How To Get Rid Of Mold

Understand your adversary before you attack it. Mold is the same. There are several different types of mold. Mold is not all bad. It helps with decomposing rotting vegetation for example. Molds multiply via their minuscule spores, which cannot be observed by the eye. These spores drift around in the air until eventually they find a wet area on which to land. You won’t find mold in the Sahara desert! It cannot develop where you cannot find any water.

Although mold is important outdoors, it can be dangerous indoors. One of many issues with indoor mold is which it can lead to allergic responses. A few molds are even poisonous and it’s recommended to steer clear of touching such molds. Symptoms of asthma is a condition that is irritated by the existence of mold. The throat, lungs, eyes and nose are affected by mold as is the skin. Fortunately it’s not which difficult to kill mold in the house. It is extremely hard to kill mold spores form the natural environment but we can kill mold and stop further outbreaks within your home or better take advantage while on the process of your bathroom design.

To begin removing mold clear what is in place at the moment. You can call in a specialist if the trouble is too big, if not you can try to handle it yourself. You will need safety hand protection, eye protection and a safety mask over your nose and mouth when killing mold. Try and find the best mold removal products to use. Use specially developed cleaning materials to clear away and kill mold. Once you have cleaned and wiped out the mold growths the next step in the procedure is to stop it from coming back.

The best deterrent is to keep the area as dry as possible to hinder further build up. Mold spores can grow with just the smallest amount of moisture. So to stop mold you must stop any damp problems you have. Basements, bathrooms and attics are common places to have mold. You must mend any pipes which are dripping water to stop mold developing and building up. Lofts do not escape too. Mold build up here can be worth leaving to the professionals especially if it has been building for some time. It could have become dangerous to touch. Working with a skilled service to show you how to kill mold can be expensive so make sure you get several price quotes before you start.

How to clean grout

The tiler has done a fantastic job on your Modern tiled floor .  You picked a limestone polished porcelain tiles and a sandstone  grout to match.  However , to your intense dismay, over time (even a matter of weeks ), you discover that the grout has  started to lose its brightness and has begun to go grey.  If left for long enough without professional  attention, the grout will eventually  turn completely black and you would need to declare a bathroom renovation.

Hope is at hand!

How to clean grout:

If it’s grout cleaning tips you need, you came to the right post .  Discoloured grout is a a common concern, stains caused by mainly by limescale, mould and soap scum.  There are alternative ways to cleaning grout to the one we advocate , but if you don’t envision getting on your hands and knees, or stretching to reach spots high over the bath, while scrubbing at  mouldy grout joints with an old toothbrush, then read on!

We are so  astounded by the reviving properties of the Rubi Net grout cleaner, that we have to tell everybody about it.  Basically, this product will  practically restore the original colour of your grout to new!  The added bonus is that it should only take 3 minutes to get rid of the grime and takes very little elbow grease too.

The only thing you have to do is take the grout cleaner bottle and position the nose at the grout line, moving quickly on as the product seeps into the grout joints.  Encourage it a bit with a rubber gloved finger.  You will observe the dirt being lifted as it bubbles slightly!  This method works equally well on wall and floor tiles.

Wait for 3 minutes then wipe off with a damp sponge , the grout cleaner will have done its job already and you can marvel at the contrast between the old grout and the new!

We would strongly suggest that you seal the grout after cleaning with a recommended sealer such as Lithofin FZ Protective Impregnator, (available from the same online store as the Rubi Net grout cleaner) just to give your freshly cleaned grout more life .

Find out How to Create a Handicapped Bathroom

If there’s a tenant in the house that have physical disability, you might want to consider installing showers for disabled.

The handicapped bathroom offers all the facilities to accommodate the might need of the handicapped person. The bathroom is dangerous since the floor is always wet and slippery. The handicapped bathroom fixtures help to solve this problem and provide a more comfortable experience for the handicapped user. The handicapped bathroom is installed when you are carrying out a remodeling. If necessary, you can aside from that install the handicapped bathroom or handicap bathtubs seperately. There are many types of handicapped bathroom facilities including raised toilet seat, water temperature testers, and personal care aids.

