Some guidelines to cleaning a fibreglass one piece shower unit

A fiberglass one piece shower enclosure tends to get very dirty over the years if not properly maintained. Soap scum can build up and look terrible over time. Cleaning a fiberglass one piece shower enclosure has been the subject of issues for many individuals over the years.

Many owners just give up at a certain point because they have no idea how you can clean it properly. Whereas it might not be common knowledge, there are just a few methods that you’d have the option to clean a fiberglass one piece shower enclosure effectively that does not necessarily need a bathroom makeover.

Here are just a few suggestions for cleaning a fiberglass one piece shower unit the proper way.

The first step that it’s important to take to stop a buildup of soap scum in your bath or shower is to make use of heat water to rinse the tiles and bathtub after every shower. By doing this you’re preventing the soap scum and calcium deposits from building up. After rinsing the soap residue off, use a dry cloth or other soft fabric, to wipe glass doors, shower wall, and shower curtains.

Commercial Cleaners

There are a selection of commercial cleaners on the market that can do the job. One of the most standard cleaners for the sort of job is the Scrubbing Bubbles brand. Many people like to use this product as it will possibly effectively eat away the soap scum that builds up. Another popular model is Krud Klutter. These 2 products are readily available and inexpensive if you’d like something that’s easy to use.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Should you take pleasure in using products that you possibly can be already have around your private home, baking soda and vinegar form a strong team if you wish to clean a fiberglass tub. Clean the fiberglass with a bit of baking soda mixture and it’ll help eliminate the stubborn soap scum that covers it. Once you are finished with the baking soda, try cleansing the shower with a bit of vinegar. The vinegar will bubble a little bit and enable you to to get to the grime. This will usually result in a glowing clean shower.


Another home remedy for cleaning fiberglass showers is to use pure alcohol on it. This works particularly well when you’ve got stained areas on the tub. Just pour some alcohol directly onto the fiberglass and the stain will normally be gone in no time. This makes it extraordinarily easy and inexpensive to clean the fiberglass shower.

Oven Cleaner and Magic Eraser

Another unorthodox approach to clean the fiberglass enclosure is to use oven cleaner. Oven cleaner has some highly effective ingredients in it that’s designed to loosen some pretty nasty grime. The dirtiness on the inside of your oven is normally loads tougher to scrub than a bathtub. Due to this fact, the cleaner often works wonders on getting even essentially the most stubborn stains out.

Once you have let the oven cleaner soak into the soap scum and dirt for a while, take a Magic Eraser to the area and remove anything that remains. This combination will usually end in an unbelievably clear fiberglass enclosure that looks like it did when it was new. This mix has worked on some very soiled fiberglass shower units and it should work for you as well.

Are Laminate Floors A Good Choice?

The bulk of householders struggle to make their homes attractive. Many times this is done thru redecorating which may or may not include the installation of new flooring. If you’re in the process of redecorating or thinking of a bathroom renovation, you want to include installing new flooring as it will make a great difference in the perception of the room. One of the most well liked flooring today is laminate flooring.

Although there are other flooring choices, customers have a tendency to choose laminate for a variety of different reasons. If you have just lately made the choice to install flooring and have been considering laminate, take some time to be certain it’s the best possible choice for what you want. Hopefully the factors below will guide you in making that decision.

Most consumers select laminate flooring as it is quite affordable. It can provide you with the look and sweetness of other flooring for a far littler price ticket. Actually you can also install laminate to mimic the look of other, much more expensive options. One more reason why patrons curve towards this sort of flooring is due to all of the available selections out there on the current market. Different colours, styles and looks are all available. This makes it much easier to match the room walls or the color of the area rugs you were considering using.

Because of the range of styles and the reasonable price tag, there’s also no reason to become bored by it. You can change the flooring as often as you like without entering the poor house. A more point to consider would be the straightforward upkeep this flooring possesses. All it needs is a little bit of a sweeping under those area rugs and a good mopping once and awhile and you could have it looking gorgeous for quite a long time to come. It will also not harbor any of the allergens that are so commonly found in carpet.

Installing new flooring is an important decision and you do not need to make the wrong one which is reasonably understandable. Laminate flooring has many positive qualities and may be considered seriously for your house. If you do make a decision to go on and make the leap, it is really important that you become an informed buyer before proceeding to purchase . Do your research so you will not be a disappointed and will most likely be able to enjoy it for a long while to come.

Yes, many individuals desire hardwood flooring. It is beautiful, but pricey. Laminate flooring provides the same beauty and elegance without the large price tag. Consider it. You will be pleased that you did.


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Antique Bathrooms- Don’t Pay An Arm And A Leg For Stylish Appeal!

