A Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Provides Independence, Mobility, and Self-Confidence

How would you truly feel in the event you wanted to use a restroom however were unable to get in the door? This is the trouble wheelchair patients end up in more often than not. Rent an apartment. The bathroom design will likely be too small and the door too narrow for access. Buy a house. Even then, the washroom will probably need to be made over and adapted for wheelchair use. Bathrooms simply aren’t made with the disabled in mind. Stop and contemplate what you might need in a wheelchair accessible bathroom if you or even a relative should become wheelchair bound, the things which would give you independence, mobility, plus the independence to care for your individual needs.

To start with, you are going to need space to maneuver. Even though wheelchairs are being created using smaller turning radius’ all the time, they still require space to move. Get a few measurements. You will need a minimum of 30” x 48” of space for one wheelchair. Some of this room can be underneath the sink provided that there’s lots of clearance for the chair’s foot rest. For comfortable turns, there should be a space with at the least a 60” radius. Numerous bathrooms don’t have this kind of area, so before you can redesign the area making it wheelchair accessible, you are going to need to find more room somewhere. You may be able to take out a wardrobe in the bathroom or even a neighboring room, or you might just take a portion of another room and add it to the bath.

Fixtures in a handicapped washroom must be carefully planned to be able to meet the requirements of space and function. Toilet seats ought to be 17” to 19” from the floor and have grab bars on both sides when possible. Even though sinks need to be positioned lower than in a normal bathroom, there still needs to be at the least 29” of clearance between the lip of the sink and the floor so that the disabled individual can get nearby the sink in a wheelchair. Wheelchair accessible showers ought to be large enough for the person to go in effortlessly and turn around as required. Hardware should be at a level that allows the individual to utilize it without help.

It’s simple to feel low self-esteem whenever a person is unable to take care of their individual needs. Through adapting a bathroom for use by a wheelchair patient, you’ll give them the self confidence and self-sufficiency they need in permitting them to look after themselves.