The floor should be covered with slip resistant tiles. You can also place a few slip resistant mat in the bathroom to avoid the handicapped person from slipping. The slip resistant mat will provide a slip resistant surface in wet places.

When doing a bathroom remodeling, there’s several things which it’s fantastic to remember. The most common handicapped facilities are the grab bar and hand rails. The grab bar is a smooth metal bar that may be installed into the wall. It is a safety device that allows the user to hold onto the bar while transferring himself to the toilet seat. You can install the grab bars near the shower, toilet or bathtub to allow the person in the wheelchair to move himself from the handicap bath seats. They should be installed in the wall stud to ensure that it can support the weight of the handicapped user. It is recommended that you install a sink that will be adjusted to fit the sitting height of the handicapped person. It must in addition have the ability to rise up to the height of a person who is unable to bend his body. The adjustable toilet seat allows the handicapped user to raise it to his height. The toilet should have a large room around with the intention that the handicapped person can effortlessly transfer himself to the seat. You can install a full length mirror with the intention that disabled person will not have to struggle to reach to the height of a standing person. The entrance of the bathroom must be wide enough for the wheelchair to pass through. By taking into account the handicapped fixtures mentioned above, you can be able to make the bathroom a safe and secure environment for the handicapped user.

How to replace tiles safely

From time to time I get asked the questions  “how do I replace  tiles” and “is it easy ?”

If you are anything like me  you will know the  fantastic  feeling of getting well stuck into DIY bathroom makeovers. You won’t actually need very many tools as it’s really all in the technique. Once you know how to do it , it really is very easy and you will feel very  pleased with yourself !

The added bonus is that you could potentially save yourself the cost of paying a tiler to do the work for you, which may even  equate to the cost of the replcement tiles !

There are really 2 steps to removing tiles, it may seem a intimidating task to begin with but you will get into the swing in no time. I  believe you can do it!

Tools you will need to remove your tiles: 

These are the most basic requirements for a tile removing project, you will find them well-situated in any DIY/Hardware store .

  1.  Stanley  knife
  2. Chisel
  3. Hammer
  4. Safety  Goggles
  5. Dust Sheet

Step One:

I would definitely cover everything within striking distance that might get scratched by a bit of flying tile.

You need to score the grout between each tile and really try to get as much of it out as you can,  will definitely help to raise your chances of having that tile  come out as a whole instead of breaking up into tiny bits of mosaic.

Step Two:

Right, now you have scored through and removed as much grout as possible, you then need to get your chisel out and then gently tap away with your hammer until the tile comes off.

Some  tilers avoid Step One and smash the tile in the middle, remove the chippings and then slide the chisel underneath the remaining tile to find a way in. I personally find this can get you out of hot water, where the adhesive material used is industrial strength!

But I wouldn’t normally recommend  it as it can be quite destructive on the wall or floor, potentially giving you remediate work to carry out before re-tiling can take place.

Travertine floor tiles may be the most common of tile choices used for several good points

In case you think about doing up your floors the very first idea that will come to the mind could possibly be the use of travertine floor tiles. Those floor tiles might be found in numerous areas be it counters, fronts, bathrooms, walls and also on rock surfaces naturally. Travertine floor tiles have the beneficial quality of limestone and also marble in it due to the fact it is produced of each of them.

Travertine floor tiles have become extremely long-lasting for the reason that of the robustness which they give along with the concept that they have already been in usage for more than a thousand years of bathroom design. They’ve often served their buyers nicely. Travertine floor tiles may be shaped to fit the perfect shape that the purchaser has in mind when a mason works on it and can at the same time bring about the best of aesthetic features.

Travertine floor tiles give the customer a large amount of flexibility and wide variety to choose from as you’re able to get these in a broad variety of colors and also textures. Ivory or cream shades in addition to beige with reddish or brown tinges to it is by far the most popular color that people choose from.

The finish which travertine floor tiles has been granted will influence the textures that you may find. It can be the honed tiles that usually are not that polished and hence not truly smooth or the polished style that almost appears as good as marble and also is smooth too.

Travertine floor tiles are often used at any place in the house and that’s why they are such a common alternative. Travertine floor tiles are excellent sufficient for every area in your home that you need to get tiled. It’s the ideal choice for not only flooring surfaces but also counter tops and kitchen table tops. It is preferred simply because it is simple to cut as well as form.

