw the walls inwards.  You may also find yourself getting through a fair bit of grout cleaner!  Most people go for something in the middle, a 200x250mm used to be all the rage a in days gone by and they are still popular in bathrooms low in the space department.  advanced bathroom design has revealed that a 250x400mm tile will look good in a confined area with various bathroom furniture, fixtures and fittings to work around.  These fairly large bathroom tiles will allow you the benefit of fewer grout lines to keep clean and free from mildew and lime deposits and they will open out the walls more than small tiles.

If you do however have the luxury of a large bathroom, then you can really go to town with the 60x30mm tiles, they are very popular with many  interior decorators in this day and age  and will help a lot to update your home and make a big splash in the bathroom.