Why Should I Choose Custom Cabinetry?

Custom Cabinetry

Even though the average homeowner spends more time in the bathroom in his lifetime than he does in any other room in the house, it is often one room that goes woefully neglected when it comes to home renovations and improvements.  Bathroom cabinets are one of the hardest pieces to find that will satisfy the needs of the average household. You typically have something far different in mind than your hum-drum cupboards. By looking in the local showrooms, it is not usually something that is even available in the size needed, and the finish that would work with your décor. In addition to that, your common construction available today when it comes to cabinetry is unacceptable for any purpose what so ever! The kitchen or bathroom particleboard stuff is such poor quality; they will not stand up to the harsh uses of most homes. They are simply not designed or constructed to withstand bathroom or kitchen humidity, steam, or rigorous use. Of course, they cost less, but they do not last. A stock cabinet probably will not fit, even if there available.

Why Should I Choose Custom Cabinets?

An attractive, up-to-date bathroom is not only a wonderful investment that will increase your home’s overall aesthetic while raising the value of the property; it is an easy way to create a private retreat. Choosing a custom cabinet gives you the freedom to make your dreams a reality. You are not bound by a preset range of choices for wood, color or style. Custom cabinets make good use of all available space where a non-custom or modular cabinet can only leave you hoping that it works well. In addition, you will not find an off the shelf cabinet that comes close to the quality and workmanship you get from a custom cabinet.

Custom cabinetry is the only way to go. You will get the exact size, finish, and design you want. Custom Cabinetsare made to your exact specifications. The great thing about custom bathroom cabinetry these days is that you can get such ultra-cool stuff! They allow you to tie everything together with the décor in your home and they will certainly outlast anything you could find at your local showroom. Bathroom remodeling is expensive, and furniture like a vanity cabinet must be of top quality in order for it last the lifetime of the remodel. Forget about mass produced cabinets. Remember, you get what you pay for!


Showers That You Walk-In

For the ultimate in luxury in your home, set up a walk-in bathe once you upgrade.  It might be the faulty shower door. Many design professionals condition which far more the powder room style is becoming a key attribute in the residence buying decision.  Home consumers are looking for both a rest room which has trendy improvements and capabilities well.  Due to that , an endless array of alternatives of ornamental finishes and dynamic bathe kinds is a obtainable at the neighborhood style centers.

The up to date bathroom style has separated the shower from the bathtub.  It provides the who was the owner the potential to organize the space in a myriad of ways.  Bath styles now assortment from framed, semi-framed and frameless.  These possibilities, combined with uncompromising building make the bathe the core add-on to the bathroom.

Bathrooms today are being intended to be open up and airy.  Simply because a lot of bogs do not have a pane or various normal light-weight to depend on, consumers are flocking in direction of clear frosted glass for the shower.  They additionally desire the shower to live in as the main attraction of the bathroom because of the capacity to replicate light and the clean exact lines.  By using crystal clear mirrors for the walk-in bathe, various rest room fixtures can be very easily matched to the décor.

An ultra-contemporary bathe solution which is well engineered can finish the glance of any bathroom layout.  While, at the same time, let any equipment, flooring, tiles, counter tops and artwork be built and game the shower unit.

Professionals in the bathroom marketplace possess described to have witnessed an increase in bathe sales.  They attribute this to the huge variety of choices, from the electric bathe to steam shower cabins.  And that individuals are investing a lot more time and finding comfort in their elevated support bathe design.  As talked about above, by moving the bathe out from the bathtub, the options now abound.

There has been a revival of bathroom remodeling. The house proprietor is picking the walk-in bathe style to replace their old bathtub and shower combination, due to its potential to fit into the area exactly where the bathtub is being replaced.  But a lot more importantly, because of the upkeep free of charge layout as well as the relieve to match up and enhance the rest of the bathroom décor.  Shifting out the old outdated bathtub and shower with a new walk-in shower has become an easy task. So get out there and replace your tarnished fixtures and all of the other bath elements with fresh and modern bathroom accessories

Bathtub Designs – Certainly one of essentially the most well-liked luxurious fixtures which you could have within your Bathroom

If you’re trying to figure out which bath tub I suitable for a person, then here is how to save lots of difficulty. For you personally every single child figure out which, you must be aware of different bathtub designs that is available for sale. Nowadays, different types of bath tubs are in stores in order to focus on your specific needs. Just about all you have to do is actually do some investigation to make sure that the actual tub that you would select is suitable for your needs and choice. Find out more about the actual different types of bathtub as you go through this short article and steer clear of the pains associated with being an ignorant for this subject matter.

