Bathroom Renovation

Many things have to be considered before you begin a bathroom renovation project.  Have you ever looked at your bathroom after a few years of wear and tear and said to yourself, “This bathroom is just dull.” If this is you, then it may be time for a bathroom renovation. A bathroom that is simply dull and lacks life can is not something that you want to deal with on a daily basis. Especially since homeowners spend a great deal of time in the bathroom.

Think about it. Before you get to work, some people spend hours of time just getting ready in the morning. After a hard day of work, some people unwind in the bathroom with a long hot bubble bath. Do you really want this room to be dull? Of course not.

Many people today are coming up with bathroom renovation ideas in order to bring some life to the area and the home in general. You can probably find a renovation show that is on everyday showing you how to renovate your own bathroom. What style of bathroom designs will work best for you.


Here Are Some Things To Consider

How large is your bathroom? This is an extremely important question. If your bathroom is too small remember you don’t want to try to install furniture and items that are too large. This can and will bring attention to the fact that you have a small bathroom design. An equally important note for those of us that have small bathrooms, don’t over clutter your bathroom with too much “stuff”. This will also make the area look much too small.

If your bathroom is too large (some people don’t think this is even possible) don’t purchase items that are way too small. This will give the appearance that there is something missing and that you have under-decorated the space.

For your bathroom renovation, make sure that the lighting in the bathroom is adequate. It is believed that more than any other area in the home, the bathroom is the area that really need adequate lighting. This would seem to be true because this is the area in the home where people prepare and get themselves together.

Will you be using artificial light, natural light or a mixture of both in the bathroom? There is no right answer for this question but a good mixture of artificial light and natural light can do wonders in your bathroom. Sometimes artificial light may be way too bright on it’s own and sometimes natural light can make the room look too dim and dull on it’s own. Create a good mixture when choosing your bathroom designs and you should see a big difference.

These were just a few things to consider when choosing the bathroom renovation designs for your home. Pick up a home improvement magazine or find a good home improvement television station for more great home improvement tips.

Tips On Renovating Your Bathroom

Home Remodeling your bathroom can be fun, but it can also be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. One thing we will tell you is it’s not a good idea to “wing” this or “fly by the seat of your pants.” You have to plan in advance the steps you’re going to take in order to come out with a great looking bathroom. The first area to consider is the color of your Bathroom Paint. This should be done before anything else so you don’t end up purchasing fixtures that don’t match. It’s a crucial part to your overall success and your initial priority.

Another thing that you will want to look into bathroom renovations is the flooring, as certain areas of the floor get a lot of wear and tear. One thing to consider is that the floor must stand up against potential water damage, since bathroom floors are always getting wet. An increasing number of people are now investing in heated tiles for their bathrooms, which are very nice on the feet on a cold winter’s day. Make sure that you look into each type of tile and make the selection that is right for you. You will also want to choose a Bathroom Paint Colors that matches the flooring that you choose, since failing to do so would lessen the visual appeal of your bathroom.

It’s definitely the most used area in the household since everyone needs to stay clean and relieve themselves. So when you think about this it’s a good idea to go with a neutral color. Choosing something that everyone will love is a lot different from bright colors that can drive the rest of the family insane. Remember; this isn’t like your bedroom, because only you and your spouse really see it. Here you even have guests coming over and noticing your bathroom theme, which means the best option is to stay neutral with your Bathroom Paint Ideas.

When everything is in place you can start working on the plumbing…if you have the experience. If this isn’t your best area of expertise then we recommend hiring a professional. You will get the job done quicker, and the chance of something going wrong will be minimized. Now, if you’re dead-set on doing this yourself it’s a good idea to make sure the water main is off before your start. There is no sense dealing with flood damage when you could have alleviated the situation all together. Oh, and this should be done before you do the flooring in case a mistake is made.

