American Standard Faucets: A Review of the American Standard Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet

I believe that every part of the house is just as critical as the other and no item needs to be taken for granted, specifically when it comes to high quality. Should you want your household items to be long-lasting, you must invest in high quality materials and equipment even just you’re about to create your bathroom design. This is precisely why I make sure that I only use American Standard faucets in my residence. And for my kitchen, I bought the American Standard Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet. I wrote this review so you’ll be able to also determine should you want to buy it, but I need to speak ahead and say that it is actually worth the cash.

General Description

This is really a really classy faucet. It’s undoubtedly deserving of the throne as principal kitchen faucet and it looks stunning in my kitchen. What a fantastic addition to my property décor! It has a forged brass body that’s entirely designed to be durable and long-lasting so you might have no fears of replacing it from time to time. The swivel spout and swing arm are also made of brass. The lever deal with is made of metal which is also really durable.

The lever is unlike other faucet operators which you push down, lift up, or twist with effort. All you’ve got to do is pull the lever away from the faucet body and it smoothly glides via the stainless finished metal valve and allows the water to flow. It is definitely gorgeous and elegant and I can no longer count the numerous compliments I received from friends who have seen this stunning piece in my kitchen.

Product Features

The spray is designed to be pull-down for simpler manipulation, and it is possible to use this function to reach different areas which ordinary faucets usually cannot. You’ll find two various spray patterns so you are able to change them depending on how you want to use the faucet. The single flow pattern is greatest for washing hands, dishes, and collecting water. On the other hand, the shower flow is excellent for rinsing, washing foods, and greater water distribution.

The ceramic disk valve is washerless, which indicates that it really is smoother and less difficult to manipulate. This valve is created for lifetime use and is perfectly engineered to be drip-free and maintenance-free for easier and much more secure performance. These exceptional features are what make me stick with American Standard faucets regardless of the price.

Other Features

For additional security, the faucet is designed to have less than or equal to 0.25% of total lead content in its entire body, making it quite secure and toxic-free for wholesome family use. You will find two integral check valves included inside the faucet which secure the water from back flowing. You can find also two distinct finishes which you can choose from to greater match the faucet with your house décor: polished chrome or stainless steel finishes. The polished chrome I believe is significantly greater finish simply because it has this silver color that’s quite elegant in appearance, as compared to the stainless steel which looks as bit bare and not so elegant.


This faucet is one of the most beautiful American Standard faucets that I have ever had in my residence, and I have to admit I was never wrong in sticking with the brand. This is a ideal kitchen faucet. It optimizes work and makes maintenance so much much less of a worry for homeowners. So if you are planning to get a good kitchen faucet, whether you’re renovating, building a new house, or replacing your broken one, the American Standard Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet is the very best recommendation that I could give you.