Bidet Toilet Seat Shopping Tips

Water has been the cleansing method of choice in many other cultures for thousands of years . When you are dirty, you take a shower. So why then do so many North Americans choose toilet paper when cleaning after using the lavatory ? Is it possible that paper is in fact the most effective way to clean oneself? Is this merely a cultural phenomenon? Which method is better for the environment? – water or paper? You may find the answers surprising .

Different cultures around the world have used water to cleanse after evacuating; it is more hygienic, efficient, and better for the environment . The abrasive nature of paper can cause irritation around sensitive areas, and requires natural resources that take years to replenish . In North Amerca, the use of paper over water is largely a cultural norm, which can probably be attributed in large part to the pulp and paper industry and their lobbying and marketing efforts over the last 50 years .

For most people, adding a standard bidet to a standard bathroom design just isn’t affordable or practical . Bathrooms that aren’t designed with a free standing bidet in mind just don’t have the additional space or plumbing required . So, how can an ordinary bathroom become an extraordinary bathroom?

In fact, It is a surprisingly simple answer:   A Bidet seat is designed to replace your existing toilet seat, requires minimal installation, and connects to the plumbing you already have in place . This growing industry has just a few companies leading the way in design and development . Coco, Brondell, Kohler, Bio Bidet and Toto are among the leaders in toilet seat bidets .

Toilet seat bidets are multi-function highly specialized luxury items – make no mistake. Treat your tushy to some pampering with : multiple water jet settings, heated seats, auto-detect open and soft-close lids, self-cleaning nozzles, warm air dry fans, and remote controls. Expect to pay in the $400-$600 range for a well made, reliable toilet seat bidet.

Your ordinary toilet can become extraordinary with the addition of bidet toilet seats. Find out what other have known for such a long time elsewhere in the world , invest in a bidet toilet seat for your toilet.