Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets Offer Storage Solution

I made a short reference to mirrored bathroom cabinets in a previous article, and I’d like to revisit that topic.

First, we ought to note that it’s not unusual to see vanities with a lot of drawers simply crammed full of stuff. I’m talking things. Part of it may not even belong in the bathroom, but there it is. You’re probably thinking of some examples of that kind of stuff in your own bathroom right now, aren’t you?

Anyway, when you think about all the soap and razors and sponges and the like, the brushes and sprays and gels and combs, the toothbrushes and all the paraphernalia that goes with them, the make-up and skin care products ad infinitum, it starts to add up.

And we didn’t even include nail care, prescription drugs, and all the ancillary bits that tend to gather over the, what, years? It’s not unusual to find that a lot of the more frequently used things end up finding a home on the countertop next to the sink. Oh yes, you’ve viewed those pretty modern bathrooms with a sink simply attached to the wall, and you possibly wondered, “But where would I put my toothbrush?”

And therein lies a rant.

Your toothbrush shouldn’t even be in sight in your bathroom. Even if you use it 4 times a day, a toothbrush on the vanity is bad form for two good reasons:

  • First, there is the fact that toilets are simply gross. You may not even know how gross. But let’s simply say that you really don’t want to store your toothbrush anywhere within sight of the toilet.
  • Second, a toothbrush also is simply sort of gross. It scrubs all the gunk and funk out of your mouth. It’s a little like having the toilet brush in plain sight.

And that’s where mirrored bathroom cabinets come in. To the rescue!

Mirrored bathroom cabinets let you have all your stuff and cover it too. Instead of simply a mirror on the wall, a good bathroom cabinet can give you a place to put all those things that should be put away, but that you need to have easy access to. Mirrored bathroom cabinets come in a practically unlimited array of styles (even though they are all essentially the same) to fit any bathroom decorating idea, even if you don’t have a lot decor in your bath area.

There are two basic kinds of mirrored bathroom cabinets: wall mount and recessed. In function, both sorts are identical, they just a differ a bit in installation. A wall mount mirrored cabinet merely attaches to the wall, sticking out away from the wall a bit; how much they stick out  depends on the cabinet.

If you would rather have something sleeker, a recessed mirrored cabinet is just the thing, though it will probably require professional installation. Recessed mirrored bathroom cabinets require cutting a hole in the wall so that the majority of the cabinet itself is in the wall instead of on the wall, as in the wall mount types~kinds}. They have a lower profile than wall mount mirrored bathroom cabinets, but have a tendency to be a bit shallower inside. There isn’t all that much room inside a wall – an estimated 4 inches.

But even a mere 4 inches gives you a lot of room for a plethora of all those little tems that are lying scattered around your sink. Toothpaste tubes, small containers of lotions and creams and potions, the toothbrush (put it away, folks!) and whatever else} you feel like you have to have without digging around in the top drawer to find.

Mirrored bathroom cabinets can give you more storage, a much tidier bathroom, and you can keep your mirror.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas that will Add Life to a Ho-hum Bathroom

Like the rest of your home’s other parts, the bathroom can turn boring if you do not perform a makeover every once in a while. Redecorating need not be expensive or time-consuming. With these bathroom decorating ideas, you can rejuvenate the look of your bathroom without too much hassle and without too many expenses.

Bathroom decorating ideas that change the look of your bathroom only require small changes. For example, you can add matching towels and rugs to complement the color scheme of your bathroom. Even better, you do not even have to buy a whole set of fixtures. If you are living alone, you can buy one towel, one rug, and you will already be able to freshen up the look of your bathroom. You can also buy a towel and a rug that intentionally clashes with the color of the room to provide contrast. you will get a fresh start to your bathroom by just making these little changes.

