Bidet Toilet Seat Shopping Tips

Water has been the cleansing method of choice in many other cultures for thousands of years . When you are dirty, you take a shower. So why then do so many North Americans choose toilet paper when cleaning after using the lavatory ? Is it possible that paper is in fact the most effective way to clean oneself? Is this merely a cultural phenomenon? Which method is better for the environment? – water or paper? You may find the answers surprising .

Different cultures around the world have used water to cleanse after evacuating; it is more hygienic, efficient, and better for the environment . The abrasive nature of paper can cause irritation around sensitive areas, and requires natural resources that take years to replenish . In North Amerca, the use of paper over water is largely a cultural norm, which can probably be attributed in large part to the pulp and paper industry and their lobbying and marketing efforts over the last 50 years .

For most people, adding a standard bidet to a standard bathroom design just isn’t affordable or practical . Bathrooms that aren’t designed with a free standing bidet in mind just don’t have the additional space or plumbing required . So, how can an ordinary bathroom become an extraordinary bathroom?

In fact, It is a surprisingly simple answer:   A Bidet seat is designed to replace your existing toilet seat, requires minimal installation, and connects to the plumbing you already have in place . This growing industry has just a few companies leading the way in design and development . Coco, Brondell, Kohler, Bio Bidet and Toto are among the leaders in toilet seat bidets .

Toilet seat bidets are multi-function highly specialized luxury items – make no mistake. Treat your tushy to some pampering with : multiple water jet settings, heated seats, auto-detect open and soft-close lids, self-cleaning nozzles, warm air dry fans, and remote controls. Expect to pay in the $400-$600 range for a well made, reliable toilet seat bidet.

Your ordinary toilet can become extraordinary with the addition of bidet toilet seats. Find out what other have known for such a long time elsewhere in the world , invest in a bidet toilet seat for your toilet.

Bathroom Lighting Tips

Modern bathroom lighting ideas was once a torch or a candle carried to the outhouse to scare off wildlife such as possums and snakes, however now that we’ve entered the twenty-first century, we’ve managed to improve that considerably. Now we’ve got scented candles and Tiki torches instead, and this makes for much better lighting. However, most people have indoor plumbing now, so the concentration on contemporary lavatory lighting has gone from candles and torches to newer fixtures.

Thankfully for the patron, up to date toilet lighting is now available in classic and retro looks. This means two things: initially, if you want to go back in time to the Fifties, you’ll be able to have the same lighting your parents did when they were kids. Second, if you wish to upgrade the bathroom lighting in your home, it can be carried out inexpensively, as modern rest room lighting can be accomplished on a small budget. The important thing to a fantastic contemporary look is to match the fixtures, and to have a look at lighting from a different perspective. Here are a few helpful bathroom lighting tips.

Lights are smaller now than they used to be. As a rule, what used to require a one-hundred-and-twenty watt bulb can now be illuminated by a forty watt florescent bulb, thereby saving you energy. One other way of looking at it – your current lighting could be 3 bulbs at one-hundred-twenty each, you can have a similar lighting scheme with 6 lights at forty watts each, with identical candlepower and a third less electrical energy usage.

Wall sconces, recessed lighting, track lighting, pin lights, spots, and other modern lighting can be found, and represent an affordable option to improve your bathroom. As a substitute to the disco bar above your vanity mirror, consider a few wall sconces or maybe 2 track lights instead to offer a nice evening glow as an alternative to an eight bulb glare.

One other trick to contemporary lighting is chrome and metallic fixtures. These have an ultra-modern look, however, when combined with vintage fixtures, can also come across as neo-classical. This look is timeless, and always leaves a superb impression.

Furthermore, contemporary lighting can combine materials, such as brass and cloth, or chrome and porcelain. This duality gives the decorator loads of options when adorning a toilet, and the more supplies you can use, the more you’ll discover in your decorating budget. The key here is adding value to your property for the least amount of investment.

