The Three Main Types of Bathroom Ceiling Fans

Many don’t apprehend the value of bathroom ceiling fans. Several homes do not even have one put in their bathroom. These types of fans are terribly important not solely to circulate the air in the bathroom, but it is also significant in air ventilation. Because a toilet is usually a closed space, air ought to easily circulate and ventilate inside. The quality of air within your rest room can have a big influence on the entire indoor air quality in your home. Indoor air must be kept in good quality. However you should not choose just any fan  for your bathroom. You need to recognize the different varieties so you’ll install the best and suitable unit in your bathroom.

Fans for various bathrooms ideas play important roles of preserving lavatory sanitation and hygiene. It will not end in just regularly cleaning and dusting the full bathroom. You should guarantee that the air inside your bathroom is clean and safe. Bathroom ceiling fans are especially perfect for eliminating humidity and moisture. Too much exposure to moisture can damage particular lavatory fixtures and materials. As the bathroom fan get rid of moisture build up, bacterial growth can be prevented. Moisture is a good place for bacteria to flourish. These fans will conjointly eliminate pollutants and unhealthy odors in your indoor air.

Currently, choosing the right bathroom ceiling fan involves knowing the different sorts of fans. Here are the three main types of bathroom fans.

Ceiling Mounted Bathroom Fans. Ceiling-mounted bathroom fans are put in in the ceiling at specific locations where they will efficiently ventilate a certain space. These varieties of fans are closest to the lounge, thus you’ll be able to most likely hear them once they are turned on. However, there are more ceiling-mounted rest room fans that are quiet.

Remote Bathroom Ceiling Fans. These types of fans are placed away from the bathroom. It’s typically placed in the attic. There is an opening in the toilet that is ducted to the remote fan.

Wall-mounted (external) Bathroom Fans. These sorts of toilet fans are placed simply outside the toilet, instead of at the attic or within the bathroom.

You’ll be able to pick from these three main types of ceiling fans. However you should keep in mind that there are more factors that you must think about when shopping for a bathroom fans. Factors will include size of the space, quality, height of the ceiling, size of the fan, and the design. These are also the factors that you must take into account when buying for low profile ceiling fans, white fans, and different sorts of ceiling fans.




Which Bathroom Medicine Cabinets Are Right for You?

Without a doubt, the bathroom sees more use than almost any other room in your home. This means that it needs to look great and have room in it to avoid clutter. Bathroom ideas often tend to get cluttered quickly, which is why some nice storage space can come in handy. Wondering how to get that storage space you need to avoid all the clutter? Adding bathroom medicine cabinets can be the answer to the clutter problem.

Bathroom medicine cabinets let you get all of those non-essential items off of the bathroom sink and out of sight in a cabinet where they can be well organized and easy to find when needed. It’s also a great space saver, since they reduce a large amount of bathroom clutter. If you want to bring some order to the chaos of your bathroom, maybe it’s time you installed a new cabinet. There are plenty of great reasons to do this – and if you’ll kindly read on, you can learn more about what bathroom medicine cabinets can do for your bathroom.

They Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

A new bathroom medicine cabinet can give your bathroom a more spacious look thanks to creating a place to put away everything. Of course this only works as long as you avoid any cabinetry that looks awkward. Even for small bathrooms, when you add them, they’ll make the space look bigger, especially since all the clutter is gone.

Great for Storing Clutter

Bathroom cabinets are great for storing clutter. When you don’t have enough storage space, so many things end up all over the sink in the bathroom, making it look bad. However, you can get it all in your new cabinet and have a cleaner, larger looking bathroom which will be easier to maintain.

Add a Mirror Too

Many of these medicine cabinets come with mirrors on the outside of them. This adds another mirror to your bathroom, which is always great. The mirrors also make the space look brighter. More mirrors in your bathroom can make the area look bigger as well. Often the mirror will even disguise the fact that you have the cabinet and simply looks like a nice mirror on the wall.

