Bathroom Supplies

Bathroom makeovers can be a daunting prospect, no matter whether you’re updating a few features or replacing all the existing facilities. It can also be an incredibly rewarding experience, adding value and style to your home for years to come.

The first thing you need to do is decide the scope of your project. Close behind that decision, you must make a list of needed bathroom supplies. Depending on the size of your redo, the list may be relatively short, or stretch on for pages. No matter the size of your list, you have two options when it comes to shopping. You can visit stores in your area and shop offline, or visit the Internet and shop online. There are pros and cons to both methods. We’ll take it step by step and help you decide the best option for your situation.

Shopping Offline
This choice allows you the opportunity to see and touch your many of your options in person. It also lets you dialogue with the experts who sell many of the fittings and fixtures. Often times they can help guide you in your choices with suggestions tailored to your specific circumstances.

Some of the drawbacks to visiting brick and mortar stores can be the time involved in the shopping process. It takes time and resources to travel to different stores, comparing prices, quality and options. It is possible that some of the items you’re searching for may not be in stock and still need to be ordered. You may also find that some of the supplies you wanted aren’t even available in your area.

Shopping Online
Shopping online can save you time. It’s much faster to click from website to website than to get in a car and drive from store to store. You will also find that you have a wider variety of items to choose from. Just like the stores in your area, websites also have a lot of resources to help you in your decision making. There are articles as well as checklists and even how to videos.

You may find, though, that if you need to buy large items, the shipping costs can be quite high. Ordering a larger volume from one supplier could possibly earn you a discount on shipping, but that will vary from site to site.

It might be that some items you decide to buy in your area and others you order from the Internet. Whatever your decision, it’s important to weigh your options before you decide the right course of action for your situation.

Practical Techniques for Opting for Affordable Bathroom Tiles

If you are a person who is searching bathroom makeovers, then you may in for a surprise. Most folks think that choosing the tiles for a bathroom is the easiest thing to do and therefore ignore it at the cost of concentrating on other fittings. This is the case, until they start searching around for the a variety of kinds of fittings, only to find that selecting the bathroom tiles is perhaps the most challenging job. Moreover, Bathroom Floor Tiles are also probably the most expensive proposition among all of the fittings and different components that you will select for your bathrooms. However, with just a little bit of study you are able to always find inexpensive bathroom tiles. Low cost once more doesn’t mean that you could be compromising with the quality, what with the wide option on offer nowadays. With so numerous dealers obtainable, you’re sure to come across  an individual who will probably be able to sell them to you at an affordable cost.

The entire process of finding cheap tiles would first of all commence with proper planning. The internet can be a very good location to commence your analysis procedure. To begin with become familiar with all that you could about bathroom tiles. This will support you ‘talk the talk’ with the dealers. Secondly make a list of all the dealers which are readily available in your town or city. You’ll be able to alternatively take the support of the local telephone book also. Once you have the list ready, then the actual procedure starts. Visiting numerous dealers usually helps, since it will assist you make your selection from a wider product offering. This would also increase your chances of getting fantastic bargains.

One of the best places to scout for low-cost bathroom tiles are home improvement stores. You’ll be able to also locate them in any do-it-yourself stores. They are sure to have a separate section devoted to bathroom tiles. With intense competition prevailing, you can always find dealers who would be able to sell you tiles at discounted rate. Simply because they are being sold at a lower rate, does not mean that you ought to buy them immediately. Get to know from the salesperson about the reason why the specific store is selling the tiles at a much lower rate. This is to make certain that you don’t compromise on high quality. There might be various factors why they are being sold at a lower rate. One of them might be that the firm has stopped production of the specific range. Sometimes it could be just that the tiles are seconds, with some minor defects. All these factors need to be considered when you are on the lookout for inexpensive bathroom tiles.

One more great approach to purchase cheap bathroom tiles would be to wait till a sale occurs. In this instance, you’re certain to discover a lot of dealers offering as much as 50 percent discount. The months of January and February are usually the times when most of the sales of home items are advertised extensively. Be sure that you keep in mind these handy ideas whenever you’re shopping around for bathroom tiles the next time around.

Searching to acquire some Inexpensive Tiles?

Should you don’t want to waste your time discovering an excellent online tile store then it is possible to use the same web site that I use. It is my favourite place to shop for Cheap Bathroom Tiles. From Kitchen to Ceramic Bathroom Tiles They have all the best info and deals on every thing you need when it comes to tiles. Please let me know how you go – I would love to see the photos of your finished Bathroom!