In conclusion, contemporary lighting can be almost anything that appears fashionable, classical, and even antique. The important thing here is updating fixtures for a greener, power frugal bathroom. By switching over to smaller watt bulbs with similar candlepower, you are saving money. By upgrading the fixtures, you’re increasing the worth of the home. And by paying some consideration to the lighting angles and placement in the lavatory, you are getting to vary a lighting scheme in a room that may be a excellent spot to experiment. The new interior designer in you should probably start with a bathroom improvement project, before carrying out any larger jobs within the house.

Fresh Bathroom Remodeling Suggestions

Some people have moved away from having bathroom cabinets and simply store their things in the other room in a closet or drawer, however this becomes inconvenient. The items which are generally used in the rest room have to be stored in the toilet to avoid wasting time when getting ready for work in the morning or for bed at night. When you understand precisely where every thing is and are not fumbling for things you will be a lot happier with your toilet design. Here are a few fresh bathroom design ideas that maintain all facets of a toilet transformation in mind: the visual aspect, the ergonomic aspect, and the organizational aspect.

1. Each toilet must have a unified theme; even the small issues matter since the rest room is often a reasonably small room. For example, do not combine brass door knobs with chrome steel outlet covers and gold tinted hand towel holders. This might appear unimportant, however unmatching metals is something people will notice.

2. You want lavatory cabinets. Everyone has loads of miscellaneous stuff to store in the rest room and if it is always left out in plain sight, it turns into an eye sore – or worse, a cluttered mess that is always falling on the floor and which you can never find anything in.

3. If there’s a lady in the home, vanity cupboards might be of assistance in the organization department. This will properly store all her cosmetic and skin care items without cluttering up the bathroom. Certainly, bathroom design is all about functionality, organization, and appearance – and none of these elements should be abandoned throughout the reworking process. You really can have all of it with a toilet redesign that’s done by the right bathroom remodeling company!

While vanity cabinets and a unified theme may seem to not be something to be bothered with when undergoing a bathroom improvement, one must perceive that these are what will keep a bathroom looking its best. After all, is not that the point of remodeling a rest room? Design and functionality are of utmost importance. Good luck with your remodel.

Small Bathroom Design Suggestions

Transforming a small bathroom can be a huge challenge. There are so many components that have to be included. And even more on the wish list. But, with careful planning, creative design, and attention to detail, a practical small bathroom that appears and feels larger than it actually is might well be created.

Bathroom improvement can be a challenge, especially for the beginner, even more so when it comes to small bathroom design. Here are 20 design concepts to make a small toilet seem larger:

1. Install a glass shower enclosure.

2. Create recessed niches in the shower or tub space for soap and shampoos.

3. Add a floating counter top.

4. Create storage below sinks and in closets.

5. Select wall-mounted and recessed cabinets.

6. Utilize open shelving.

7. Set up glass shelving on open cabinets.

8. Get rid of all clutter.

9. Install the toilet in an alcove.

10. Set up pocket doorways to gain space otherwise required to open doors.

11. Change out an current window for a glass block window to guard privacy and eliminate the necessity for shades or blinds.

12. Mount a big mirror to mirror space.

13. Install contrasting coloration tiling in a diagonal pattern to add a feeling of depth to the room.

14. Select larger (rather than smaller) tiles to create a sense of space.

15. Match the grout coloration to the tile shade to reduce any coloration contrast.

16. Restrict the number of towel bars and racks.

17. Lengthen the tile to the ceiling.

18. Install good lighting to get rid of shadows.

19. Choose smaller fixtures such as toilets, sinks and tubs.

20. Get rid of the bathtub and select a shower instead.

These 20 design ideas maximize the existing area of the small restroom while creating the illusion of more room in a small space. So don’t settle for a bathroom less glamorous than it could be, even if it is a bit smaller – most restrooms are! As you can see there are various options available to you to make it seem larger than it is, and most can be achieved without breaking the bank.

Small Bathroom Floor Plans: Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space

You need a plan if you want to have a bathroom remodeling done.  Small bathroom floor plans help you plan out the space as efficiently as possible. If you have a small bathroom, you have to use every inch efficiently. To successfully draw up a design and a layout for your bathroom, follow these few tips.