Instead of sticking to boring old light bulbs, you can give your bathroom a whole new look by using interesting light fixtures. Add brightness (both literally and figuratively) to your bathrooms with an interesting pseudo chandelier or something like it. Again, bathroom decorating ideas need not be expensive. Scour the thrift shops, garage sales, and second-hand stores to get a good bargain. If you place it in such a little space, this piece of striking detail will definitely add interest to the space. Just be careful not to go overboard. Stick to a fixture that has just the right size instead of using one that is too bulky will make your bathroom look cramped.

Nothing will spice up the look of your bath better than a fresh layer of paint, and like other good bathroom decorating ideas, this one is flexible as well. If you cannot scrape enough funds for full room coverage, you will use less paint by painting patterns and lines on your walls instead. Try drawing thin, evenly-spaced vertical lines on your walls to add the illusion of height. Just make sure that the new color that you will use complements the previous color of your wall. Just make sure to use colors that are each within two to three hues or each other, in only one family.

You can also add little details and fixtures that weren’t there before. Decorators who choose to follow bathroom decorating ideas like this usually stick to bearings and wall hangings. You, however, can take it a notch farther from there. Instead of using common run-of-the-mill decors for your bathroom, why not use more interesting plants and flowers instead? Even better, they will help eliminate any funky smell from your bathroom as well. Dried flowers and potpourri are also commonly used because of the fragrant smell that they give off.

Changing the look of your bathroom does not really need to take up too much time and effort. Most of the time, using small details and ornaments is enough to add appeal to the place. Try the bathroom decorating ideas mentioned above and witness your bathroom dazzle.

The Right Artistic Touches in Your Bathroom Make the Difference

When it comes to changing the look of the bathroom, most people find this to be very challenging.  A lot of people just think of the basic changes they might make and not much more but in truth, there are ways  to improve the style of the bathroom in different ways.  Sure, there are the typcial things as well as various bathroom decorating ideas to get creative with to include the sink, bathtub/shower, and toilet but consider some fun bathroom art to make this space of the house more lively .

Start by thinking of a particular theme. Places such as spas are chocked full of ideas for you.   Paint the walls the right shade and then make things even calmer with scents and candles .  With this or a similar redo , you change a an unimaginative space into somewhere you actually want to spend time .  When you want inspiration for your design , you can get your inspiration from books or the internet to see spa bathrooms and other themes.  These things should assist in guiding you and help you integrate those design ideas with your own for right space .

Simply adding in a few distinctive baskets with your favorite items , a few candles , and unique jars of bath soaps and crystals. This can do wonders for the look of this space .   If you take just a little time to think about it , you will be amazed at what you come up with.

In the case that children will also be using this bathroom , having them contribute ideas might be fun .  Children are naturally creative , which can make your job of updating and changing the bathroom much easier.  If the kids’ ideas are incorporated into the design, they will have some personal pride in the space , opting to keep it cleaner.

If it’s within your budget, changing light fixtures , putting in decorative tiles, and even doing a special finish on the walls is going to be worth it .  In addition to changing the appearance of the bathroom, this also raises the value of the home  .

Now, if you prefer something a little unique , then stay clear of the matchy-matchy and stick with a design that incorporates dots, stripes and plaids .  Varying these elements gives you a young, hip look that is without doubt refreshing.  In terms of the walls , you could stick with neutral colors and even consider a shower curtain and towels of a neutral tone .  This way, your art is highlighted , standing out as they should and with little effort or money.

While remodeling a bath space could be a large undertaking , redesigning the look and feel of a bathroom need not be a complicated or costly remodel . What you want to keep in mind at first is to have an idea of where you want to go with it before you start doing the work . Get inspiration in magazines and on the web. Examine the bathrooms of your neighbors and friends. When you find your inspiration , start looking for how to go about achieving the same desgin . More often than we realize it’s the tiny details that make the difference. Just discover what those little things are.

Cheap Hot Tub Buying Tips

Few people have thousands of dollars at their disposal to purchase a hot tub. Then there are also the added expenses of installation, chemicals and any accessories that you will have to consider. You’re probably thinking that the only way to get a great deal on a quality hot tub is to build one yourself. The truth is, there are many ways of finding quality cheap hot tubs that will fit into the budget that you do have.