Some guidelines to cleaning a fibreglass one piece shower unit

A fiberglass one piece shower enclosure tends to get very dirty over the years if not properly maintained. Soap scum can build up and look terrible over time. Cleaning a fiberglass one piece shower enclosure has been the subject of issues for many individuals over the years.

Many owners just give up at a certain point because they have no idea how you can clean it properly. Whereas it might not be common knowledge, there are just a few methods that you’d have the option to clean a fiberglass one piece shower enclosure effectively that does not necessarily need a bathroom makeover.

Here are just a few suggestions for cleaning a fiberglass one piece shower unit the proper way.

The first step that it’s important to take to stop a buildup of soap scum in your bath or shower is to make use of heat water to rinse the tiles and bathtub after every shower. By doing this you’re preventing the soap scum and calcium deposits from building up. After rinsing the soap residue off, use a dry cloth or other soft fabric, to wipe glass doors, shower wall, and shower curtains.

Commercial Cleaners

There are a selection of commercial cleaners on the market that can do the job. One of the most standard cleaners for the sort of job is the Scrubbing Bubbles brand. Many people like to use this product as it will possibly effectively eat away the soap scum that builds up. Another popular model is Krud Klutter. These 2 products are readily available and inexpensive if you’d like something that’s easy to use.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Should you take pleasure in using products that you possibly can be already have around your private home, baking soda and vinegar form a strong team if you wish to clean a fiberglass tub. Clean the fiberglass with a bit of baking soda mixture and it’ll help eliminate the stubborn soap scum that covers it. Once you are finished with the baking soda, try cleansing the shower with a bit of vinegar. The vinegar will bubble a little bit and enable you to to get to the grime. This will usually result in a glowing clean shower.


Another home remedy for cleaning fiberglass showers is to use pure alcohol on it. This works particularly well when you’ve got stained areas on the tub. Just pour some alcohol directly onto the fiberglass and the stain will normally be gone in no time. This makes it extraordinarily easy and inexpensive to clean the fiberglass shower.

Oven Cleaner and Magic Eraser

Another unorthodox approach to clean the fiberglass enclosure is to use oven cleaner. Oven cleaner has some highly effective ingredients in it that’s designed to loosen some pretty nasty grime. The dirtiness on the inside of your oven is normally loads tougher to scrub than a bathtub. Due to this fact, the cleaner often works wonders on getting even essentially the most stubborn stains out.

Once you have let the oven cleaner soak into the soap scum and dirt for a while, take a Magic Eraser to the area and remove anything that remains. This combination will usually end in an unbelievably clear fiberglass enclosure that looks like it did when it was new. This mix has worked on some very soiled fiberglass shower units and it should work for you as well.

Mold Spores – What is This?

When you touch a mold fungus, you’re helping to release more mold spores into the atmosphere. Mold spores, as soon they are released into the air by the fungus, float around in the air and get blown around with any movement. They are invisible and can easily be inhaled. Once inhaled they can induce limited or more serious health troubles. They often account for a variety of allergies, and even asthma attacks. They can also induce intense health problems even before they decide for a bathroom makeover. Some mold types are toxic to humans.

Mold that produces potentially fatal mold spores is very difficult to distinguish. Few people are experts in mold fungi, To understand the various types of mold is very difficult, if not infeasible for most of us. It is indeed a very good wearing protective gear for your precaution in the near of mold, as toxic mold is difficult to identify.

It has to be avoided to inhale mold spores at any time.. You can achieve this by being alert. Check your surroundings for mold infestation. As soon as you detect a problem, try to get rid of mold applying a bleach and detergent solution. If you apply a detergent solution, add a borate based detergent to the mix for more effective cleaning. Do not rinse. Bleach, solved in water, can be taken to kill and control mold spores and mold. In addition to that, vacuuming is a good way to remove mold spores in your house.

People have to be highly vigilant when their places are frequently exposed to water. These places are full of moisture which permits molds to flourish. While many another houses can get mold spores, those with high moisture levels will be the ones that will receive mold infestations much more often.

Manifestation of Molds

When molds develop, you’ll often see small black points or white growths that resemble bits of thread. If the white threads are not taken care of they will eventually become bigger. The unholy spots will expand to large blotches of black as the fungus colony gets more established.