Can be Recessed into the Wall

If you’ve got an exceptionally small bathroom, you need to be mindful of every square inch of space. If this is a problem for you, then you can recess your bathroom medicine cabinet into the wall. There will simply be a door or mirror there on the wall. Open it and you’ll see storage space that is recessed into the wall. This insures that you don’t take up precious room within a small bathroom.

Organizing Your Cabinet

Of course if you are purchasing these cabinets, you’ll want to keep them organized as well. Keep only the things which you use regularly in the cabinet to avoid clutter. Each member of your household can have their own assigned shelf space in the cabinet to keep things organized and tidy in your medicine cabinet.

Bathroom medicine cabinets are a great option for any bathroom. Whether you have a large bathroom or a small one, these cabinets have many benefits. They’ll offer a great solution to a cluttered bathroom and they look wonderful too.

Contemporary Bathroom Vanities: Contemporary Decor for the Perfect Design

Changing the appearance of your bathroom is easily achievable, if you just place a sophisticated looking modern bathroom vanity. In properly deciding on your vanity, it is crucial for homeowners to thoroughly assess the plan they have in mind, so that the resulting verdict would complement the transformation they want to achieve. However, as the owner of your home it is important not to restrict yourself to the traditional designs of a bath vanity. rather consider the themes and bathroom ideas that you want to instill, and look for contemporary designs that would embody your design interests.

If you want some modern style in your home, look no further than modern bathroom vanities. Before you do anything else, determine if a modern vanity is a good decision for your unique bathroom needs. The manufacturing materials of modern vanities may range from tempered glass, stainless silver, chrome, natural stones and even organic hardwood.

It should also be noted that you can find some modern vanities in a wide range of dimensions, from two feet to seven feet wide, with varied depths. Essentially, it might interest you to skew towards the smaller side of the vanity range, so your new appliance doesn’t overwhelm your bathroom.

To facilitate an illustration of more volume for undersized bathrooms, it is advisable to use modern bathroom vanities that are installed directly on a wall. At the same time, vanities that are set on the ground is usually a better choice for large bathrooms with vaunted ceilings. However, if none of these options will work for you and your family, there are shops that offer lots of options for custom vanities. Essentially, by doing your own custom job with the bathroom vanitycustomizing your customizing your new bathroom cabinet, you have full control over the materials that are used and ascertain the space where it will be installed.

Aside from space and design, the dimensions of the house itself are very important to a home renovator. You should really give some thought to simultaneous utilization; how many guests are visiting this vanity, and more importantly, how many will require it at a single moment. By doing this, you will deduce what type and size of bathroom vanity to buy. Double sinks are great choices for bathrooms that serve a family as opposed to an individual; on the other hand, if it is only you and your husband who will share the vanity, resorting to a contemporary single sink will definitely work for you.

It is important to realize that bathroom vanities act as focal points in bathrooms, so it is pretty important that you pick the right one. Many types of modern vanity are now made in various colors and materials that would best go for any homeowners’ set theme. Since modern vanities require less polishing, sealing, and cleaning than traditional vanities, you should expect to put less effort into maintaining it than you would with an older vanity. Perhaps even better, current vanities save you money as they are built to live longer than old fashioned vanities.

Bathrooms provide personal sanctuaries from external forces that no other part of the house can provide. This is assuredly the space wherein the majority of people do their most private activities. Because of this, it is necessary to invest in the best appliances and accessories for this area, because phenomenal furniture will help insure that your day gets off to a idyllic beginning. As such, selecting the modern vanity that bes fits your unique tastes does not only invigorate your personal space but also promotes a healthier and happier you.

Believe it or not, many homeowners tend to neglect their bathrooms when they are redesigning the interiors of their homes. Just don’t forget, metamorphosing this unique chamber with the help of bathroom vanities can make this area the ideal refuge.