The bathtub is one of the most popular luxurious fixtures you could possess inside your restroom. Following a lengthy work day, you’d be aching to dip the body in its tepid to warm water that will help you really feel relaxed as well as comfy within and away. This is the reason why individuals install it within their houses. Not just that, because of its various bathroom design ideas which includes the vintage as well as antique appears associated with conventional bath tubs and also the sleek and clean impact that modern bath tub gives you, it’s the ideal choice for people who have design as well as style in mind anyplace they’re going.

Here are a few the actual different types of bath tubs:

1. Pedestal bathtubs – this can be a separate and feetless, oval : shaped bathtub which uses a different bottom materials than it’s exterior but is treated to make certain that it’s looks might match. It usually doesn’t sport holes for various kinds of taps but it features a much much deeper level when filled. You could set up an optionally available hands shower for easy usage. It is usually produced from cast iron, porcelain or even acrylic.

2. Decrease : within Tubs : this kind of bathtub helps you prevent slides because of the fact that you don’t have to raise your feet to get out of it or to enter, you only decrease in, hence the name. It’s mounted in a deck individual in the tub which makes it quite a bit expensive. It makes use of light supplies such as polymer, cup as well as plastic and it has optionally available constructed : in faucets. It would always be excellent to set up this type of bathtub on the corner of your own restroom in order to save space as well as this is really ideal for seated as well as dipping you.

3. Claw foot Tubs – the actual oldest from the team, the look of this kind of tub is pretty much conventional, vintage in its personal privileges. It would immediately provide your restroom an old feel to it. It would make you feel that the bath tub has been passed on through Full Donald himself or even something of that nature. I already noticed 1 also it was an experience worthy of horror films. Like a few strange whitened : dressed woman would appear from the tub and grab you. Anyhow, it’s obtainable in slanted back as well as directly front designs and it is free of charge position. You could use either walls – installed taps or even floor mounted taps and it has a deplete pit.

There are other kinds of bathroom interior but this is only to give you a general concept of exactly what options you really have available. Therefore, get one right now!

All About Best Toilet Seats

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom once more – you will probably focus more on the design, what you want done differently, the colors and the ceramic fixtures. It is true that a lot of points are essential however, you would not want to end up getting a toilet seats that will not match the remainder of the bathroom, would you? or have a great looking corner cabinet furniture for your bathroom?

You may take a look at the toilet seats matter as a minor one; yet, if you are in to refurbishing the bathroom in a cost effective way, the chances are that you will not easily find what you are trying to find in toilet seats when it comes to the color, size and the width.

Another significant aspect to look over in toilet seats is the entire design. You may settle for a funky looking ceramic tank but you may just have a choice of conventional toilet seats to go along in such case, your original idea of refurbishing the bathroom to match modern bathroom folly designs will be lost someplace down the line. Such discrepancies will not just create your bathroom renovation look undesirable, it will not bring the expected outcome from your bathroom. So, necessary things to consider about toilet seats would be to know if they match the overall design of the bathroom, if toilet seats are available in the exact color theme and whether the overall height and width of designer toilet seats match your taste.

Most people can tell the difference between round and elongated toilet seats after a single look located in corner cabinet bathroom. The latter is another significant aspect to think about when picking toilet seats for your refurbished bathroom. Many people think it will look trendy to install bathroom fittings in one color – maybe black or so and then place little items of shot pink all over the bathroom to add a vibrant distinction. This color tactic works out fine until the same person decides to settle for a two tone commode.

An significant thing to consider about toilet seats is that it is never a good idea to have the toilet seats in a color while rest of the bathroom fits to another color theme. The combo does not really speak to the beauty of any eye and the overall reaction of the bathroom will be nothing closer to funky, rather to dysfunctional.