First of all, you need to determine what your hot tub needs are. If you are willing to put up with cheaper construction with your bathroom decorating ideas and a less powerful motor then you will be able to find many cheap hot tubs at local factory warehouses. You can always decide to add lights and other accessories once you’ve had the hot tub for awhile. eBay and other similar auction sites are great places to visit and you can find some great deals there. These sites typically have many hot tub auctions that are running at any given time, and many of these tubs will be brand new. Watch out for shipping costs though; they could run as high as several hundred dollars.

Another way you can cut down on the cost of a hot tub is to consider purchasing a two-seater. If you aren’t planning on doing much entertaining with your hot tub or you don’t have children that will be using it, then a two-seater will be ideal for you. While these tubs don’t have the depth of other models, they do sell for about half the price. Used hot tubs or even a jetted bath tub are other options when it comes to cheap hot tubs. While you won’t be able to throw a hot tub party in your bathroom, you’ll still receive the massaging benefits of jets and pulsating hydrotherapy.

The real key to finding cheap hot tubs is patience and persistence. Even if you’re not loaded, you can still get your dream hot tub, if you’re willing to do your research and jump on a great deal at the right time.

Bathroom Linen Cabinets – How To Select The Right Ones

Bathroom linen cabinets can be both beautiful and functional. Are your countertops, cabinets and floors crowded with toiletries? Then it is definitely time to invest in a storage unit for them.

It may be that your cabinet is old and dingy. Or that it never fit the space or your design style. It’s possible to create a stylish and convenient spot for towels and bath accessories. There are many options, from corner cabinets to those that are set into the wall. Whatever your bathroom décor, there are many bathroom linen cabinets available for you.

A new linen cabinet can upgrade your bathroom at a fraction of the cost of remodeling and bathroom makeovers. It will give you a space to organize what was clutter and provide you with a restful bath experience.

  • Corner Units – These are generally free standing cabinets that, as the name implies, fit in the corner. A lot of bathrooms have one or more corners that are empty, wasting valuable space. If that’s the situation in your bath, a corner cabinet could be the perfect solution.
  • Freestanding Wall Unit – These cabinets can be found in a variety of styles and sizes, as well as material. While these don’t require construction skills, if the cabinet you choose is taller than three feet, it’s always a good idea to secure it to the wall to prevent it from toppling over.
  • Mounted Wall Unit – This type of cabinet is good if floor space is at a premium. It can be hung in a space unsuitable for anything else.
  • Set-in Wall Unit – This cabinet is a good fit for a small bathroom. A hole can be cut in the wall, between the studs, and the cabinet mounted flush. This keeps the cabinet from infringing on space within the bathroom.

A good linen cabinet will always provide these three things.

  • Storage – It will help de-clutter a space as well as keep bathroom necessities close at hand.
  • Accessibility – When choosing a linen cabinet keep accessibility in mind. We’ve all seen spaces where a cabinet can’t be utilized with the door open and or closed.
  • Style – With all the options available today, there is no excuse for an unseemly linen cabinet. Beautiful bathroom cabinets are available at all price points, from discount to custom.


Bottom Line – There are bathroom linen cabinets to fit your budget, style and storage needs.

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures – Upgrades To Increase Functionality

Replacing bathroom lighting fixtures is a simple project that can dramatically increase the functionality of your bathroom. It can be an uncomplicated feat, if you consider that different lighting sources are needed for specific chores. For instance, ‘task lighting’ is directed to illuminate the head and face areas for grooming purposes, rather than installing recessed lighting directly over the sink and mirror (which would cast uncomplimentary shadows about the features of your bathroom lighting ideas).

Bathroom lighting fixtures each containing a 60 to 75 watt bulb mounted on both sides of the mirror, would produce a more even glow in that area. They should be mounted 36 to 40 inches apart on each side of the mirror, at eye level.