How to Choose the Right Faucets

Faucets are pieces of artwork now that have multi-functioning capabilities. Some of them have removable ends that spray water. Others have tops that lift off and move over. Water softeners and filters can be placed over nozzles to provide safer and tastier water. The selections are endless. Faucets can also come in plastic or metal, so the colors are changeable too.

Today there is such a wide variety to choose from for your bathroom ideas when it comes to faucets when compared to the days gone by. Those were the days when you were absolutely thrilled if you even had a faucet in the kitchen so that you did not have to go out for water. Then came the heater that gave you hot water. That was considered a Godsend! But now not only do you have a whole variety you also have them in different colors to suit the color of your soap dispenser too!

1. Kitchen Faucets

You will discover that there are different types of faucet materials available in the market. Whether you decide to select a brass or polished, copper, chrome or stainless steel, you should make sure the faucet’s body MUST be very lasting, maintenance free, heavy-weight, should not corrode or be prone to discoloration and must suit your kitchen theme nicely. You need to know that kitchen faucets made of brass are known to be very resistant to adverse effects, chrome-plated faucets are known to be quite affordable. It is very important that you insist on buying a facet that is durable – the faucet you choose should last for a pretty long time without dripping, don’t you just hate it when you hear that drip-drip sound?! Just try to select one that is of top quality and fits your budget pretty well.

2. Bathroom Faucets

The first decorating and design tip is for look at color schemes. If your bathroom sink is painted black use a light stainless steel faucets with details. If your sink is painted with flower or dot patterns use a light gold stainless steel faucet. If the sink is painted white use a black, green or yellow stainless steel faucet. The reason you want to buy stainless steel bathroom faucets is that they are 100% percent germ free and easy to clean and don’t rust. The second decorating and design tip is to use curved bathroom taps. These type of faucets can offer a basic elegant touch to your bathroom. The faucet can be curved down 1/4, 1/2, to 1 inches. You can also buy a bathroom tap that is curved to the right or left. These are bathroom faucets that are simply curved a bit to the right or left. It adds a detail that few bathrooms have. The third decorating and design tip is to buy bathroom faucets with details. You can add flower or word pattern to your bathroom faucet. Also, you can add lines or squares or rectangles to your bathroom faucet as well as circles.

When looking for faucets ensure that you really do some research before finally settling for one. You have to see that what you buy will not start a leak within months of having purchased it. Insist on quality, finish and class even if it means paying just that little bit more for a good branded one. You can select one that gives you hot and cold water one by one or choose one where they could be mixed to the temperature that you would like.

You will find many faucets in the market but some of the better and more reputed brands are Moen and Price Pfister and you are certain to get discounts on them if you look for them online.


Bathroom Medicine Cabinets – Turn Boring Into Exciting

Bathroom medicine cabinets, just saying the words can conjure up pictures of childhood, taking us back to the home where we grew up. What bathroom didn’t come equipped with the bulky, wall mounted variety? With its obligatory surface mirror it couldn’t have been more boring.  Almost everything in the bathroom design was boring and dull.

If you’re one of many who find impossible to envision anything else above the bathroom sink, have we got news for you. Today’s bathroom medicine cabinets are almost too chic to house medicine. They range from tradition rectangles with side lighting to oval mirrors that mount flush on the wall and defy recognition. The styles below will familiarize you with some of the options and guarantee an up to date look in your bathroom and get you ready for a bathroom makeover.

Traditional Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinets

These are the closest to the one’s you remember from your childhood because they are mounted on the wall (as opposed to mounted flush). But the similarities stop there. There’s nothing boring about these bathroom cabinets. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes – rectangular, square, circular, and an amazing number of variations. Almost all still incorporate a mirrored front. But many add extras, like lighting. The lights might be mounted flush with the mirror to facilitate bathroom tasks, or between the surface and the wall, highlighting the shape and design of the cabinet.

Traditional Flush Mounted Medicine Cabinets

This type of medicine cabinet has also been seen in years past, but once again, modern design has turned the traditional upside down. Mounted between the studs and set into the wall, the only limit is the width between the studs.