You may also expect to bear in mind the cost of toilet seats because they come in many kinds. The typical hard plastic texture is meant to be the standard price however, if you want to add a more elegant look to the bathroom, you could just install oak toilet seats, that will stand out from rest of the furnishings.





Electric Shower…or Tankless Water Heater?

The electric shower is common in the UK and South America but not so much in United states.  The reasons it hasn’t caught on yet may vary, perhaps since the unit installs inside the shower, people in the US are a little freaked out about having a 220v appliance inside the shower with them?? If you don’t know basic household wiring then this can seem pretty intimidating. These units replace the old hot water heater with a large 40 or 50 gallon tank and heat water as you go therefore eliminating the need for a large tank to store heated water.  There will be pros and cons to every system but it should save energy since it only heats water as needed.  Whole house units are either powered by electricity or gas fired. When a hot water valve is turned on, they kick on and heat the water. So, in a nutshell, cold water is supplied and hot water is sent.

Electric showers are consider a point-of-use appliance. In other words, it only works where it’s installed…the shower.  When you turn the shower on, they heat the water by passing it over a heating element mounted inside the shower. Once installed, they sit idle ready to heat your shower, day-in and day-out. They max temperature is thermostatically controlled for safety and some come with setting pre-sets so that you can change to your preferred shower water temperature with a push of the button.

A dedicated electric shower comes complete with the showerhead and hose that attaches to the heating unit. A slide bar mounts close to the wall allowing you to adjust the shower head up or down. Of course you can always remove the showerhead and use it as a hand held unit.

Do you live in the United States? you’ll be hard pressed to find one at your local home center, try the Internet instead.  Electric Showers haven’t caught on yet. I’ve searched for units here in the US but the only thing close to an electric shower are varying sizes of tankless water heaters, most of which are not recommended for a shower. Keep that in mind since they aren’t recommended for showers they don’t have the features an electric shower has like preset temperature settings. I have, however, found some questionable models on Ebay. Be sure to do some serious research before purchasing.

Bosch manufactures several different sizes of electric tankless water heaters. They range from Supplying endless hot water to one sink at a time to the whole house.

None of the local plumbing supply stores I’ve contacted have electric showers, only electric tankless water heaters. The one they offered required it’s own 120 watt circuit panel! That doesn’t sound cost efficient to me. The reviews I read, on the Bosch whole house unit, (supposed to replace a 40 gallon water heater) was less than stellar.

Power consumption

After much research, I’ve found that every unit requires a dedicated 220V circuit and at least a 40amp fuse. The house unit supplied by my local plumbing supply store required a dedicated 120 watt sub panel! That doesn’t sound cost effective to me. In my opinion, a gas fired whole house tankless water heater is a much better option. The power consumption of the Bosch tankless water heaters ranged from 9.5 kw to 12 kw. Compare that to the electric showers in the maximum heating level which was 5.5 kw for 120v to 7.5 kw for the 220v units.

The energy intake may seem high but keep in mind that they only use energy when being used and sit idle most of the time. The old style water heaters  must keep the water at a constant temperature and turn on anytime the water dips below the set temperature. If you want to install a whole house, gas fired tankless water heater, remember  that a reduction of heat  will occur in the hot water lines that travel from the tankless water heater to the faucet. This reality is a characteristic you simply can’t change unless you install a point-of-use electric shower and an electric tankless water heater at every sink. So electric showers can save energy compared to gas central heaters when you install a point-of-use electric shower…in theory anyway.


The heating elements are coils made from nickel or an alloy (bend) of nickel and chromium. The element is sheathed much like
the coils used in oil heaters or radiators – they provide more safety since there is insulation between the electrical parts
and the water.

Electrical appliances sold in the USA must pass electrical safety standards. An independent safety science company like United Laboratories (UL) or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) reviews products and if they pass…gives them their seal of approval recognized by a states building code enforcement agencies. If you’re looking at the electric showers available on Ebay, be sure to ask if they are UL or ANSI certified. If the seller can’t tell you…run.