So by now you’ve probably spent hours looking over various antique bathroom looks. Whether it was in a magazine, online, or while you were visiting a friend, the first thought probably revolved around the cost. Then of course it’s safe to say many people head to the bathroom to relax whether it’s a long hot shower or just soaking away in the tub. These are just a couple of the many reasons why getting the ambiance around your bathroom is important. However, you may need to stay on a budget. Another great alternative is Bath Centre.

Creating that antique look in your bathroom design idea only needs some imagination with a bit of innovation thrown in. Overhauling your existing structure is not really required. Some people feel that it needs an expert to create that antique look; they couldn’t be more wrong! Even if you are a complete newbie in the field but have some imagination, you can create an antique looking bathroom without going overboard.

The general term “antique” is really defined as something that has been around for 100 years or more. While this may be partially true, it’s important to understand that some of the artifacts dated at least a century old are not always considered to be antiques or collectibles. If you want something that is an antique then there has to be value attached to it. Then again, you don’t need an original artifact to get an antique look out of something. It’s possible that there are plenty of replicas out there that are very inexpensive. Whether it’s shelving, vanities, mirrors, door handles or knobs, little soap dishes or anything else, they can all look old and be have a cheap price attached to them at the same time.

One of the best ways to bring out a bathroom is with an antique mirror. Granted, some of these can be quite costly, but the money and effort is well worth it. These can be purchased online or even in storefronts around town. You might even find a great deal if you head to the auction sites available. Another nice option is Bath Stores.

Another important aspect to consider in this case is the color of your bathroom. You will have to research a bit and see the kind of colors used in the olden times like the Victorian era. Many people use artificial aging and techniques like faux painting to make their bathrooms look weathered and old. The color scheme needs to be right for that perfect look.

You can also find manufacturers who are making antique looking fixtures. This is due to the popularity of it all and when you take this route it alleviates all the huge maintenance involved down the road. Best of all it looks very authentic.

Once you have everything situated you will notice that antique bathrooms look elegant and stylish. It really adds sophistication to the decor of the home. You will also impress your guests when they notice the perks of today blended with the luxury and style of the past. They won’t even know that the process was inexpensive, but it will definitely look like gold! Another good choice to consider is Japanese Bath.

Create an In-Home Spa with Egyptian Bath Towels

Is your bath a little worn out or dated? Are you longing for a place you can relax, unwind and luxuriate, as you do at your favorite spa? We’ve gathered some tips from top bathroom designers to help you recreate a spa experience at home. With ideas for everything from toiletry containers to Egyptian bathroom towels  to lighting, these bathroom design tips will help you create your own zen-luscious space.

Before you start making changes, recall what it was like for you the last time you went to a spa. You may remember bathing in earth tones and dim lights. Also, you would probably never forget the warmth of thick Egyptian bath towels. Remembering your best spa experience is the best way to recreate it.

#1- Get rid of all the mess.

An old bath can quickly and understandably accumulate countless bottles and bath items. Avoid stuffing your counter or shelves with everything bath related. If you have so many different shampoo bottles in display for example, you can just tuck the four or five brands that you don’t really use everyday. As much as possible, have only essential items on display such as cotton buds, soap bars, conditioner and the like. Add a few Egyptian bath towels in a rack to complete your bath’s new, cleaner look.

#2- Reduce lighting.

Bright task lighting in bathrooms are good for shaving or applying makeup. If all your lights are bright however, you may never find your bath relaxing. Get rid of some of your glaring lights and install some frosted or low light bulbs. Pick decorative fixtures in steel or iron for a stylish look.

Can’t afford to replace the fixtures? Add a dimmer switch so you can at least tone it down a little bit. Soft lighting is the key to a spa-like experience in your own home.

#3- Be generous with your Egyptian bath towels.

Nothing can beat the comforting experience of getting wrapped up in thick, soft, spongy towels. The best ones use only the finest Egyptian cotton. You’ll most likely find samples of these excellent Egyptian bath towels in classy spas. There’s nothing stopping you though from replicating the same experience in your home bath. Don’t worry about the cost. The feeling of having these towels around you can more than make up for the price.

#4- Add candles for soft light and scents.

For that true spa look, sprinkle the bathroom area with tea lights in tiny glass holders, or use votives in a wrought iron candle holder on the wall. Place a few near your stack of Egyptian bath towels to make them easy to grab when you step out of the tub. Choose scented candles in warm spice, lavender or sandalwood. Avoid fruity scents or heavy floral, as these will excite the senses instead of mellowing your mind.

#5- Add a warm earth tone to the walls.

The best white Egyptian bath towels always go best with earth tones. The best way to add these ideal colors to your bath is to repaint your walls. Again, most spas incorporate earth tones because of their naturally relaxing effect. Avoid pastel or bold colors.

These are all the tips you’ll ever need to make your home bath the perfect personal spa. Make sure you don’t leave out Egyptian bathroom towels for a perfect experience.