Bathroom Decorating Ideas

You may have some grand bathroom decorating ideas, but many homeowners are not fortunate enough to have the gigantic bathrooms that we see on television. The bathrooms that are being remodeled on some of these home improvement shows are massive and many times they start off looking pretty good in the first place. Bathroom decorating for some of these bathroom ideas can become quite costly. Well, how are we supposed to remodel regular size or even small bathrooms and still get our money’s worth out of the remodeling project? Well, not to worry, there are some great small bathroom decorating ideas that you can use if your bathroom isn’t huge. Here are a few tips for decorating a small bathroom.


Be sure to select the right colored paint. If you have a small bathroom than you probably already know that light colored paint will make your bathroom look bigger. Homeowners with smaller sized bathrooms should stay away from the darker colored paints. Also, if you are painting your bathroom in order to complete your remodeling project, be sure to paint the ceiling. Often times homeowners will simply paint the walls and leave the ceiling alone. This makes for a halfway done room. A freshly painted ceiling will finish the job properly and really make the room pop.


How can you really tell when a room is too small? When you open up the door and you hit something. This is why it is imperative that you position things such as plants away from any doors that could open. This includes the main bathroom door, the shower doors and even the cabinet doors. Positioning furniture away from the doors will give the feeling that the room is large enough to include these items in it but not small enough that they are obstructing people from using the bathroom’s space.

Call a Professional

Often times we as homeowners don’t like to be told how to decorate our homes. We feel as though this is my space and I know what is best for my home. Well, this may not always be the case. There are people out there that are professional interior decorators who specialize in getting the most out of interior space and even implementing your bathroom decorating ideas. If you are at your wits end and you have tried everything and your bathroom still has not come together like you want it to, you may be in need of a professional. Go to your favorite search engine and type in the words “interior decorator” + your local area. For example, if you live in San Antonio you may want to type the following phrase “interior decorator” San Antonio. You should get a list of qualified interior decorators in your area. It may be a bit pricey but a good interior decorator is well worth the money if the finish product is just what you want.

If you are like most homeowners you don’t have a gigantic bathroom to remodel. Most homeowners have smaller sized bathrooms that they would like to makeover. A good first step in a bathroom makeover is painting it. Make sure that you include the ceilings of the bathroom in your plans. Also, make sure that any doors that can open are not obstructed by any other items. Finally, if you have tried everything, call in the professionals and have them take a look. Chances are they may see something that you may have missed. Hopefully these tips have helped you move forward with your bathroom decorating ideas.