Cheap Hot Tub Buying Tips

Few people have thousands of dollars at their disposal to purchase a hot tub. Then there are also the added expenses of installation, chemicals and any accessories that you will have to consider. You’re probably thinking that the only way to get a great deal on a quality hot tub is to build one yourself. The truth is, there are many ways of finding quality cheap hot tubs that will fit into the budget that you do have.

First of all, you need to determine what your hot tub needs are. If you are willing to put up with cheaper construction with your bathroom decorating ideas and a less powerful motor then you will be able to find many cheap hot tubs at local factory warehouses. You can always decide to add lights and other accessories once you’ve had the hot tub for awhile. eBay and other similar auction sites are great places to visit and you can find some great deals there. These sites typically have many hot tub auctions that are running at any given time, and many of these tubs will be brand new. Watch out for shipping costs though; they could run as high as several hundred dollars.

Another way you can cut down on the cost of a hot tub is to consider purchasing a two-seater. If you aren’t planning on doing much entertaining with your hot tub or you don’t have children that will be using it, then a two-seater will be ideal for you. While these tubs don’t have the depth of other models, they do sell for about half the price. Used hot tubs or even a jetted bath tub are other options when it comes to cheap hot tubs. While you won’t be able to throw a hot tub party in your bathroom, you’ll still receive the massaging benefits of jets and pulsating hydrotherapy.

The real key to finding cheap hot tubs is patience and persistence. Even if you’re not loaded, you can still get your dream hot tub, if you’re willing to do your research and jump on a great deal at the right time.

How to Choose the Right Faucets

Faucets are pieces of artwork now that have multi-functioning capabilities. Some of them have removable ends that spray water. Others have tops that lift off and move over. Water softeners and filters can be placed over nozzles to provide safer and tastier water. The selections are endless. Faucets can also come in plastic or metal, so the colors are changeable too.

Today there is such a wide variety to choose from for your bathroom ideas when it comes to faucets when compared to the days gone by. Those were the days when you were absolutely thrilled if you even had a faucet in the kitchen so that you did not have to go out for water. Then came the heater that gave you hot water. That was considered a Godsend! But now not only do you have a whole variety you also have them in different colors to suit the color of your soap dispenser too!

1. Kitchen Faucets

You will discover that there are different types of faucet materials available in the market. Whether you decide to select a brass or polished, copper, chrome or stainless steel, you should make sure the faucet’s body MUST be very lasting, maintenance free, heavy-weight, should not corrode or be prone to discoloration and must suit your kitchen theme nicely. You need to know that kitchen faucets made of brass are known to be very resistant to adverse effects, chrome-plated faucets are known to be quite affordable. It is very important that you insist on buying a facet that is durable – the faucet you choose should last for a pretty long time without dripping, don’t you just hate it when you hear that drip-drip sound?! Just try to select one that is of top quality and fits your budget pretty well.

2. Bathroom Faucets

The first decorating and design tip is for look at color schemes. If your bathroom sink is painted black use a light stainless steel faucets with details. If your sink is painted with flower or dot patterns use a light gold stainless steel faucet. If the sink is painted white use a black, green or yellow stainless steel faucet. The reason you want to buy stainless steel bathroom faucets is that they are 100% percent germ free and easy to clean and don’t rust. The second decorating and design tip is to use curved bathroom taps. These type of faucets can offer a basic elegant touch to your bathroom. The faucet can be curved down 1/4, 1/2, to 1 inches. You can also buy a bathroom tap that is curved to the right or left. These are bathroom faucets that are simply curved a bit to the right or left. It adds a detail that few bathrooms have. The third decorating and design tip is to buy bathroom faucets with details. You can add flower or word pattern to your bathroom faucet. Also, you can add lines or squares or rectangles to your bathroom faucet as well as circles.

When looking for faucets ensure that you really do some research before finally settling for one. You have to see that what you buy will not start a leak within months of having purchased it. Insist on quality, finish and class even if it means paying just that little bit more for a good branded one. You can select one that gives you hot and cold water one by one or choose one where they could be mixed to the temperature that you would like.

You will find many faucets in the market but some of the better and more reputed brands are Moen and Price Pfister and you are certain to get discounts on them if you look for them online.


