Bathroom Furniture

There are lots of costs involved when swapping your bathroom suite, lots of people just see the cheap bathroom suites for sale and don’t think about the additional expenses which are involved.

Prior to proceeding it is advisable to research first, the more information you have the better. If is essential that you figure out a firm budget for your job and try to stay inside it. The local merchants have a variety of bath suites of which many are low in cost.

So, first thing is first, are you planning to attempt to fit the bathroom design suite yourself or use a specialist bathroom installer or building contractor? Well the solution to this is with your skills set, have you ever experimented with any type of plumbing before and if so did it go correctly? If you do not have experience you’ll want to ask yourself are you generally handy at things. If you feel confident to do it yourself then you may well save quite a bit of money, one thing that could possibly be worth looking at is push fit plumbing fittings as these just push on to the tube demanding no soldering, this can certainly be less complicated for the novice.

A cost that many do not consider is getting rid of the old suite, a refuge company will charge you a fee. Another alternative is to speak to the local local authority or council who will, in lots of authorities, take bathroom suites away, additionally there may be a recycling place in the area where you can go ahead and take suite yourself if you possess the transport means.

I’d always recommend that you install a white bathroom suite because they go well with virtually any colour scheme. There are lots of these types about and the prices are really low.

If you would just like an additional downstairs toilet you can usually fit these in under the stairs, many individuals find the perfect solution to be a cloakroom suite.

A significant expense on a bathroom refit is tiling. Tiles can be extremely costly and even the grout and the adhesive can add considerably to the costs. You may reduce this expense by only having two rows of tiles above the bath and basin but if you intend to have a shower then you may well need to tile full height. It is possible to tile yourself and this will save a lot of money but there’s a knack to it and you’ll need some tools.

You may also need to think about items like showers; if you are likely to have one then will it be inside a cubicle of its own or over the bath with a clear glass door or shower curtain. What will the floor be finished with, this may be ceramic tiles wood floor or carpet, the choices are wide.

This is meant as a guideline only that will help you find out what your expenses are going to be, it isn’t exhaustive and not every single cost will have been considered so please use it as a guide only. Getting a few builders around will help you to see just how much this work may cost, this is an especially good option should you not plan to do some of the work yourself and you could get a fixed price estimate so that you know exactly where you stand. I wish you well with your endeavours and hope that your new bathroom looks wonderful for many years to come.