Bathroom Shower Stalls Of Today – Nostalgic, Yet New

In days past, taking a shower in the bathroom meant utilizing the bathtub enclosure. It often involved fighting with billowing shower curtains or cranky, glass shower doors. Not so in today’s innovative bathroom designs. One of the hottest bathroom design trends today involves separating bathing and showering. Up to date bathrooms reflect that shift in their layout and design. Even smaller floor plans can take advantage of separate bathing and showering areas.

Separate Bath and shower enclosures aren’t altogether new. Many of us have fond memories of a time at the beach, complete with an outside shower. It was often attached to the house, with a weathered wooden base and maybe a bench. Washing off the sand and salt was the perfect end to an active day, at least if the water was warm.

While today’s indoor styles bear little resemblance to those outdoor facilities, the echo of fun and freedom can still be heard. Before you integrate separate bath and shower enclosures into your bathroom, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with all the options and price points.

If a custom look is in your budget, bathroom shower stalls come in every possible shape and size, with an amazing array of luxury add-ons. Also available are prefabricated units, from the relatively inexpensive models to luxury models. These can be found in a single, seamless piece—better for new construction. Or they come with separate sides and shower pads—better suited for remodeling jobs. Prefabricated units come in standard sizes, so before choosing one of these be certain your measurements are correct and it will fit in the space you designate.

Bathroom shower stalls can be found in a variety of material. Some are made completely of glass, barely intruding into the space, while others are a symphony of stone. They can come equipped with a single shower head, or multiple heads. Many even incorporate a steam shower function, giving the ultimate spa experience at home.

A newly discovered advantage to a separate shower enclosure is its safety considerations for the older population. Equipped with a non slip surface, handrails and benches, these models replace the bathtub and shower combination. Being able to walk directly into the shower can eliminate many falls and injuries. Numerous adult communities now offer this option as part of their amenities, designed to entice new residents.