Larger mirrors pose an exception. In which case, bathroom lighting fixtures installed directly on the mirror (costing a bit more) will produce the desired effects for hair combing and shaving, etc.. Or a rectangular light fixture of no less than 24 inches installed over the mirror and holding bulbs of 100 to 120 watts, will produce similar lighting effects. Remember that florescent output calls for one half to one third of the wattage of incandescent bulbs. In smaller bathrooms, ceiling recessed lights can provide adequate lighting in designated areas of the tub or toilet. While a shower with clear glass sides might not even require dedicated lighting.

To install your new bathroom lighting fixtures on the wall, you will need a circuit tester. And if there is no existing light fixture in that area, you may also need to call an electrician. Otherwise, a screwdriver, wire nuts, and the corresponding parts that came packaged with your new lighting fixture, is about all you will need. But first!

“It is vital- to turn off the electrical supply before attempting to work on any electrical component!”

Do this, by turning-off the main circuit breaker for the whole house. Or by turning-off the electricity to that particular service line, before using a circuit tester to verify that there is no active current. Do all of this before you even ‘begin’ handling the wires!

The installation begins after you remove the old bathroom lighting fixtures:

#1. Remove the bulb, and the center screw securing the old plate to the mounting bracket.

#2. Pry the plate off the wall.

#3. Pull out and disconnect existing wires, examining whether they are color coded.

If your old house does not contain color coded wires, or if the existing wires or their insulation is cracked and brittle, you will need to contact an electrician. Otherwise from this point on, you can confidently follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Manufacturers design specific mounting arrangements for different models of bathroom lighting fixtures. It is in their best interests to provide complete installation instructions with their products.

Upgrading or replacing your bathroom lighting fixtures doesn’t have to be complicated.  Just make sure you follow simple instructions.

Bathroom Decor – Create Glamor And Comfort Inexpensively

There are many ways to brighten up a room with new bathroom decorating ideas while making it a pleasant and improved place to be. The bathroom oftentimes requires more creative focus due to the smaller-than-average room size but once the ideas start flowing there are many different themes that will work. Before getting started it is important to have a budget limit and a theme for the decor and once these are known the project can begin.

With just a few minor changes it is possible to completely alter the atmosphere of the bathroom with a little time and effort. Details such as wall color or a change in wallpaper are examples of this. The following ideas may be found useful:

Coordinating the shower curtain, toilet seat & tank cover, rug, towels, and any other accessories to compliment each other and the color or wallpaper of the room is a great place to start. The colors and the theme will basically set the stage for the rest of the project.

Adding a healthy and thriving houseplant or two can bring more life to any bathroom. Changing the light fixtures or light covers, or using colored light bulbs can “throw a new light” on the bathroom and reflect the type of atmosphere being sought after. The use of heat lamps may be a good choice but would depend on personal preference. They may be found to be a good investment if condensation or high humidity is a concern since heat lamps help to dry the excess moisture in the air quicker and more efficiently.

Adding new or moving current shelves to a more convenient and useful place can create a new and unique look, especially with selected decor such as knickknacks and/or plant life that can beautify and personalize the project. If the bathroom is small and there is room on the wall for it, putting up an appropriately sized mirror can make the room feel bigger and less confining. A decorated or engraved mirror will brighten up most any bathroom!

Artwork and/or plaques of personal choice that compliment the intended theme can be a wonderful personalizing touch when upgrading your bathroom decor. If painting was a part of the decor upgrade project, the use of stencils and sponges along with a huge palate of colors can produce a very tasteful option to a standard paint job.

Seashells, climbing plants, and fish are common bathroom themes that can become unique themes with rare variations of seashells, climbing plants and fish being used. A mural painted on a percentage of (or all) the wall with unique and beautiful ocean plant life could turn your bathroom into the most popular room in the neighborhood!

Bathroom Decor Ideas To Personalize Your Bathroom

Bathroom decor ideas are available nearly everywhere you look: in magazines, books, and on the internet.  The best way to decide what you like best and want to put in your bathroom is by carefully selecting a theme based on the pictures and ideas you find.