Today these bathroom cabinets are almost impossible to detect. They utilize picture frame molding no different from what we find anywhere else in the home. It’s common to see models with ornate gold frames or sleek, black metal contemporary ones. And once again, the shapes are endless, limited only by the design style you choose.

You can also find flush mounted models with only a thin mirror on the surface of the wall, no frame or molding of any kind giving away it’s hidden depths.



Corner Mounted Medicine Cabinets

These cabinets utilize limited space in an innovative way. They are generally more sleek and contemporary in design, with both front and side mirrored. But some traditional models are available. Space within this type of cabinet is more limited, but since it’s space that would be wasted anyway it is often a good trade off.

No matter your design style or storage requirement there’s at least one, of the many types of bathroom medicine cabinets available, to meet your needs.  Also, before making any final decisions with it, be sure to compare with the main bathroom vanity cabinets you have chosen to ensure everything matches.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets – Finding Your Style And Personality

Bathroom vanity cabinets have finally come into their own, welcomed into the home as a useful and beautiful piece of furniture. Their designs are a long way from the painted wood, laminate topped boxes we’re used to seeing. There are many different design styles to choose from, so take time and explore the intriguing possibilities for a refreshing bathroom design.

Contemporary – If you’re looking for a cabinet that’s fresh and graceful this style is for you.  Contemporary cabinets are marked by clean lines and spare details.

Traditional – Conventional style and design marks this category. But just because the style is traditional doesn’t mean it has to be ordinary. Look for standard details used in original ways.

This is the time to make some detailed measurements of the space where you cabinet will be installed. These measurements are critical, so be sure to double check your numbers.

Now it’s time to put in a little research. Before making your selection, take time to familiarize yourself with the options available. The list below will take you through the process step by step.

Internet – This is the place to begin your quest. Enter bathroom vanity into the search engine of your choice and start browsing. Be sure to keep a pad and pen nearby. You’ll want to make note of the styles and companies that interest you most. Even if a piece seems beyond your budget write it down. You’ll be surprised at the options that translate at lower price points. Some of those details make the transition into inexpensive pieces.

Magazines – Now it’s time to visit your local library or bookstore. Keep your pad and pen handy, your list isn’t complete. Look at as many current design and building magazines as you can lay your hands on. These will offer different settings and options for the pieces that have drawn you in on the Internet. Also pay attention to the overall design style of the bathroom where your favorite pieces are displayed. This can give you options you might not have considered before.


Brick and Mortar Businesses – Once you have your list it’s time to take a more hands on approach. Plan to spend at least a day covering all the options. Start with Building supply stores and then move onto local cabinet shops. They are all great places to look. Take time to see the pieces that interest you in person. Talk to the sales staff, you’ll find they know all the specifications and details, as well as any variations that are available.

These simple steps will result in a bathroom vanity that fits your lifestyle and personality perfectly.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets – Steps To Upgrade Without Breaking The Bank

New bathroom vanity cabinets can be very expensive and because of this budget bathrooms are quickly becoming more and more popular, particularly modifications or updates from an existing cabinet instead of buying new cabinets. The hard economical times are hitting everyone from the rich to the slightly less well off. So more people are turning to budgeting when it comes to bathroom remodeling, and making the most of what they have.

The saying goes that buying something new goes a long way to making a person feel better. So what if making something look new can help a person to feel much better?

As well as the obvious physical and psychological benefits of do-it-yourself, the payback to ones pocket through budgeting a new addition to your property is also very welcome.

With budgeting in mind, turning to how-to-improve the look of an old and beaten up bathroom vanity cabinets at low cost is something to consider.

Easy low cost improvements

Firstly to ensure that this do-it-yourself improvement you will need to make sure that your vanity unit’s frame is in good order, so have a good check inside and out for any water damage, rot or mildew.

1. If you do not have any damage then you can proceed to the next stage(2), however if you have rot then you will need to consider replacing the parts of the frame that are no longer good, or treat areas with mildew with a general household mildew remover and then prime the wood with wood primer paint.