Getting the exact measurement of the available space is the first step to drawing up your own small bathroom floor plans. This is a very necessary step, especially if you are working with small spaces. Draw a sketch that is detailed and on scale. It will definitely be worth it once you’re done, even if  it may seem like it will take too much effort or time.It will make planning the room, from the biggest to the smallest fixtures, so much easier and help you make one cohesive idea. You will be able to avoid problems in the future because of this.

You should know how to draw the internal dimensions of your wall in a graphing paper and to divide the space depending on your needs to do this. After you decide on a scale, draw in the different immovable fixtures. These include fixtures like the windows, doors, the toilet, the sink, and the bath tub. To go on with drawing small bathroom floor plans, you need to place anything else on the remaining space. This should not worry you. You will get the hang of it once you start even if it may scare you in the beginning.

Planning small bathroom floor plans will be much easier if you are starting from the initial design, meaning you do not have any immovable fixtures installed yet. In cases like these, you have the full control. You do not have to work around any unwanted elements. Before you put any fixture in, you have to decide the placement of the switches and sockets that you plan to have. Bear in mind to use fixtures and other bathroom elements that will save you space. Implements like these are very easy to find.

Drawing out small bathroom floor plans also requires a specific amount of foreseeing. Get removable and replaceable ones if you feel that there are certain elements that you want to change up in the future. For example, use mounted bath tubs instead of having one built. Find out where you get the best view and build your window there. Ensure that you have a good place to look out to, in addition to having good bathroom interiors. So consider every little factor that goes into designing your bathroom and ensure that you will still be happy with it even after a long time.

No matter how intimidating it may seem, planning out small bathroom floor plans can be pretty simple. You should not hesitate to try it on your own bathroom. You will surely get off scot-free and all you have to do is to approach the task with enough patience and creativity.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas that will Add Life to a Ho-hum Bathroom

Like the rest of your home’s other parts, the bathroom can turn boring if you do not perform a makeover every once in a while. Redecorating need not be expensive or time-consuming. With these bathroom decorating ideas, you can rejuvenate the look of your bathroom without too much hassle and without too many expenses.

Bathroom decorating ideas that change the look of your bathroom only require small changes. For example, you can add matching towels and rugs to complement the color scheme of your bathroom. Even better, you do not even have to buy a whole set of fixtures. If you are living alone, you can buy one towel, one rug, and you will already be able to freshen up the look of your bathroom. You can also buy a towel and a rug that intentionally clashes with the color of the room to provide contrast. you will get a fresh start to your bathroom by just making these little changes.

Instead of sticking to boring old light bulbs, you can give your bathroom a whole new look by using interesting light fixtures. Add brightness (both literally and figuratively) to your bathrooms with an interesting pseudo chandelier or something like it. Again, bathroom decorating ideas need not be expensive. Scour the thrift shops, garage sales, and second-hand stores to get a good bargain. If you place it in such a little space, this piece of striking detail will definitely add interest to the space. Just be careful not to go overboard. Stick to a fixture that has just the right size instead of using one that is too bulky will make your bathroom look cramped.

Nothing will spice up the look of your bath better than a fresh layer of paint, and like other good bathroom decorating ideas, this one is flexible as well. If you cannot scrape enough funds for full room coverage, you will use less paint by painting patterns and lines on your walls instead. Try drawing thin, evenly-spaced vertical lines on your walls to add the illusion of height. Just make sure that the new color that you will use complements the previous color of your wall. Just make sure to use colors that are each within two to three hues or each other, in only one family.

You can also add little details and fixtures that weren’t there before. Decorators who choose to follow bathroom decorating ideas like this usually stick to bearings and wall hangings. You, however, can take it a notch farther from there. Instead of using common run-of-the-mill decors for your bathroom, why not use more interesting plants and flowers instead? Even better, they will help eliminate any funky smell from your bathroom as well. Dried flowers and potpourri are also commonly used because of the fragrant smell that they give off.

Changing the look of your bathroom does not really need to take up too much time and effort. Most of the time, using small details and ornaments is enough to add appeal to the place. Try the bathroom decorating ideas mentioned above and witness your bathroom dazzle.

