Bathroom Cabinets: What Are Your Options?

Remember the good old days when there was only one kind of bathroom cabinet? They meant that little, usually metal cabinet mounted on the bathroom wall and used to hold aspirin and other small bathroom items.

Almost every bathroom design ideas had some type of small wall mounted metal shelving unit fastened on the wall. The door was also made of white enameled metal and usually had a mirror attached. Functional, yes; but leaving a little to be desired in terms of design or visual interest.

Changes are Occurring

We use our bathroom cabinets a little differently than we used to and with this change has come a whole new world in terms of bathroom cabinet design, with a lot of different colors, styles and materials now available to consumers which are functional as well as stylish.

No longer are you limited to a choice of one color, one style and one size. You can now find bathroom cabinets bathroom cabinets in materials which include wicker, plastic, bamboo, polished nickel and chrome. You have a lot of different styles to choose from as well which allow homeowners to make something which once had only a functional purpose into something which adds favorably to the look and feel of their bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

People often find themselves in need of a bathroom vanity cabinet. These are the cabinets which house your sink and the accompanying water fixtures. The vanity counter top can be made of many different materials including marble or tile. The cabinet also has room for under sink storage, with 2 or more doors placed on the front to provide access to the storage area. Many models of vanity bathroom cabinets will also feature drawers for storing small items.Your vanity cabinet also is a much needed storage space in your bathroom and will typically have two doors for access to this under sink storage. Vanity bathroom cabinets also commonly include drawers which lend themselves well to storing small items.

The vanity cabinet is usually what you’ll want to match your bathroom cabinet mounted on the wall above your sink. The cabinets are mounted flush to the wall and are usually shallow, but may be as wide or as tall as desired. In addition to mirrored doors, these fixtures usually have interior shelving and mirrored doors.

Size And Style Are Important

There are also a number of different bathroom cabinets that are available to today’s consumers. These storage units can be as small as a tiny box or tall, roomy structures that make wonderful places to house linens and other bath essentials. Many bathrooms are small, so homeowners always like being able to make the best use of limited space with adequate storage which is also attractive and fits the rest of the room’s decor.

American and European Style Bathroom Cabinets

The two basic types of bathroom cabinet are the American and the European styles.

American style cabinets are face-framed, meaning that the cabinet will not appear finished without a door or mirror as a closure. With a European style bath cabinet, the shelving is open and there are only minimal bits of trim noted along the shelving framework.

Bathroom Cabinet Choices

When looking for your perfect bathroom cabinets you can choose from cabinets which are stock, custom or modular. With a stock cabinet item, the piece has been produced for the mass market and these will only come in set sizes and styles. While these are typically the cheapest cabinets, there is the disadvantage that they are available in a limited selection of colors, sizes and styles.

You’ll have more choices of size and style with modular cabinets. However, if you want your bathroom cabinet to be truly your own, then a custom bathroom cabinet is the only way to go.

Custom bathroom cabinets are made to the specifications you choose and will be made from your choice of materials in the color, size and style you want.