2. Remove and measure your cabinet doors/drawer fronts and check the hinges and handles, if they are good then you should keep them. These can cost a lot of money to replace as new so can save you quite few dollars.

3. Is the counter top in good shape? If it is then consider keeping it (If no go to 3) and just giving it a good clean along with removing the old sealant/caulk with a utility knife. Then reseal using a good waterproof bathroom sealant. You will be amazed how new your countertop will actually look and will have saved you a small fortune.

4. Whether you counter top is in good or bad condition, the surface is usually where a lot of things can be done to improve the look and condition. You can add a sunken sink effect by sanding down the countertop surface adding some 2-3mm deep grooves/channels 1 inch apart. Then adding a mosaic of tiles to the countertop. The grooves are so that the tile grout has something to adhere to. You can be as creative as you want with your mosaic design, cheap end of line tiles can be found at a hardware store, or very cheaply on craigslist as unwanted items. You may even have some lay around yourself. You can get instructions on how to set/install tiles to a countertop with an online search.

5. There are two things you can do with your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. You can measure and replace them for new ones or some that are in good condition second hand. Ensuring you find the correct sizes and matching hinge placements. This is still much cheaper than replacing the full unit. Or you can sand, prime and paint the doors (making sure you have removed any handles and hinges first). You can be creative and choose any color of bathroom paint you want, you could have a contrasting frame color and doors, mix and match – you decide. Allow for paint to dry.

6. Remember to sand, prime and paint your frame first. Allowing for drying times then replace your doors and drawers.

Of course this is just a starting tutorial and you can be as creative as you want, but hopefully you will have ended up with a new looking set of bathroom vanity cabinets and saved yourself a good couple of hundred dollars in the process.

Small Bathrooms – Accessories To Give Your Bathroom Depth

So many people are into the DIY remodeling mode these days. Just look around if you have cable and you will be able to see program after program dedicated to remodeling the home. There are even channels out there that have nothing but remodeling advice. Many of the programs are niche related programs that deal with how to remodel bathrooms or kitchens or basements. Well, once you remodel these rooms you will eventually have to accessorize. Here are a few helpful tips in order to have small bathroom remodel.

Don’t Over Do it

The key to remodeling and accessorizing small bathrooms is to not over do it when you are planning on filling the space with different items. You want to have just enough accessories in there that are needed but not too many these that will just end up cluttering the space. Here are a few items that may look great in a small bathroom:

Paper Towel Holder

You always want to make sure that you have the nice and expensive hand towels that are just for display but you have to remember that people will need to dry there hands after washing them. Fir this you will need a paper towel holder. This type of accessory can be screwed into the wall or just rest on the counter top. They actually make very decorative paper towel holders that rest on the counter top these days. They are much better suited if you are going for a certain style or decor in your bathroom. The paper towel holders that are screwed into the wall are sort of a thing of the past.

Tooth Brush Holder Sets

These types of sets can also be very decorative, even if they don’t contain tooth brushes at all. For example, if you were going for a nice seasonal theme such as winter or fall, you can probably find a nice tooth brush holder set that will match these themes. Pair these with your soap dishes and things of that nature and your counter top is set.

Small Pictures

It is always a good idea to include pictures on the wall of your small bathrooms. This is a way for you to show off your personality a little and give the room some life. This is also a way to incorporate more theme type items into the room. Again, we will use seasonal examples. If you have your winter theme items on the counter top you can compliment these items with a nice portrait of a winter scene.

Small Bathroom Design – The Many Possibilities

Small bathroom design is really a matter of personal taste.  There are many programs on television today that you can find large scale bathroom renovations. Usually, you may find someone with a big budget making over the entire bathroom. But can someone with a small budget have the same luxuries of making over their bathrooms as someone with a large budget? The answer is yes. There are many things that can be accomplished when making over a small bathroom with a small budget as can with a big bathroom and a large budget. You can still turn your bathroom into something that will be comfortable and relaxing. In this article we will look at some of the many possibilities of small bathroom design and renovation.