Bathroom Accessory Suggestions

Do you need to make your bathroom design distinctive and stylish? If your answer is yes then you are reading the correct article. The lavatory is one of the most necessary rooms in a house or office. The bathroom is the room most often utilized by you and your loved ones.

Our toilets are used for numerous purposes. If you want to make your bathroom more elegant then it is a good idea to look for some accessories and furniture. Fashionable accessories and furniture can assist you greatly in enhancing the wonder and elegance of your lavatory.

When looking to accessorize your bathroom, the most typical kinds of accessories which are used within the rest room are cabinets, bath taps and bathroom lights. These types of accessories can be bought both offline and online but web shopping is gaining increasingly more popularity. There are various reasons for the growing recognition of online stores. The variety of pruducts available to you and the ease with which they can be obtained being prime among them.

The bathroom accessories you’ll buy should match the inside of your bathroom. It’s a smart idea to spend a while with an interior designer. While adding to the expense, she or he may help you greatly in choosing the right accessories according to the interior of your bathroom. This is an especially good idea if you are unexperienced in interior design. It is surprisingly easy to make a disastrous mistake that could ruin your bathroom improvement project.

One should never forget to plan their price range in advance. A correctly planned price range may help loads in saving money. Spend a while with your loved ones prior to buying any type of furniture or lavatory accessory. Remember to match the prices provided by different companies. It could assist considerably in making the best possible choice.

A Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Provides Independence, Mobility, and Self-Confidence

How would you truly feel in the event you wanted to use a restroom however were unable to get in the door? This is the trouble wheelchair patients end up in more often than not. Rent an apartment. The bathroom design will likely be too small and the door too narrow for access. Buy a house. Even then, the washroom will probably need to be made over and adapted for wheelchair use. Bathrooms simply aren’t made with the disabled in mind. Stop and contemplate what you might need in a wheelchair accessible bathroom if you or even a relative should become wheelchair bound, the things which would give you independence, mobility, plus the independence to care for your individual needs.

To start with, you are going to need space to maneuver. Even though wheelchairs are being created using smaller turning radius’ all the time, they still require space to move. Get a few measurements. You will need a minimum of 30” x 48” of space for one wheelchair. Some of this room can be underneath the sink provided that there’s lots of clearance for the chair’s foot rest. For comfortable turns, there should be a space with at the least a 60” radius. Numerous bathrooms don’t have this kind of area, so before you can redesign the area making it wheelchair accessible, you are going to need to find more room somewhere. You may be able to take out a wardrobe in the bathroom or even a neighboring room, or you might just take a portion of another room and add it to the bath.

Fixtures in a handicapped washroom must be carefully planned to be able to meet the requirements of space and function. Toilet seats ought to be 17” to 19” from the floor and have grab bars on both sides when possible. Even though sinks need to be positioned lower than in a normal bathroom, there still needs to be at the least 29” of clearance between the lip of the sink and the floor so that the disabled individual can get nearby the sink in a wheelchair. Wheelchair accessible showers ought to be large enough for the person to go in effortlessly and turn around as required. Hardware should be at a level that allows the individual to utilize it without help.

It’s simple to feel low self-esteem whenever a person is unable to take care of their individual needs. Through adapting a bathroom for use by a wheelchair patient, you’ll give them the self confidence and self-sufficiency they need in permitting them to look after themselves.

Bathroom Furnishings

Gone are the days when a bathroom was just a necessity. These days, apart from its standard purpose, a toilet additionally acts as a restroom for unwinding and enjoying yourself. And thus, having proper lavatory furnishings is very important for a neat, clear and appealing bathroom. Furthermore, bathroom dÈcor should correctly blend with the remainder of the house. A bathroom renovation project could be just the thing required to achieve this. So, be very particular and careful when selecting your bathroom furniture.

When you say, bathroom furnishings, the main objects that usually come to your mind are showers, baths, bogs and wash basins. But, modern bogs are an ideal mix of recent devices like shower stalls with hydro jets, saunas, blowers, a wall hung toilet, air tubs, spas, Jacuzzis, shower stools, whirlpools and grooming mirrors as well. This furniture is often designed in accordance with the remainder of the equipment in the lavatory including the flooring patterns and tiles.