You will find that remodeling a bathroom can be an entertaining experience, but only if you are organized in your approach. Just by considering everything we mentioned above as well as sinks, tubs, mirrors, pictures, towel racks and everything else, the end result will be a magnificent looking bathroom for you and your family.

All About Best Toilet Seats

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom once more – you will probably focus more on the design, what you want done differently, the colors and the ceramic fixtures. It is true that a lot of points are essential however, you would not want to end up getting a toilet seats that will not match the remainder of the bathroom, would you? or have a great looking corner cabinet furniture for your bathroom?

You may take a look at the toilet seats matter as a minor one; yet, if you are in to refurbishing the bathroom in a cost effective way, the chances are that you will not easily find what you are trying to find in toilet seats when it comes to the color, size and the width.

Another significant aspect to look over in toilet seats is the entire design. You may settle for a funky looking ceramic tank but you may just have a choice of conventional toilet seats to go along in such case, your original idea of refurbishing the bathroom to match modern bathroom folly designs will be lost someplace down the line. Such discrepancies will not just create your bathroom renovation look undesirable, it will not bring the expected outcome from your bathroom. So, necessary things to consider about toilet seats would be to know if they match the overall design of the bathroom, if toilet seats are available in the exact color theme and whether the overall height and width of designer toilet seats match your taste.

Most people can tell the difference between round and elongated toilet seats after a single look located in corner cabinet bathroom. The latter is another significant aspect to think about when picking toilet seats for your refurbished bathroom. Many people think it will look trendy to install bathroom fittings in one color – maybe black or so and then place little items of shot pink all over the bathroom to add a vibrant distinction. This color tactic works out fine until the same person decides to settle for a two tone commode.

An significant thing to consider about toilet seats is that it is never a good idea to have the toilet seats in a color while rest of the bathroom fits to another color theme. The combo does not really speak to the beauty of any eye and the overall reaction of the bathroom will be nothing closer to funky, rather to dysfunctional.

You may also expect to bear in mind the cost of toilet seats because they come in many kinds. The typical hard plastic texture is meant to be the standard price however, if you want to add a more elegant look to the bathroom, you could just install oak toilet seats, that will stand out from rest of the furnishings.





Electric Shower…or Tankless Water Heater?

The electric shower is common in the UK and South America but not so much in United states.  The reasons it hasn’t caught on yet may vary, perhaps since the unit installs inside the shower, people in the US are a little freaked out about having a 220v appliance inside the shower with them?? If you don’t know basic household wiring then this can seem pretty intimidating. These units replace the old hot water heater with a large 40 or 50 gallon tank and heat water as you go therefore eliminating the need for a large tank to store heated water.  There will be pros and cons to every system but it should save energy since it only heats water as needed.  Whole house units are either powered by electricity or gas fired. When a hot water valve is turned on, they kick on and heat the water. So, in a nutshell, cold water is supplied and hot water is sent.

Electric showers are consider a point-of-use appliance. In other words, it only works where it’s installed…the shower.  When you turn the shower on, they heat the water by passing it over a heating element mounted inside the shower. Once installed, they sit idle ready to heat your shower, day-in and day-out. They max temperature is thermostatically controlled for safety and some come with setting pre-sets so that you can change to your preferred shower water temperature with a push of the button.

A dedicated electric shower comes complete with the showerhead and hose that attaches to the heating unit. A slide bar mounts close to the wall allowing you to adjust the shower head up or down. Of course you can always remove the showerhead and use it as a hand held unit.

Do you live in the United States? you’ll be hard pressed to find one at your local home center, try the Internet instead.  Electric Showers haven’t caught on yet. I’ve searched for units here in the US but the only thing close to an electric shower are varying sizes of tankless water heaters, most of which are not recommended for a shower. Keep that in mind since they aren’t recommended for showers they don’t have the features an electric shower has like preset temperature settings. I have, however, found some questionable models on Ebay. Be sure to do some serious research before purchasing.

