Bathroom Lighting Ideas – Skylights Are A Forgotten Option

Bathroom lighting ideas can be plentiful if you are contemplating a remodel.  When considering your bathroom lighting ideas, natural light is an often forgotten option that can brighten any bathroom. It has a profound, uplifting effect on people. Many studies have shown that regular exposure to daylight, especially sunlight, can dramatically affect our mood and outlook. A majority of bathrooms are small and dark, with little or no natural light. Adding natural light, through the installation of a skylight, can add visual space to these areas.

There are three major types of skylights to consider with your bathroom lighting ideas. The first is the what most people think of when they hear the word skylight. These are generally fixed, domed openings, and the size of these can vary greatly. It is recommended that the consumer go with a high quality, curbed skylight with energy-efficient glazing, as well as the factory flashing kit recommended for it. Even though more inexpensive plastic models are available, they often cost more in the long run due to repairs and replacement costs.

Another type is the venting skylight. These have been particularly popular in bathrooms because of the venting capabilities. With skylights in mind, one drawback to this second of three bathroom lighting ideas is the fact that almost all skylights are out of reach. These models do come with a special tool to open and close the skylight. But most consumers find, after they’ve had them installed, that they are simply too much trouble and rarely use the venting feature.

Even though the previous two types of skylights vary in size, they are available in standard models that fit between standard rafters. If you choose a large skylight the installer will need to cut one or more rafters to facilitate its installation. That works well if the house isn’t built with a truss roof. Truss roofs should never be altered in the field because of weight distribution considerations. It is possible to use several smaller models grouped together instead of one large model.

The final type of skylight, for these types of bathroom lighting ideas, is the tubular skylight. These are relatively new and quite innovative. They generally cost a lot less to install and are surprisingly effective for bathroom lighting ideas. Tubular skylights protrude from the roof directly over the room and are generally smaller than traditional models. On the roof is a metal frame which houses an acrylic lens and a domed casing. The narrow tube leading to the room is lined with a reflective material. The other end of the skylight is installed in the bathroom. A big advantage to this type of skylight is the fact that this end resembles a light fixture in size and shape.

Skylights can also add natural light without loss of privacy. In a time when houses are being built closer together, this can be a major advantage. These considerations make skylights a good option when looking for new bathroom lighting ideas when you remodel, update, or redesign with new decor.