The fundamental feature of each contemporary bathroom is to provide you with comfort and a sense of cleanliness. And so, the lavatory furnishings should be chosen accordingly. When you’ve got an unclean and unhygienic rest room in an otherwise lovely home, it’s like having a scar on an attractive face.

If you are planning to construct a toilet, and you want a very stylish and fashionable look along with a snug and cozy feel, it is suggested that you seek the advice of a designer or builder as there are several practical issues involved in the construction. You should also pay attention to the size, design and coloration of your toilet before buying the accessories. Size is very important because there is no point in having a clustered rest room when you can easily compromise on several other components such as the design and the number of furnishings you need.

Now, should you talk about every item individually, all of them come in numerous shapes and varieties. So either go for the option where you get a whole set of bathroom fittings like a bath suite or go for those which are completely compatible with each other. In the case of wash basins, you have loads of choices relating to their design, style and color.

While selecting basins for a smaller bathroom it is strongly recommended that you select the ones which have cabinets so that you can keep your private things, thus providing you with additional space. Even in the case of baths and showers you’ve got plenty of choices to choose from. Simply make sure that you don’t compromise your comfort, luxury and relaxation when selecting the baths. Do not forget to give importance to your partitions and flooring since the colors and patterns of your toilet give an added appealing look to your restrooms.

Bathroom Style Suggestions

Decadent bathrooms were unheard of until a few decades ago. Huge, wealthy restrooms were just for the kings or the rich. Bathrooms weren’t even considered as part of the house and were constructed outdoors until recently. As time rolled on, folks started getting more inclined towards luxury and mass production of these bathroom products has begun. With this the design of a restroom has undergone a drastic shift and at present it is among the most important rooms in our homes. The design of a restroom at the moment, reflects the lifestyle of a person.

Bathroom design improvement has undergone a complete metamorphosis. Though the fundamental function of the bathroom remains identical the perspective in which it is seen is totally different. A number of different bathroom styles have emerged, some of which you will have heard of, others not. Even in the present day the old-fashioned Edwardian and Victorian bathroom styles are favorites for a number of people primarily due to the kingly feel they provide. As technology improved, many new products with improved designs have come up to facilitate any possible need in your bathroom. If you’ve got the required investment and taste in bathroom design, you can make your bathroom as elegant as you want. Shower enclosements, jet streams, automated mirror heaters and warm water Jacuzzis are only the tip of the iceberg.

If we think about the standard designs, they can be broadly categorized into five genres – Conventional, Rustic, Shabby, Chic, Contemporary and Fantasy.

Traditional bathrooms can imply both the Edwardian and Victorian fashion of bathrooms or that of the 80’s with white sanitary ware all around. In our context, let’s focus on the Edwardian bathroom – from where fashions in loos truly began. Although a number of lavatory designs evolved, the standard loos were never forgotten. A personal cottage or a villa retreat is unquestionably not complete without a traditional bathroom.

With well-liked TV programs like ‘Changing Rooms’ still conserving the trends of conventional loos, manufacturers have given you more conventional toilet products. The primary attraction of a traditional toilet is the bath. A slipper bathtub on a dark polished flooring plan gives an impressive finish to the bathroom. There may be a wall-mounted faucet or an elegant, free standing one.

The ridges and angles give a really masculine feel to the bathroom. Curtains, photos on the walls and daring colors used for the walls keep up with this theme adding extra warmth. Finally a chandelier completes the look of the traditional bathroom.

On the contrary, a country style restroom is a very simple design to create. Each room doesn’t match every house. It is vital that the room blends into the theme of the house. So country type bathrooms are for the homes with floral wall prints, high beams and basin frills. The deep ridged sanitary and checkered/ floral print curtains define the rustic model bathroom.

Wood is primarily utilized in making many of the lavatory vanities. Pull chains and high level cisterns for the toilets, conventional taps and basin are a should for a rustic fashion bathroom. If one prefers to have a standing bath, a stroll-in shower with curtains all around is ideal for a country model bathroom. Putting some wickerwork in a corner with some fashionable wall lamps in the room completes the rustic fashion restroom’s look.