Bosch manufactures several different sizes of electric tankless water heaters. They range from Supplying endless hot water to one sink at a time to the whole house.

None of the local plumbing supply stores I’ve contacted have electric showers, only electric tankless water heaters. The one they offered required it’s own 120 watt circuit panel! That doesn’t sound cost efficient to me. The reviews I read, on the Bosch whole house unit, (supposed to replace a 40 gallon water heater) was less than stellar.

Power consumption

After much research, I’ve found that every unit requires a dedicated 220V circuit and at least a 40amp fuse. The house unit supplied by my local plumbing supply store required a dedicated 120 watt sub panel! That doesn’t sound cost effective to me. In my opinion, a gas fired whole house tankless water heater is a much better option. The power consumption of the Bosch tankless water heaters ranged from 9.5 kw to 12 kw. Compare that to the electric showers in the maximum heating level which was 5.5 kw for 120v to 7.5 kw for the 220v units.

The energy intake may seem high but keep in mind that they only use energy when being used and sit idle most of the time. The old style water heaters  must keep the water at a constant temperature and turn on anytime the water dips below the set temperature. If you want to install a whole house, gas fired tankless water heater, remember  that a reduction of heat  will occur in the hot water lines that travel from the tankless water heater to the faucet. This reality is a characteristic you simply can’t change unless you install a point-of-use electric shower and an electric tankless water heater at every sink. So electric showers can save energy compared to gas central heaters when you install a point-of-use electric shower…in theory anyway.


The heating elements are coils made from nickel or an alloy (bend) of nickel and chromium. The element is sheathed much like
the coils used in oil heaters or radiators – they provide more safety since there is insulation between the electrical parts
and the water.

Electrical appliances sold in the USA must pass electrical safety standards. An independent safety science company like United Laboratories (UL) or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) reviews products and if they pass…gives them their seal of approval recognized by a states building code enforcement agencies. If you’re looking at the electric showers available on Ebay, be sure to ask if they are UL or ANSI certified. If the seller can’t tell you…run.

Are you planning a DIY Bathroom renovation project and want to install one of these units yourself? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

You will be required to pull electrical and plumbing permits and if the unit isn’t approved by a US independent safety science company like the ones talked about above…be prepared to sell the inspector on the credentials of the European independent safety science company. Bottom line is do your research. If you’re having it installed, don’t let your plumber or
electrician tell you that you don’t need a permit. Contact you’re state code enforcement agency and find out for yourself.

To pass electrical safety Standards, modern electric showers are made of plastic instead of the metallic casings like in the
past. This electrical appliance works with higher  amperage’s  than a washer or a dryer so the installation of electric showers needs careful planning and must be made directly from the electrical distribution box , with exclusive 6 gauge wires, electric connectors for 50A and a ground system. Each manufacturer’s recommendations may differ slightly so check the  owners manual for appropriate installation  .

Older homes fitted with aluminium wires should never be used as the wires can overheat and cause a fire. With this said, it really shouldn’t be a concern since these units require their own circuits…new copper wires with the recommended gauge size have to be installed. If you’ve got questions…call your local building code enforment. They are usually very helpful.

Utility Sinks: A Need Or A Want?

I lived in several homes over the years and built my last one.   The last two homes I lived in did have a utility sink while my earlier homes did not. If you are considering buying, building, remodeling your home, or having bathroom renovation you may be asking whether or not you should invest in a utility sink.  Although it would probably be classified as a want rather than a need, I do think it is a must.

In most cases the laundry room is close to the garage which is where we usually enter our homes. It is where the kids are running in and out all day long. Keeping that in mind, which would you prefer: the kids washing their hands in you shiny kitchen sink or the utility sink? You might be thinking it would be just as easy for them to make their way to the bathroom sink. Consider the fact that they will have to travel through the house with filthy hands and faces while leaving a trail of dirt behind them.

