Bathroom Decorating Ideas that will Add Life to a Ho-hum Bathroom

Like the rest of your home’s other parts, the bathroom can turn boring if you do not perform a makeover every once in a while. Redecorating need not be expensive or time-consuming. With these bathroom decorating ideas, you can rejuvenate the look of your bathroom without too much hassle and without too many expenses.

Bathroom decorating ideas that change the look of your bathroom only require small changes. For example, you can add matching towels and rugs to complement the color scheme of your bathroom. Even better, you do not even have to buy a whole set of fixtures. If you are living alone, you can buy one towel, one rug, and you will already be able to freshen up the look of your bathroom. You can also buy a towel and a rug that intentionally clashes with the color of the room to provide contrast. you will get a fresh start to your bathroom by just making these little changes.

Instead of sticking to boring old light bulbs, you can give your bathroom a whole new look by using interesting light fixtures. Add brightness (both literally and figuratively) to your bathrooms with an interesting pseudo chandelier or something like it. Again, bathroom decorating ideas need not be expensive. Scour the thrift shops, garage sales, and second-hand stores to get a good bargain. If you place it in such a little space, this piece of striking detail will definitely add interest to the space. Just be careful not to go overboard. Stick to a fixture that has just the right size instead of using one that is too bulky will make your bathroom look cramped.

Nothing will spice up the look of your bath better than a fresh layer of paint, and like other good bathroom decorating ideas, this one is flexible as well. If you cannot scrape enough funds for full room coverage, you will use less paint by painting patterns and lines on your walls instead. Try drawing thin, evenly-spaced vertical lines on your walls to add the illusion of height. Just make sure that the new color that you will use complements the previous color of your wall. Just make sure to use colors that are each within two to three hues or each other, in only one family.

You can also add little details and fixtures that weren’t there before. Decorators who choose to follow bathroom decorating ideas like this usually stick to bearings and wall hangings. You, however, can take it a notch farther from there. Instead of using common run-of-the-mill decors for your bathroom, why not use more interesting plants and flowers instead? Even better, they will help eliminate any funky smell from your bathroom as well. Dried flowers and potpourri are also commonly used because of the fragrant smell that they give off.

Changing the look of your bathroom does not really need to take up too much time and effort. Most of the time, using small details and ornaments is enough to add appeal to the place. Try the bathroom decorating ideas mentioned above and witness your bathroom dazzle.