Bathroom Ideas – Imagination Can Transform Your Small Bathroom

Bathroom ideas and designs, combined with a little bit of imagination, can easily become reality by implementing them into what you have always thought your bathroom should be. You will never again have to look at a neighbors bathroom or look at the awesome bathrooms that you see on channels such as HGTV and envy them. You can throw a bunch of money at your bathroom ideas but the truth is that the little things such as beautiful bathroom fixtures and fittings can transform your bathroom into a masterpiece.

When you are planning out your bathroom remodeling ideas it is always a good idea to really plan out the size of the additions you will be adding. Make sure that you keep in mind the space that you will be using. You want to use fittings and fixtures that will be proportional to the size of the bathroom. Too big and it may cramp the space and too small and the items may look out of place. Make sure that you measure twice and buy once because it is a pain to have to return something to the store that does not fit properly or looks out of place.


Whether for your master bathroom ideas or other small bathroom ideas, one of the most popular types of sinks around is the ceramic sink. Taking that thought even further, one of the most popular colors around for ceramic sinks is white. You have to make the choice for yourself if you want to go along with the crowd or if you want to try something that is different. If you are looking for the modern look for your sink, another material to choose is copper. You could choose to paint the copper if you wanted it colored but to be honest, copper sinks on their own are beautiful. Another type of modern sink is marble. This type of material of course is much more expensive than ceramic and copper as well. Marble can come in Many different colors so you should be able to find a color that matches well with you bathroom decor.

If you are still looking for an alternative in a sink material for your bathroom ideas, one of the lesser used materials (but still could be very beautiful if done correctly) is steel. A steel sink could be just as expensive as a copper sink just because it is less often used when crafting a bathroom sink. Unlike the ceramic sink, a steel sink will need a special kind of cleanser in order to get it as clean as possible. Lastly, another type of modern sink material is glass. One of the best types of glass sinks are hand made, but of course this means that you will probably be spending more money for it. If you do choose to purchase a glass sink and you get the surrounding decor just right, your bathroom will look stunning.

Tiles, Countertops, & Lights

Many people today are choosing to put laminate flooring in their bathrooms. There is one major reason why people are doing this, cost. Laminate flooring is good if you are on a budget because it gets the job done but if you are really trying to impress someone or you want that top of the line look in your bathroom, it is suggested that you stay away from laminate.

One way to choose which type of flooring you are going to settle with is see which type of material you used on the sink. The previous materials that we discussed earlier are also available in tiles and counter tops. It may be hard to find steel/copper tiles and counter tops but I am sure it can be done. Ceramic counter top and tiles will probably be the easiest to find and the most inexpensive. The most expensive of the materials will probably be glass.

Lighting is also a very important component to your bathroom, and it can make all the difference depending on what look and feel you are wanting to achieve. Many different kinds of lights are available that can produce just about any kind of lighting you want, but keep in mind if your room is dark in color, then you’ll want to have brighter lights. If you’re room is light in color, then you’ll want to have dimmer lights.

As you can see, regardless of how small or grand your bathroom ideas are, they can easily be accomplished with some planning and thought.