Do you have a hobby or like to do crafts that use paint and glue? What about the kids? Do their projects call for the use of messy liquids? It’s nice to have a place for these types of messes. There is no concern is staining the porcelain bathroom sink or chunks of dried glued on your new Kohler apron sink.

We all have gone to the bathroom sink to wash our hands only to find that we left a sweater in the sink that had to be handwashed. Not to mention the fact you had to throw it over the shower rod to dry.

Don’t forget the mop bucket. It never fails that I dump a dirty mop bucket out in the bathroom tub after I have already scrubbed the tub. I end of having to clean the tub all over again.

Utility sinks can be used for all of these things and more. It’s the sink that can be beat up a little more than the others. It is the sink you can wash all things in without worrying about scratching the stainless steel or staining the sink. For all purposes the laundry sink is a must in homes today. Can you live without the luxury of a utility sink? Yes, you can. The question is, “Why would you want to?”

To compare prices of utility sinks, Kohler kitchen sinks, and more visit Kohler sinks.

Renovate The Attic Into a Bathroom

Have you ever had a problem when you’ll find not enough bathrooms inside your personal property? The solution obviously will be to build an additional one. So why not turn the attic into a bathroom?

Turning the attic into a bathroom or every other residing space requires planning. The key to making this take place is coming up with the ideal design which will permit you to maximize every single square foot of this place.

You can’t have a bathroom with out a shower. Because you’ll find so many to select from, you need to go for that wet space style shower to increase the sense of space. Make sure you seek advice from with a very good supplier to the showerhead and tiles who can give very good guidance to produce the space feel spacious and light.

In case you need to put a bathtub there, be sure the structure within the bottom can deal with the weight. These same goes for your vanity table and toilet by supporting the walls and floor. For those utilizing wood, substitute the outdated 2×4’s or 2×6’s with 2×8’s. If this just isn’t feasible, add much more with the outdated ones to support it.

Property owners who’re making use of wood for the renovated attic must apply oil to guard this towards water. It is possible to even use the same material for that flooring since there are variants which are engineered for use within the bathroom.

This can then be painted with specially formulated bathroom paint with a plastic base which is also h2o resistant so it could effortlessly be wiped down.

For sloping walls, you’ll be able to effortlessly make utilization of that by installing shelves which could be utilized to store your towels along with other linen.

As for electricity and plumbing, make sure this can be linked towards the nearest feasible source. This may make certain that your heater is working once the climate is cold exterior and there’s light.

The bathroom may also need a ventilation fan. With out one, you’ll notice that the place seems foggy, molds will develop in among the grouts, paint will peel off the walls and your towels will likely be damp. To prevent this from happening, you need to pick the best fan depending on the size of the room as well as the one that generates the less noise so you won’t get any complaints from the neighbors.

An additional thing you have to function on is greater accessibility to the renovated attic. This should be bigger or wider whichever is required and there should be anti-slip pads around the staircase so no 1 will get into an accident following coming out of the shower.

Just before it is possible to turn your attic right into a bathroom, be sure you receive all the appropriate permits in the mayor’s office. Should you do not have the skill to make this take place, hire a contractor who has long been performing this for any very lengthy time and has the status to do the job.

Once you’ve got these details so as, it’s just a make any difference of time prior to you’ll see a massive distinction inside your house and no 1 will no longer have a dilemma when they want to make use of the bathroom.  Since bathroom renovation is nonetheless an expense and also you want money for the venture, why don’t you maintain a garage sale and use the proceeds to partially shell out for that construction costs?

Replacing bathroom sink faucet difficulties

Okay so you want to be changing your bathroom sink because it’s possibly broken, cracked, you’re doing a bathroom renovation or just merely outdated. So the first thing you have to do before heading out and getting a bathroom sink is you should get to know something about its various parts. It consists of a few parts. On current day  bathroom sinks and faucets the faucet consists of three parts, a spout in the center and to handle that are attached to the actual valves that manage the   hot or cold water. The hot or cold water goes through the valves controlled by the amount the valve is opened.