Are you planning a DIY Bathroom renovation project and want to install one of these units yourself? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

You will be required to pull electrical and plumbing permits and if the unit isn’t approved by a US independent safety science company like the ones talked about above…be prepared to sell the inspector on the credentials of the European independent safety science company. Bottom line is do your research. If you’re having it installed, don’t let your plumber or
electrician tell you that you don’t need a permit. Contact you’re state code enforcement agency and find out for yourself.

To pass electrical safety Standards, modern electric showers are made of plastic instead of the metallic casings like in the
past. This electrical appliance works with higher  amperage’s  than a washer or a dryer so the installation of electric showers needs careful planning and must be made directly from the electrical distribution box , with exclusive 6 gauge wires, electric connectors for 50A and a ground system. Each manufacturer’s recommendations may differ slightly so check the  owners manual for appropriate installation  .

Older homes fitted with aluminium wires should never be used as the wires can overheat and cause a fire. With this said, it really shouldn’t be a concern since these units require their own circuits…new copper wires with the recommended gauge size have to be installed. If you’ve got questions…call your local building code enforment. They are usually very helpful.

Utility Sinks: A Need Or A Want?

I lived in several homes over the years and built my last one.   The last two homes I lived in did have a utility sink while my earlier homes did not. If you are considering buying, building, remodeling your home, or having bathroom renovation you may be asking whether or not you should invest in a utility sink.  Although it would probably be classified as a want rather than a need, I do think it is a must.

In most cases the laundry room is close to the garage which is where we usually enter our homes. It is where the kids are running in and out all day long. Keeping that in mind, which would you prefer: the kids washing their hands in you shiny kitchen sink or the utility sink? You might be thinking it would be just as easy for them to make their way to the bathroom sink. Consider the fact that they will have to travel through the house with filthy hands and faces while leaving a trail of dirt behind them.

Do you have a hobby or like to do crafts that use paint and glue? What about the kids? Do their projects call for the use of messy liquids? It’s nice to have a place for these types of messes. There is no concern is staining the porcelain bathroom sink or chunks of dried glued on your new Kohler apron sink.

We all have gone to the bathroom sink to wash our hands only to find that we left a sweater in the sink that had to be handwashed. Not to mention the fact you had to throw it over the shower rod to dry.

Don’t forget the mop bucket. It never fails that I dump a dirty mop bucket out in the bathroom tub after I have already scrubbed the tub. I end of having to clean the tub all over again.

Utility sinks can be used for all of these things and more. It’s the sink that can be beat up a little more than the others. It is the sink you can wash all things in without worrying about scratching the stainless steel or staining the sink. For all purposes the laundry sink is a must in homes today. Can you live without the luxury of a utility sink? Yes, you can. The question is, “Why would you want to?”

To compare prices of utility sinks, Kohler kitchen sinks, and more visit Kohler sinks.

Practical Techniques for Opting for Affordable Bathroom Tiles

If you are a person who is searching bathroom makeovers, then you may in for a surprise. Most folks think that choosing the tiles for a bathroom is the easiest thing to do and therefore ignore it at the cost of concentrating on other fittings. This is the case, until they start searching around for the a variety of kinds of fittings, only to find that selecting the bathroom tiles is perhaps the most challenging job. Moreover, Bathroom Floor Tiles are also probably the most expensive proposition among all of the fittings and different components that you will select for your bathrooms. However, with just a little bit of study you are able to always find inexpensive bathroom tiles. Low cost once more doesn’t mean that you could be compromising with the quality, what with the wide option on offer nowadays. With so numerous dealers obtainable, you’re sure to come across  an individual who will probably be able to sell them to you at an affordable cost.

The entire process of finding cheap tiles would first of all commence with proper planning. The internet can be a very good location to commence your analysis procedure. To begin with become familiar with all that you could about bathroom tiles. This will support you ‘talk the talk’ with the dealers. Secondly make a list of all the dealers which are readily available in your town or city. You’ll be able to alternatively take the support of the local telephone book also. Once you have the list ready, then the actual procedure starts. Visiting numerous dealers usually helps, since it will assist you make your selection from a wider product offering. This would also increase your chances of getting fantastic bargains.