The Cheapest Bathroom Remodeling Company May Not Be Your Answer

When you are looking for a home remodeling company, you don’t want to save money in the wrong place. Find out why using the cheapest home improvement contractor may not be the way to go.  Learn why cheap is not always best when it comes to home bathroom remodeling.

In today’s economy everyone is looking for a way to save some money. If you are looking for a home improvement contractor  you want to make sure you get the best value for your money. However, this does not necessarily mean you want the  least expensive home remodeling contractor. Poor quality will cost you more in the long run. Saving money is necessary for everyone these days. But for a bathroom remodeling company, saving money may actually mean not going with the cheapest one.  Are you looking for a home remodeling contractor to work on your home? If so, be wary about choosing the cheapest one. Often you will end up paying more in the long run because of shoddy workmanship and sub par materials. When it comes to home improvement, cheaper does not mean better value.

Many contractors claim to give you the best value for your money but what they really mean is that they are cheap. Home owners should be wary of any home remodeling contractor that is well below market. Often the reason they are cheap is because they are less qualified and use substandard materials. Some contractors may try to get you to sign up for their services by offering a cheap quote. Anyone who is looking for a home remodeling contractor should carefully investigate a contractor who offers the cheapest rate. Very often the reason they are cheap is because they  are not licensed and insured. When you are looking for a home remodeling contractor you are bound to come across those who claim they will give you the best bang for your buck. But be careful that they are not simply cheap. A cheap contractor usually means a bad one, someone who uses poor materials and has no qualifications.

Statistics show that there is a correlation between the dollar amount of a contracting price and the competence of the contractor. Often the lower the price, the greater the incompetence of the contractor.  When it comes to home improvements, though, you do not want poor quality. You simply want a great product at a fair price.There is evidence to indicate that the cheaper the price of the home remodeling contractor the poorer quality service you will receive. Many cheap contractors are simply incompetent. But with your greatest asset, your home, you don’t want to take chances. You want a good quality and good price.Home remodeling contractors who offer the lowest, cheapest price on their services are very often also the most incompetent of the lot. There are studies the show this is indeed the case. When it comes to remodeling projects on your home though you don’t want to take the chance. You simply want a good job without paying too much.

Before looking at the cost of a contractor there are other criteria that should be considered. Check to ensure the home remodeling contractor is licensed, bonded and insured. Check references and their Better Business Bureau rating to make sure they have a solid reputation. Also, make sure they have experience in the same type of remodeling project that they are undertaking in your home. Of course cost is a consideration but it should not be the primary consideration when it comes to your home. Instead there are other issues that should be looked at. References, licenses, insurance, reputation and references are more important. Check with the BBB and make sure the home remodeling contractor is reliable and qualified.When deciding to hire a home remodeling contractor cost is important but should not be the first thing you look at. Check with the BBB first to see if they are reliable and qualified. Check references to make sure prior customers are satisfied. Also make sure the contractor is licensed and insured properly.

Ask the home remodeling company what experience and training they have with your particular type of job. When was the last time they did a similar project? Ask for references from jobs they did that are similar to yours. Make sure the contractor answers all your questions fully and you are comfortable with them. Interview each potential home improvement  company and ask them questions. Ask what experience they have with your specific type of job. Ask them how many they have done and how recently. Have the contractor supply references of past customers with similar projects and check on them. Make sure you are satisfied with the professional completely. Check references of potential home, bathroom, kitchen and basement remodeling contractors to make sure they have the experience you need. Ask them pertinent questions specific to your job. Find out how many jobs they have done like yours and when they did one last. Don’t choose them unless you are completely satisfied with the answers.

You must make sure to get the best value for your money which usually means you will not get the low-priced . Keep in mind, though, that the cheapest home remodeling contractors typically use substandard materials and may not have the experience to provide quality work. To truly get the best value, make sure you get the most qualified, reliable contractor that will deliver quality results. You want to make sure you get the most for your money but this does not mean you should pay the cheapest. In fact, you should almost always reject the cheapest home remodeling contractors. This is because they will typically provide poor service and you will have shoddy workmanship. Instead choose a good home improvement contractor to get the best value for your money.