One more important part to this faucet is the mixing chamber where the hot and the cold waters combine before arriving up through the spout where you wash your hands and face.

Immediately after you get rid of the old faucet, measure from center to center on the two ouside holes (these are the tap holes).If that distance is 6 inches or more , you will be able to install a wide-spread faucet and you will have to manually connect your mixing tee in this case.But if you are working with a 4 inch spread between the holes you have to acquire a centerspread or a mini wide spread faucet.

So now that you’re acquainted with the faucet and its parts and you have your plumbing equipment which mostly is composed of an adjustable wrench or two and a pair of channel lock pliers some allen wrenches. Step one remove the old tap  . Make sure to turn off the hot and cold water coming to the tap.

Read the guidelines on the packaging and follow them closely. lower the bottom of the spout through the hole in the middle and looking from underneath keeping the faucet , one hand place the washer they gave you in the package along with the nut And just finger tighten everything up. Now attach the three way spout “T”. Try to line up the openings on both ends of the T. with the hot and cold water amounts. This will make the connection easier to hook up . It’s time to tighten everything up with one of your tools. Don’t over tighten anything, especially where your spout attaches to the sink you can break the porcelain.

Generally what I use is braided lines attaching the “T” to the hot and cold valves. If your bread lines are little too long no problem just make a loop in it.

Caution: Don’t Skimp on Space in Your New Bathroom

Weighing the possibility of a new bathroom? The one you have now too space-challenged and cramped? That’s a fairly typical gripe of homeowners. Well, if you do go ahead with a bathroom renovation project, here are a few things to keep in mind.

There are at least a couple of rooms in your home where you must never skimp, depending, of course, on what is important to you.

A certain number of people decide to go big when it comes to entertainment, for instance, so they invest in a home theater simply because they spend a great deal of time watching TV and movies.

Others, such as me, truly take pleasure in good meals, so we poured considerably more finances and planning into the kitchen.

But there are two locations in your home that are not up for debate: the bathroom and the bedroom.

Mirrored bathroom cabinets can seriously improve the look and feel of your new bathroom. And not simply mirrored vanities. You’ll spend a considerable percentage of every day in your bathroom. And the one issue that is inclined to be at a premium in any bathroom is space, i.e., the lack thereof.

It’s not clear why home developers put so little thought into a room that will see much more traffic than almost any other room in the house. Ponder it, everybody in your house is going to be in your new bathroom approximately five times a day (or a lot more for the clean freak). You might spend more time watching tv in your living room than you do in the bathroom, but that doesn’t indicate that decorating and furnishing (to say nothing about design) ought to be an afterthought.

And due to the fact, as I said, no one appears to put adequate space in most bath areas, you have to devise clever tricks to use the space you have.

Also, bathrooms tend to clutter. This problem stems in part from the whole lack-of-adequate-space issue. The other aspect is that you do a extensive variety of things in the bathroom, each with its own list of essential items. You bathe, which involves a few types of soap and razors and sponges and the like. You do your hair, needing brushes and sprays and gels and combs. You brush your teeth – one more set of paraphernalia. And for women, makeup and skincare items galore. The question becomes, exactly where do you put all this stuff? We’ll answer that and more in a subsequent article.

And oh yes, the bedroom. That, of course, deserves its own article. But let me simply say that, well, you’ll spend more time slumbering than any other single thing you do in your life. So you must always get the  finest mattress you can afford, and then double it and figure out a way to afford it. A great night’s sleep cannot be replaced; put off buying the big plasma screen until next year and get yourself a good bed.

Meanwhile, enjoy your new bathroom.