One of the best places to scout for low-cost bathroom tiles are home improvement stores. You’ll be able to also locate them in any do-it-yourself stores. They are sure to have a separate section devoted to bathroom tiles. With intense competition prevailing, you can always find dealers who would be able to sell you tiles at discounted rate. Simply because they are being sold at a lower rate, does not mean that you ought to buy them immediately. Get to know from the salesperson about the reason why the specific store is selling the tiles at a much lower rate. This is to make certain that you don’t compromise on high quality. There might be various factors why they are being sold at a lower rate. One of them might be that the firm has stopped production of the specific range. Sometimes it could be just that the tiles are seconds, with some minor defects. All these factors need to be considered when you are on the lookout for inexpensive bathroom tiles.

One more great approach to purchase cheap bathroom tiles would be to wait till a sale occurs. In this instance, you’re certain to discover a lot of dealers offering as much as 50 percent discount. The months of January and February are usually the times when most of the sales of home items are advertised extensively. Be sure that you keep in mind these handy ideas whenever you’re shopping around for bathroom tiles the next time around.

Searching to acquire some Inexpensive Tiles?

Should you don’t want to waste your time discovering an excellent online tile store then it is possible to use the same web site that I use. It is my favourite place to shop for Cheap Bathroom Tiles. From Kitchen to Ceramic Bathroom Tiles They have all the best info and deals on every thing you need when it comes to tiles. Please let me know how you go – I would love to see the photos of your finished Bathroom!

American Standard Faucets: A Review of the American Standard Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet

I believe that every part of the house is just as critical as the other and no item needs to be taken for granted, specifically when it comes to high quality. Should you want your household items to be long-lasting, you must invest in high quality materials and equipment even just you’re about to create your bathroom design. This is precisely why I make sure that I only use American Standard faucets in my residence. And for my kitchen, I bought the American Standard Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet. I wrote this review so you’ll be able to also determine should you want to buy it, but I need to speak ahead and say that it is actually worth the cash.

General Description

This is really a really classy faucet. It’s undoubtedly deserving of the throne as principal kitchen faucet and it looks stunning in my kitchen. What a fantastic addition to my property décor! It has a forged brass body that’s entirely designed to be durable and long-lasting so you might have no fears of replacing it from time to time. The swivel spout and swing arm are also made of brass. The lever deal with is made of metal which is also really durable.

The lever is unlike other faucet operators which you push down, lift up, or twist with effort. All you’ve got to do is pull the lever away from the faucet body and it smoothly glides via the stainless finished metal valve and allows the water to flow. It is definitely gorgeous and elegant and I can no longer count the numerous compliments I received from friends who have seen this stunning piece in my kitchen.

Product Features

The spray is designed to be pull-down for simpler manipulation, and it is possible to use this function to reach different areas which ordinary faucets usually cannot. You’ll find two various spray patterns so you are able to change them depending on how you want to use the faucet. The single flow pattern is greatest for washing hands, dishes, and collecting water. On the other hand, the shower flow is excellent for rinsing, washing foods, and greater water distribution.

The ceramic disk valve is washerless, which indicates that it really is smoother and less difficult to manipulate. This valve is created for lifetime use and is perfectly engineered to be drip-free and maintenance-free for easier and much more secure performance. These exceptional features are what make me stick with American Standard faucets regardless of the price.

Other Features

For additional security, the faucet is designed to have less than or equal to 0.25% of total lead content in its entire body, making it quite secure and toxic-free for wholesome family use. You will find two integral check valves included inside the faucet which secure the water from back flowing. You can find also two distinct finishes which you can choose from to greater match the faucet with your house décor: polished chrome or stainless steel finishes. The polished chrome I believe is significantly greater finish simply because it has this silver color that’s quite elegant in appearance, as compared to the stainless steel which looks as bit bare and not so elegant.


This faucet is one of the most beautiful American Standard faucets that I have ever had in my residence, and I have to admit I was never wrong in sticking with the brand. This is a ideal kitchen faucet. It optimizes work and makes maintenance so much much less of a worry for homeowners. So if you are planning to get a good kitchen faucet, whether you’re renovating, building a new house, or replacing your broken one, the American Standard Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet is the very best recommendation that I could give you.