It is a private area that can offer peaceful serenity – choosing colors, styles, design, and an overall decorating scheme is important to make this room an even more special place. It is important to plan how you want to revamp your bathroom decor. You can look for fresh bathroom decorating ideas that will offer you three key components: decoration, color, and style. The bathroom is probably the easiest and cheapest room to re-decorate in your house. However, it can add up in cost if you are going for a full overhaul.

Lighting is important to any bathroom, so let as much in as possible. Of course if you do not have windows you will need to rely on lights.  You might take a look at your 1950’s faucet. A new faucet can offer a sense of sophistication and uniqueness to the room. This is an item you want to spend whatever it costs to add a little glamor to your sink. It might be the right time to replace your sink as well. If you have the double set, a his and hers, you might want to continue to use them or you might decide to revamp the entire sink area and convert to one sink.

You will soon learn that the focal point to the bathroom will probably be your shower curtain. It covers a large area. It might be the area that offers the most color so you need to choose it wisely. Make certain it blends with the other main colors in the room. If you plan to paint all of the walls in the bathroom you will want to choose colors that blend with the curtain. The same is true if you decide to install wallpaper. You can select one main color from the paper and match it with your curtain.

Other bathroom decor ideas might include new towel bars. They will add a nice sparkle to your room. You might want to change the locations of the present bars and this is the opportune time to do so. All of the bars you install should be a matching style. Like the shower curtain any rug you add will add spark to the floor. Depending on how much floor space you have you should put at least one rug in front of the tub. You might also place one by the sink. If your bathroom is very large you might choose to put one at the entrance. Depending on your taste and style you can add all kinds of accessories from toilet holder stands to toothbrush holders.

Finally, try to find something that makes your bathroom very personal, and remember, in most cases you’ll have 4 walls to work with, so be cognizant of any wall decor you can find.

Finally, if you have an old cabinet that will fit comfortably in the room it will make a great place to store towels. Interesting candles can add color, soften the mood when taking a long bath, or help you find your way if the power goes out. Add your own special touch to the bathroom decor you choose, whether you are simply updating or completely overhauling the room.

Small Bathrooms – Accessories To Give Your Bathroom Depth

So many people are into the DIY remodeling mode these days. Just look around if you have cable and you will be able to see program after program dedicated to remodeling the home. There are even channels out there that have nothing but remodeling advice. Many of the programs are niche related programs that deal with how to remodel bathrooms or kitchens or basements. Well, once you remodel these rooms you will eventually have to accessorize. Here are a few helpful tips in order to have small bathroom remodel.

Don’t Over Do it

The key to remodeling and accessorizing small bathrooms is to not over do it when you are planning on filling the space with different items. You want to have just enough accessories in there that are needed but not too many these that will just end up cluttering the space. Here are a few items that may look great in a small bathroom:

Paper Towel Holder

You always want to make sure that you have the nice and expensive hand towels that are just for display but you have to remember that people will need to dry there hands after washing them. Fir this you will need a paper towel holder. This type of accessory can be screwed into the wall or just rest on the counter top. They actually make very decorative paper towel holders that rest on the counter top these days. They are much better suited if you are going for a certain style or decor in your bathroom. The paper towel holders that are screwed into the wall are sort of a thing of the past.

Tooth Brush Holder Sets

These types of sets can also be very decorative, even if they don’t contain tooth brushes at all. For example, if you were going for a nice seasonal theme such as winter or fall, you can probably find a nice tooth brush holder set that will match these themes. Pair these with your soap dishes and things of that nature and your counter top is set.

Small Pictures

It is always a good idea to include pictures on the wall of your small bathrooms. This is a way for you to show off your personality a little and give the room some life. This is also a way to incorporate more theme type items into the room. Again, we will use seasonal examples. If you have your winter theme items on the counter top you can compliment these items with a nice portrait of a winter scene.