Bathroom Furnishings

Gone are the days when a bathroom was just a necessity. These days, apart from its standard purpose, a toilet additionally acts as a restroom for unwinding and enjoying yourself. And thus, having proper lavatory furnishings is very important for a neat, clear and appealing bathroom. Furthermore, bathroom dÈcor should correctly blend with the remainder of the house. A bathroom renovation project could be just the thing required to achieve this. So, be very particular and careful when selecting your bathroom furniture.

When you say, bathroom furnishings, the main objects that usually come to your mind are showers, baths, bogs and wash basins. But, modern bogs are an ideal mix of recent devices like shower stalls with hydro jets, saunas, blowers, a wall hung toilet, air tubs, spas, Jacuzzis, shower stools, whirlpools and grooming mirrors as well. This furniture is often designed in accordance with the remainder of the equipment in the lavatory including the flooring patterns and tiles.

The fundamental feature of each contemporary bathroom is to provide you with comfort and a sense of cleanliness. And so, the lavatory furnishings should be chosen accordingly. When you’ve got an unclean and unhygienic rest room in an otherwise lovely home, it’s like having a scar on an attractive face.

If you are planning to construct a toilet, and you want a very stylish and fashionable look along with a snug and cozy feel, it is suggested that you seek the advice of a designer or builder as there are several practical issues involved in the construction. You should also pay attention to the size, design and coloration of your toilet before buying the accessories. Size is very important because there is no point in having a clustered rest room when you can easily compromise on several other components such as the design and the number of furnishings you need.

Now, should you talk about every item individually, all of them come in numerous shapes and varieties. So either go for the option where you get a whole set of bathroom fittings like a bath suite or go for those which are completely compatible with each other. In the case of wash basins, you have loads of choices relating to their design, style and color.

While selecting basins for a smaller bathroom it is strongly recommended that you select the ones which have cabinets so that you can keep your private things, thus providing you with additional space. Even in the case of baths and showers you’ve got plenty of choices to choose from. Simply make sure that you don’t compromise your comfort, luxury and relaxation when selecting the baths. Do not forget to give importance to your partitions and flooring since the colors and patterns of your toilet give an added appealing look to your restrooms.

Are Laminate Floors A Good Choice?

The bulk of householders struggle to make their homes attractive. Many times this is done thru redecorating which may or may not include the installation of new flooring. If you’re in the process of redecorating or thinking of a bathroom renovation, you want to include installing new flooring as it will make a great difference in the perception of the room. One of the most well liked flooring today is laminate flooring.

Although there are other flooring choices, customers have a tendency to choose laminate for a variety of different reasons. If you have just lately made the choice to install flooring and have been considering laminate, take some time to be certain it’s the best possible choice for what you want. Hopefully the factors below will guide you in making that decision.

Most consumers select laminate flooring as it is quite affordable. It can provide you with the look and sweetness of other flooring for a far littler price ticket. Actually you can also install laminate to mimic the look of other, much more expensive options. One more reason why patrons curve towards this sort of flooring is due to all of the available selections out there on the current market. Different colours, styles and looks are all available. This makes it much easier to match the room walls or the color of the area rugs you were considering using.

Because of the range of styles and the reasonable price tag, there’s also no reason to become bored by it. You can change the flooring as often as you like without entering the poor house. A more point to consider would be the straightforward upkeep this flooring possesses. All it needs is a little bit of a sweeping under those area rugs and a good mopping once and awhile and you could have it looking gorgeous for quite a long time to come. It will also not harbor any of the allergens that are so commonly found in carpet.

Installing new flooring is an important decision and you do not need to make the wrong one which is reasonably understandable. Laminate flooring has many positive qualities and may be considered seriously for your house. If you do make a decision to go on and make the leap, it is really important that you become an informed buyer before proceeding to purchase . Do your research so you will not be a disappointed and will most likely be able to enjoy it for a long while to come.

Yes, many individuals desire hardwood flooring. It is beautiful, but pricey. Laminate flooring provides the same beauty and elegance without the large price tag. Consider it. You will be pleased that you did.


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