Molds are consuming the organic matter they live on. While they eat up and digest their living place the organic matter gets decayed and rotten. Larger amounts of mold spores are being released into the air when molds keep growing. Mold spores can remain in the air for a long time. They are able to move and infest various types of surfaces.

Once the environment changes to create the ideal combination of heat, air and moisture, the mold spores develop into the fungus.

Bath pillow – provides you a unique bathing experience

Using a bath pillow gives you an entirely fresh bathing experience. You’ll feel highly comfy when bathing and also you’ll step out of the bath tub having a feel of full satisfaction if you get yourself a superior product especially after a bathroom makeover.

Having a fine and also hot bath is considered by nearly everybody as certainly calming. Nevertheless that will get even much better if you are having your comfortable and beautiful bath using a bathing pillow. Long story short, those pillows enable you to literally recline inside the bath tub – which is certainly really much similar to the experience of sleeping in your own bed.

To grant everyone a comforting experience while you bathe yourself in the bath tub is the full thought behind bathing pillows, in simple fact. Nowadays, consumers are really stressed with their jobs and also private lifestyles. So investing some amount of time in the bath tub is much more similar to a ‘private’, ‘cozy’ and calming time to almost all of the people today. A bath pillow can just improve this experience.

Things to expect?

Numerous of these come as mildew immune. Compared to regular kind of pillows, up-to-date pillows’ mildew resistance saves you the issues of drying up the wetness that is still trapped with them. Numerous pillows come with helpful suction cups for allowing you to take care of your pillow in a healthful way. They’re commonly machine washable. This means, you barely have to go through the hassle of therefore you aren’t required to worry about performing any kind of bizarre things to keep them fresh and clean. You can take these right into your washer simply just like almost any other piece of clothes.


When you’re cleaning these pillows, it truly is at the same time necessary that you simply ensure,  you exercise due care and soft handling. They’re generally created out of very sensitive fibers / components. You must make certain that you simply keep these from tearing apart to take pleasure from using your pillow for a long period of time. You can get these in typical shops which concentrate on bathing equipment. You are able to find shops that offer a lot of bath or body works goods in your town or area. But considering the luxury and comfort and ease you receive from them, they are extremely low-cost and so can do wonders by bringing substantial change in your bathing sessions.

For finding awesome offers on bathing pillows you’ll be able to surf the net. It really is advised that you search for manufacturers which are created out of terry cloths. They are becoming greatly favored with time, and that means you could expect to have much better varieties in days in the future.

Your quality yardsticks!

The bathing pillow you acquire must be produced of 100% healthy resources. You’ve got to be additional certain about that. Do not go for items which mix up synthetic fibers even when they are less expensive. Since you’re getting yourself a bathing pillow for the benefit of comfort and ease, it can make little sense saving a few us dollars on your bathing pillow.

A excellent decision could be read a number of actual purchaser review articles on several manufacturers of bathing pillows. You are able to in addition read boards which deal with problems like health and wellness, skin care as well as bathing gadgets. A little bit of investigation now can help you save the hassle and also discontentment of purchasing a substandard bath pillow.

How to replace tiles safely

From time to time I get asked the questions  “how do I replace  tiles” and “is it easy ?”

If you are anything like me  you will know the  fantastic  feeling of getting well stuck into DIY bathroom makeovers. You won’t actually need very many tools as it’s really all in the technique. Once you know how to do it , it really is very easy and you will feel very  pleased with yourself !

The added bonus is that you could potentially save yourself the cost of paying a tiler to do the work for you, which may even  equate to the cost of the replcement tiles !

There are really 2 steps to removing tiles, it may seem a intimidating task to begin with but you will get into the swing in no time. I  believe you can do it!

Tools you will need to remove your tiles: 

These are the most basic requirements for a tile removing project, you will find them well-situated in any DIY/Hardware store .

  1.  Stanley  knife
  2. Chisel
  3. Hammer
  4. Safety  Goggles
  5. Dust Sheet

Step One:

I would definitely cover everything within striking distance that might get scratched by a bit of flying tile.

You need to score the grout between each tile and really try to get as much of it out as you can,  will definitely help to raise your chances of having that tile  come out as a whole instead of breaking up into tiny bits of mosaic.

Step Two:

Right, now you have scored through and removed as much grout as possible, you then need to get your chisel out and then gently tap away with your hammer until the tile comes off.

Some  tilers avoid Step One and smash the tile in the middle, remove the chippings and then slide the chisel underneath the remaining tile to find a way in. I personally find this can get you out of hot water, where the adhesive material used is industrial strength!