The first thing you need to realize when small for your small bathroom remodeling job is how often do you use this bathroom that you are planning to reconstruct. This should give you a good idea on how much you need to put into remodeling the bathroom. If you use the bathroom less than you need to know that you should probably not be looking to dump a bunch of money into it. If this is a bathroom that is used frequently, than you may want to consider using a good amount of money for your fix up job.

The next thing that you should consider is who will be using this bathroom. Do you have a big family or a small family? Will they all be using this bathroom? If they are, what size of person will be using the bathroom? These questions may seem like they are pretty trivial on the surface but to be truthful they are very important. For instance, let’s say that most of the family will be accessing this bathroom on a daily of semi daily basis. If your entire family is on the tall side, then you would not want to install a sink that they need to bend down in order to use. You would probably want to get a custom made sink so that tall people would not need to strain in order to use it. once again, this may sound trivial but it is very important in the long run.

If you are dealing with a small bathroom, there are a few tricks that you can use to make the space seem a little more roomier than it really is. For instance, if you are installing cabinets for a small bathroom design, make sure that the cabinets are installed high up in the bathroom space instead of lower. This will give the appearance that the bathroom space is a little larger than it really is.

Another of the basic tips when performing your small bathroom design is your choice of color and the intensity of that color. A lighter and brighter color will always make your small bathroom appear much bigger than if you painted the room using a darker and more intensive color. For instance, if you painted your bathroom a light bright baby blue color, your bathroom would look much bigger than if you painted it a dark brown color.

Bathroom Remodels – Tips For Cost Effective Remodeling

When it comes to bathroom remodels, there is no end to the amount  of bathroom remodeling tips that you can find in today’s world. Just turn on the television and surf through the channels and you will probably find a few shows that are dedicated to the bathroom. Go to the bookstore and you will find rows and rows of DIY home renovation books at your disposal. There will probably even be a section or two specifically about the bathroom.

If you ask any real estate agent what makes houses sell, a good amount of them will probably say kitchens and bathrooms. This is why it is always a good idea to fix up your bathroom (and your kitchen) if you have the time and money to do so. Doing this will ultimately increase the value of your home, set your home apart from the rest in the neighborhood and ultimately give your home a great makeover.

This article will focus on two major bathroom renovation tips for bathroom remodels. Of course there are many more tips that we could have included in this article but we just wanted to focus on two here.

Color Splash

You may not even be aware of it but certain colors affect the way that you feel. In addition to that, the intensity of colors will further affect how you are feeling. These sorts of things are very subtle and they probably affect people on a sub conscious level. If you drive around to local fast food restaurants in the area, you may be surprised to see that some of them have the same color scheme and layout. Well, this may be because they want you to be in a state of mind to eat.

With that being said, you want to make sure that you choose the right color and intensity of color that you want for your bathroom. More and more people are designing their bathrooms to be relaxation rooms. A good bathroom painting tip is to find out what particular mood you want to set for your bathroom and research to see which color will put you in that state of mind. This is a very important tip in bathroom remodels

Lighting In The Bathroom

Just like color does, lighting too will convey a certain type of mood in the bathroom. Think about it, have you ever gone to a spa before. Usually, the spa is a place of relaxation. What type of lighting do they have in the spa? Many spas will have the intensity of the lighting set to low so that the patrons are put in a state of relaxation. Is this something that you would like to convey in your bathroom?

Is is a good idea to have multiple type of light in your bathroom so that you can adjust the lighting to whatever type of mood that you want to convey. Adjustable lighting is a very good type of lighting for this. When you are in a relaxation mood you can set the lighting to low and when you are simply trying to get ready in the morning, you can raise the intensity so that you can properly prepare for your day.

Bathroom remodels don’t have to be stressful and costly…just be certain to carefully consider everything that is important to you as you plan the project out.