But I wouldn’t normally recommend  it as it can be quite destructive on the wall or floor, potentially giving you remediate work to carry out before re-tiling can take place.

Bath Vanities – Options to Delight Your Senses

Bath vanities are an important part of any bathroom design and come in many different styles.  The decorating trends for bathrooms are endless, and the options for choosing a bathroom vanity are varied. Add to it that all of us tend to get caught in a decorating rut and these facts can make the decision difficult. So when deciding on a vanity, don’t be afraid to consider something new and daring within your favorite bathroom makeover and design style.


Just because the style is categorized as traditional doesn’t mean it can’t be fresh. Whether it’s painted wood with a laminate top, or stained wood with granite, colors make a statement. Keep the traditional style, but go out on a limb with color.


This style is defined by clean lines and minimal accessories. But clean doesn’t have to mean dull. Translate boring into bang with unusual accessories. Look for items that tell personal stories or a single statement piece that pops with style.


It’s easy to go overboard when mixing styles and materials and that’s what this kind of design is all about. To cut out unnecessary clutter, keep in mind a theme, whether it’s color or something else, and this style can move from busy to intriguing.

Of course these aren’t the only design styles, but they are the basics. It’s easy to translate these three to all the other styles.

It’s also important to keep materials in mind when making your choice. Obviously a vanity with a laminate countertop will be less expensive than marble, but price points will vary even within a specific category. The key to finding the best option at the best price is research. Start the search on the Internet, but don’t skip talking to the experts. They have valuable insights on installation and durability.

Finally, when it comes to choosing bathroom vanities keep longevity in mind. Picking something that resonates with your lifestyle and using the accessories to freshen it up from year to year is always good advice, but particularly so in this economy.

Even if you’re working within a tight budget, price doesn’t have to be the dictator when it comes to eye catching style. Don’t be afraid of an investment piece for your vanity, it may make good sense when you consider the length of time you’ll be enjoying it. Remember, budget constraints don’t have to limit your vanity options to dull and boring. It may be necessary to work a little harder when the price points are lower, but the hunt is worth it.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets – Turn Boring Into Exciting

Bathroom medicine cabinets, just saying the words can conjure up pictures of childhood, taking us back to the home where we grew up. What bathroom didn’t come equipped with the bulky, wall mounted variety? With its obligatory surface mirror it couldn’t have been more boring.  Almost everything in the bathroom design was boring and dull.

If you’re one of many who find impossible to envision anything else above the bathroom sink, have we got news for you. Today’s bathroom medicine cabinets are almost too chic to house medicine. They range from tradition rectangles with side lighting to oval mirrors that mount flush on the wall and defy recognition. The styles below will familiarize you with some of the options and guarantee an up to date look in your bathroom and get you ready for a bathroom makeover.

Traditional Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinets

These are the closest to the one’s you remember from your childhood because they are mounted on the wall (as opposed to mounted flush). But the similarities stop there. There’s nothing boring about these bathroom cabinets. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes – rectangular, square, circular, and an amazing number of variations. Almost all still incorporate a mirrored front. But many add extras, like lighting. The lights might be mounted flush with the mirror to facilitate bathroom tasks, or between the surface and the wall, highlighting the shape and design of the cabinet.

Traditional Flush Mounted Medicine Cabinets

This type of medicine cabinet has also been seen in years past, but once again, modern design has turned the traditional upside down. Mounted between the studs and set into the wall, the only limit is the width between the studs.

Today these bathroom cabinets are almost impossible to detect. They utilize picture frame molding no different from what we find anywhere else in the home. It’s common to see models with ornate gold frames or sleek, black metal contemporary ones. And once again, the shapes are endless, limited only by the design style you choose.

You can also find flush mounted models with only a thin mirror on the surface of the wall, no frame or molding of any kind giving away it’s hidden depths.



Corner Mounted Medicine Cabinets

These cabinets utilize limited space in an innovative way. They are generally more sleek and contemporary in design, with both front and side mirrored. But some traditional models are available. Space within this type of cabinet is more limited, but since it’s space that would be wasted anyway it is often a good trade off.

No matter your design style or storage requirement there’s at least one, of the many types of bathroom medicine cabinets available, to meet your needs.  Also, before making any final decisions with it, be sure to compare with the main bathroom vanity cabinets you have chosen to ensure everything matches.

Bathroom Linen Cabinets – How To Select The Right Ones

Bathroom linen cabinets can be both beautiful and functional. Are your countertops, cabinets and floors crowded with toiletries? Then it is definitely time to invest in a storage unit for them.

It may be that your cabinet is old and dingy. Or that it never fit the space or your design style. It’s possible to create a stylish and convenient spot for towels and bath accessories. There are many options, from corner cabinets to those that are set into the wall. Whatever your bathroom décor, there are many bathroom linen cabinets available for you.

A new linen cabinet can upgrade your bathroom at a fraction of the cost of remodeling and bathroom makeovers. It will give you a space to organize what was clutter and provide you with a restful bath experience.

  • Corner Units – These are generally free standing cabinets that, as the name implies, fit in the corner. A lot of bathrooms have one or more corners that are empty, wasting valuable space. If that’s the situation in your bath, a corner cabinet could be the perfect solution.
  • Freestanding Wall Unit – These cabinets can be found in a variety of styles and sizes, as well as material. While these don’t require construction skills, if the cabinet you choose is taller than three feet, it’s always a good idea to secure it to the wall to prevent it from toppling over.
  • Mounted Wall Unit – This type of cabinet is good if floor space is at a premium. It can be hung in a space unsuitable for anything else.
  • Set-in Wall Unit – This cabinet is a good fit for a small bathroom. A hole can be cut in the wall, between the studs, and the cabinet mounted flush. This keeps the cabinet from infringing on space within the bathroom.

A good linen cabinet will always provide these three things.

  • Storage – It will help de-clutter a space as well as keep bathroom necessities close at hand.
  • Accessibility – When choosing a linen cabinet keep accessibility in mind. We’ve all seen spaces where a cabinet can’t be utilized with the door open and or closed.
  • Style – With all the options available today, there is no excuse for an unseemly linen cabinet. Beautiful bathroom cabinets are available at all price points, from discount to custom.


Bottom Line – There are bathroom linen cabinets to fit your budget, style and storage needs.

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures – Upgrades To Increase Functionality

Replacing bathroom lighting fixtures is a simple project that can dramatically increase the functionality of your bathroom. It can be an uncomplicated feat, if you consider that different lighting sources are needed for specific chores. For instance, ‘task lighting’ is directed to illuminate the head and face areas for grooming purposes, rather than installing recessed lighting directly over the sink and mirror (which would cast uncomplimentary shadows about the features of your bathroom lighting ideas).

Bathroom lighting fixtures each containing a 60 to 75 watt bulb mounted on both sides of the mirror, would produce a more even glow in that area. They should be mounted 36 to 40 inches apart on each side of the mirror, at eye level.

Larger mirrors pose an exception. In which case, bathroom lighting fixtures installed directly on the mirror (costing a bit more) will produce the desired effects for hair combing and shaving, etc.. Or a rectangular light fixture of no less than 24 inches installed over the mirror and holding bulbs of 100 to 120 watts, will produce similar lighting effects. Remember that florescent output calls for one half to one third of the wattage of incandescent bulbs. In smaller bathrooms, ceiling recessed lights can provide adequate lighting in designated areas of the tub or toilet. While a shower with clear glass sides might not even require dedicated lighting.

To install your new bathroom lighting fixtures on the wall, you will need a circuit tester. And if there is no existing light fixture in that area, you may also need to call an electrician. Otherwise, a screwdriver, wire nuts, and the corresponding parts that came packaged with your new lighting fixture, is about all you will need. But first!

“It is vital- to turn off the electrical supply before attempting to work on any electrical component!”

Do this, by turning-off the main circuit breaker for the whole house. Or by turning-off the electricity to that particular service line, before using a circuit tester to verify that there is no active current. Do all of this before you even ‘begin’ handling the wires!

The installation begins after you remove the old bathroom lighting fixtures:

#1. Remove the bulb, and the center screw securing the old plate to the mounting bracket.

#2. Pry the plate off the wall.

#3. Pull out and disconnect existing wires, examining whether they are color coded.

If your old house does not contain color coded wires, or if the existing wires or their insulation is cracked and brittle, you will need to contact an electrician. Otherwise from this point on, you can confidently follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Manufacturers design specific mounting arrangements for different models of bathroom lighting fixtures. It is in their best interests to provide complete installation instructions with their products.

Upgrading or replacing your bathroom lighting fixtures doesn’t have to be complicated.  Just make sure you follow simple instructions.